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Dubai’s Must Attend Shopping Festivals For Every Fashionista

By Vishal Pandey on Dec 13, 2017
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Some of the most amazing shopping festivals in Dubai which you should not miss out on if you are into fashion. Dubai is surely one of the most happening places where you can enjoy as a tourist and explore all the famous things which Dubai is actually famous for but if you are a fashionista then you just cannot miss out on these shopping festivals which come with a wide range of fashion ideas to see and explore with Dubai Tour Packages. Some of them are as follows:

1. Dubai Shopping Festival:


The Dubai Shopping Festival is generally celebrated during the winters and it offers a wide range of discounts on many shops. This is one such event wherein most of the shops in Dubai take part and also participate in giving away prizes. Right from dress apparels of your favorite brand to gifting you with the most recent of fashion trends, the list just goes on and on and on. Prizes also include luxury cars like Infinity and Bentley.  The DSF carnival is also one such event which takes place in the Dubai Shopping Festival where parks become entertainment stages and there are multitude of events which take place.

2. Dubai Summer Surprises:


Dubai Summer Surprises usually takes place after the Ramadan season where the establishments set up numerous setups and stalls to attract people so that they spend their time in the shopping complexes in Dubai. You can simply walk in to any favorite fashion brand of yours and find out what the brand might have for you in store. Apart from this there are also fun fairs and heavy discounts on food outlets across Dubai.

3. Gitex Shopper:


Gitex Shopper is one of those shopping festivals in Dubai which usually takes place for the ones who are tech friendly. There are huge discounts on various things like laptops. Smart phones, tablets, home appliances and other forms of technology merchandise. The gadget shop malls in Dubai also offer you with huge promos where you can easily get better deals. This is one such fest which gives you the entire liberty to spend your money on getting updated with the latest technological advancements happening in and around.

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