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5 Reasons Why Travelers Fall In Love with Switzerland

By Gopi Solia on Mar 9, 2018
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Switzerland is known for being one of the most beautiful and serene place on earth. The Swiss seem to understand the true meaning of serenity when it comes to world peace as well. The country is famous for being one of the most neutral countries in the world.


The list just doesn’t end there; Switzerland has a great standard of living and proudly features in the list of some of the happiest countries in the world. Enough about the facts, let’s get down to the reasons why travelers fall in love with Switzerland and why you should visit the destination at least once in a lifetime so that you are well equipped with information before you book your Switzerland Holiday Tour packages

1. The marvelous Matterhorn:


Switzerland is often pictured by the landscape encapsulating the Matterhorn. This mountain is such an irreplaceable part of the Swiss existence. And, why not? It is such a delight! The Matterhorn is one of the most iconic mountains you will see in the entire Europe. Not many people know this, but some of our favorite brands like the chocolate brand Toblerone and Hollywood production house Paramount Pictures have made their logos in a way that features the Matterhorn. You ought to see this beauty. What are you waiting for?

2. The fairy-tale like castles:


Switzerland is a country that certainly looks like a land from heaven. The landscapes are just gorgeous and so are the majestic castles built of the land of Swiss. When we are talking about castles in Switzerland, we cannot forget the magnificent Chillon Castle which was made in the 11th century. The view of this castle is just breathtaking as it surrounded by majestic mountains covered in snow.  You just can’t deny the beauty of this place!

3. The lip smacking food:


Ok, wait! We haven’t got to the food, yet? Imagine varieties of amazing cheese made into lip smacking recipes. Even if the Swiss cuisine is not as famous as Italian, it is just as delicious. You will get to eat some of the best cheese fondues along with rosti or any other potato dish. All you cheese lovers out there, why haven’t you booked your Switzerland Tour Package already?

4. Swiss chocolates:


Swiss Chocolates are the best! You just cannot dislike a Swiss chocolate! Imagine the chocolates thick like a brick melting as soon as you put it in your mouth. That’s what the Swiss chocolates do to make you a fan! While in Switzerland, you can visit chocolate factories and also enjoy eating them. Don’t forget to get souvenir chocolates for your family and friends!

5. The breathtaking lakes:


The lakes of Switzerland make the Landscape all the more beautiful. There is no doubt about it that Switzerland looks like haven and that’s because of the beauty that the country is. You have to visit the Lake Lucerne, the Lake Zurich, Lake Thun and many more. It is impossible to encapsulate the beauty of these lakes in words. You will have to go there to witness it yourself.

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