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6 Amazing Things To Do In Philippines

By Prashant Jha on Sep 6, 2018
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Not every place offers engaging aspects though being very intriguing tourist destination. Hence it doesn’t make any difference visiting such places isn’t it? People have various interests while exploring any vacation spot be it a historical site, landscapes, sports activities, shopping streets, cafes or aromatic kitchens and apparently, there are destinations like that of Philippines, which have assortment of all the above mentioned factors.

Evidently, opting for Philippines tour packages one could avail some of the most engrossing activities of the place such as:

1. Go Kayaking

As an Archipelago, Philippines is enclosed with water bodies which offer some excellent opportunities for kayaking enthusiasts, whether beginners or professionals. Astoundingly, one could enjoy kayaking and snorkeling tours and clubs on various spots of the country, that include famous attractions like Moalboal at Cebu, Clark at Pampanga, Hundred Islands at Pangasinan and lots more.

2. Bamboo Hanging Bridge in Bohol

Located in the upper area of Loboc River in Bohol, this bridge was initially used by aboriginals to get connectivity to Barangay over the river. The ropes that were used to provide stability to the bridge have been replaced by steel cables, which add more robustness and durability. A walk on this remarkable bridge would definitely make you feel nostalgic with the classic view of the river and trees.

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3. Zipline in Boracay

An experience of its own kind and one of the rare activities at any travel destinations, Zip-line at Boracay gives a feeling of flying in the air and experiencing the bird eye view of the breathtaking sights. This one is for those who like to have some adventurous and unusual activities. Eventually, when you are under some strong safety gears and harnesses, all the fearsome thoughts are long gone.

4. Scuba Diving In El Nido

Believe it, being a small town of Philippines this spot has gradually become a tantalizing tourist spot due to its beach and scuba diving offerings. The place is also famous for its “Island Hopping” tours. So, just as you reach there, you could indulge yourself with the diving opportunities and once done, you have a serene beach to lay back under sun.

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5. Taste Local Cuisines

A holiday seems incomplete without tasting the trendy and traditional food of the destinations. So, if you are a foodie and feel for an appetite while touring around then there are many kitchens with their savoring delicacies for your taste buds. Certainly, one should not miss craving on the scrumptious cuisines of the Filipinos.

6. Local Shops

Indeed, the world has gone online now, but still there are various treasures and goodies that are not available on the websites. At least not the local souvenirs. And these commodities could be only availed by visiting the local markets and shops where you could get various mementos at really unbeatable and affordable rates. Fortunately, one could find a lot of them across Philippines.

What’s better than to be at the destination which offers myriads of activities? Isn’t it interesting? Choosing Philippines tour packages you could be sure about a remarkable expedition with Flamingo Transworld.

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