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Best of Greece: The Most Attractive Places in Greece That One Must Not Miss

By Flamingo Transworld on Feb 5, 2018
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Known for the fascinating history and natural beauty, Greece has been ever loved country that millions of tourists love to visit each. However, the list is so huge that sorting the most selected ones is difficult task. If you are among the ones planning to take a Greece tour package then this article will of interest to you which highlight the best of the best locations in Greece.


If you have ever wondered how the ancient historians had build the huge architectures or how the Greek gods and goddess looked like as read in books or watched in movies, then you should take a tour package to Greece. The list of ancient architectures, villages, beaches and historic sites is endless in Greece. The beauty of this place is difficult to explain in words until and you personally visit and experience it. In simple words, we can say that it is kind of heaven on earth feeling while you are in this country. There are several places and things that you can explore, but if you are fix duration to spend then you should not miss to explore the best of Greece listed below.

1. Greek Islands


One of the world’s most exotic beaches and best travel destination is Greek Islands. Tourists travel from all over the world to enjoy the beauty of this location; Greek Islands is everything that you can ask for. Apart from the mesmerizing beaches, there are more than 2000 islands, ancient places, volcanoes and much more. If you travel to Greek Islands then you can also visit Santorini which is one of the most beautiful and picturesque island located near it.

2. Athens


You must have heard, read and watched about the ancient history of Athens and powerful kings who have ruled it. However, when you can actually visit the 3000 years old city, you will be bewildered and excited to know that it is the birth place of western civilization. Although people think that it is a hub of ancient ruins but the fact is it is much more than it. Do no miss to explore the ancient agora, partheon and the theatre of Dionysos.



The Greek Island Santorini is in the Aegean Sea and consists a group of islands. It actually offers great view and is famous for the stunning caldera, the volcano and the romantic sunset. There are many sightseeing to visit including the traditional Cycladic architecture like Oia and Fira.

4. Mykonos


Mykonos is a cosmopolitan island known for its pristine beaches and great nightlife and is among the most popular Greek islands. This charming island attracts countless Greeks and international celebrities to explore wonderful beaches and breathtaking landscapes.

5. Delphi


Delphi is one of the most famous and world class archaeological sites in the world, and second to the Acropolis in Athens. It is located around 2 and half hours journey from Athens and in the slopes of mount Parnassus. It is also referred as the centre of earth and dedicated to the ancient god – the Apollo. Within Delphi there are several things to explore like the temple of Apollo, treasury, theater and much more.

If you like the places that we have referred to then you will also be interested to know other places covered in the Greece tour package. Keep Flamingo Transworld posted and get complete details of the package.

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