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Top Rated Attractions On Hong Kong Macau Tour One Must Not Miss Out On

By Kanisha Shah on Nov 23, 2018
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Hong Kong is a destination with a different energy. It is one of the top rated tourist destination in Asia. The vibrant destination is a mix of global cultures and experiences and its skyline in the night is surely going to awe-struck you with the glittering lights all around on your Hong Kong Tour Package.

Check out the top rated attractions in Hong Kong, you should definitely not miss out on:

1. Experience The World’s Highest Bungee in Macau

Macau can be identified as the Vegas of Asia. The skyline is creased with casino after casino. There are many bungee jumping over the globe; however, somersaulting into the concrete jungle from the highest platform in the world is the only way to do it! As they say, “if something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing properly! This is definitely the ultimate bungee experience!” The platform is 764ft tall on the 61st Floor of Macau Tower. Hurtling in the direction of the ground you drop at speed of 200km per hour; which is equivalent to the speed of a jumbo jet; which it needs to accomplish before take off as it hurls down the runway. As your face falls first, the feeling is remarkable. A rapid burst of thrill and energy is experienced! It is a Must Do on your Hong Kong Macau Tour Package.

2. Tramp up to the peak

The Peak is the top most point on Hong Kong Island and offers an excellent panorama of the city, the view ranges from the skyscrapers of Central to the mountains of the New Territories. You can go there by the Peak Tram, which climbs 1,300 feet above sea level as it goes through the buildings in the city and climbs a steep slope. It has the best vantage points and a marvelous bird’s eye view of the incredible city.

3. Visit Hong Kong Disneyland

The first Disneyland to open in China, you can strike all the famous rides like Space Mountain and the newly introduced Iron Man Experience at Hong Kong Disneyland. Seize amazing 30 minutes stage show, Dance along your favorite Disney characters and continue for the impressive parade and fireworks in the evening. A joyful place on Hong Kong Macau Tour awaits you!

4. Visit the Big Buddha

Hong Kong’s most familiar and iconic attraction, Tian Tan Buddha, referred as the Big Buddha. It took 12 years to plan and rise. Sitting at the height of 34 meters, tourists must climb 268 steps to get to the giant bronze statue, so be ready to shed a few calories. Next to the Buddha is Po Lin Monastery where you can meditate and enjoy the peacefulness. This would undoubtedly be the best part on your Hong Kong Macau Package.

So, book your Hong Kong Macau Tour Package with Flamingo Transworld and get an unforgettable experience with your loved ones.

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