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Things One Should Know About The 160 Storied Burj Khalifa

By Mangalika Shukla on Aug 1, 2018
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There is not a single person in this world who does not wish to touch new heights in life. This has been our goal right from the time intellect and understanding kicked in. The concept of touching new heights started as a metaphor but has now become a reality. Decades ago, poems and songs talked about someone aiming to touch the sky as a symbolism of becoming successful. But now thanks to the constant development of the human race with the emergence of science and technology, these figurative words have actually come true. We live in an age where in the buildings which were originally founded for residential purposes of humans are now touching the sky. Here we are going to talk about one of the most famous skyscrapers in the entire world Burj Khalifa. Book your Dubai Tour Packages now and take off gaze at this beauty.


Dubai’s new identity

Way before it’s inauguration in the year of 2010, there was already enough hype about Burj Khalifa. Adding to its own charisma is the place where it is situated, Dubai. Dubai is already known to be an international superstar in terms of finance, development, and also style. And the addition of the Burj Khalifa in this already hyped city is like putting the star on top of the brightly lit Christmas tree. This is a needle-shaped skyscraper which is exactly situated in the thriving downtown of Dubai. The already popular Dubai skyline gets another peak to watch out for with the Burj Khalifa. It has also been termed as the most prestigious address in the world. Burj Khalifa is the tallest man-made structure all across the globe which rightly represents the glamour of Dubai. This has resulted in Burj Khalifa being the most iconic structure in all of UAE.

It’s all about the numbers

Up above the world so high! Burj Khalifa proudly stretches out at a height of an impressive 2,716 feet which is approximately 828 meters. This skyscraper boasts of consisting of 200 stories out of which 160 stories can be used for habitation. As it is said that Rome wasn’t built in a day, nor was the Burj Khalifa. The completion of the construction of this epic skyscraper took six years. To make this happen, more than 12,000 workers from all over the world were on site every day. This means that the building was constructed by investing around 22 million man-hours. This investment is apart from the $1.5 billion spent on the same. This fancy project was unveiled in January 2010 by the ruler of Dubai at that time, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum. Burj Khalifa is three times taller than the Eiffel Tower in Paris whereas two times taller than the Empire State Building situated in New York.


Apart from all of this, the Burj Khalifa has also bagged a large number of other impressive titles.  As it is the tallest freestanding structure in the world, it also has the highest number of stories. For transportation to these stories, it offers the tallest service elevator and with the longest travel distance in the world and the elevator takes you to the observatory deck on 124th floor in 60 seconds. On Level 76 of this skyscraper is the world’s highest swimming pool in a building. Along with these titles, it has the highest occupied floor globally as well as highest outdoor observation deck.

Concept behind this innovation

Burj Khalifa is said to have redefined the scope of engineering and design of skyscrapers. The design of this building was decided upon by bringing together cultural influences along with cutting-edge technologies. The architecture of Burj Khalifa takes references from Islamic architecture yet keeps up with the modern global community feel. The design of the building mainly focuses on the direction of the wind and ensures every house gets enough of it for better air circulation.

Apart from the architectural genius, Burj Khalifa has also become a thriving hub for design and art which is supported by global patrons. This hub consists of more than a thousand works of art which includes sculptures, contemporary art, and installations. These pieces have been specifically commissioned to promote global harmony.

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