Things To Do In Maldives Giving Major Travel Goals

By Sanya Lekhi on Sep 30, 2019
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A group of picturesque coral islands in the Indian Ocean is known as the Maldives and you can enjoy here with the Maldives Tour Package. As it can be reached within 5 hours, it is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the World. The ritzy resorts and exotic water villas enhance the charm of the place. If you are looking to spend some one-on-one quality time with your better half, things won’t get any better than the Maldives. Owing to its hassle-free travel, sun-kissed beaches that offer an array of water sports.

These are the some activities that you can do there to have the time of your life with any Maldives Package:

1. Stay in a over-water bungalow

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Essence of tropical seventh heaven, Maldives – the tranquil doorway, stands as the most emblematic terminus for blue waters, picturesque beaches, striking islands, spectacular diving, snorkeling and of course, the water villas. Picture a massive, spacious suite overlooking the vast ocean, blue sky for a ceiling, glass-bottom floors, state-of-the-art amenities, personal pools, common gardens, drench-net hammocks and soothing music – water villas in Maldives square measure very similar to lavish row homes designed for pure seventh heaven. Their breath-taking beauty is rejuvenating especially for the tired city souls looking for a break from the wheel of monotony so don’t miss the chance to experience this with any Maldives Honeymoon Package.

2. Have a Lunch at an underwater restaurant

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Ever wonder if you can eat while you’re underwater? Dining underneath the ocean could be a growing trend within the Maldives that allows diners to relish an excellent food and unimaginable underwater views all quickly. You do not need to be a diver to eat and drink amid the crystal blue waters of the some of the world’s most beautiful destination. Luxury underwater restaurants are the most unique dining experiences in the world and not every day you can say you ate with the fishes. Imagine feasting on oysters while submerged beneath the Indian Ocean, or sipping Dom Pérignon with the company of a sea turtle. No matter you want to have a romantic dinner with your beloved one or take your family for a very special lunch, the handful of underwater restaurants around the Maldives are ready to provide the WOW factor so don’t miss a chance to see one of those with any Maldives Package.

3. Snorkel the Atolls

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When you visit Maldives, you simply must experience one of its most popular activities – snorkeling. With regarding 2500 reefs, it is the ultimate destination for people who love underwater adventures. Of these 2500 some reefs, nearly 900 are house reefs. Needless to say, there is nothing like snorkeling in Maldives. You can explore crystal clear, blue waters and have an unforgettable time by snorkeling at Maldives and enjoying a myriad of other attractions that it has to offer so why miss the chance grab it with any Maldives Holiday Package.

4. Go on a sunset dolphin cruise

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Indulge in this wonderful tour and obtain to envision the $64000 fantastic thing about Maldives. Start off from Hulhumale groyne, transferring to the location of activity and indulge in snorkeling or just relax along the long beaches and white sands. After diving, head for the search of dolphins which will swim along your boat, jumping and diving into the sea. In the evening, witness sun kissing the horizon and making the waves of gold and orange color and calming your senses.

5. Taste Maldivian Food

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If the thought of sitting in a restaurant with a beach view, breathing in the aroma of the smoked tuna with a glass of wine in your hand makes you happy; or the idea of going on a food walk, hanging around the local food joints excite you, then don’t miss the chance. One thing that is sure of is that these delicious delicacies and refreshing beverages of Maldives will leave your stomach full and mood happy.

6. Swim with Whale Sharks

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Whale watching in Maldives and swimming with whale sharks in Maldives is a popular excursion for visitors to Maldives. A harmless majestic sea creature, living in the depths of the ocean, the whale shark is reputed as one of the largest fish in the sea. In Maldives, you’ll be able to spot Whale Sharks, elegantly swimming through the currents of the ocean within the South of Ari coral reef. Whale sharks are filtered feeding sharks that feed on mostly ­plankton which can reach up to an astounding 12 meters in length. Although they are frequently spotted in Maldives not much is known about these creatures. The migratory patterns and how deep they dive and how long they stay in the deep is not known very well, making the mere sight of these creatures even more majestic.

7. Rent your own Private Islands

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What will surely amaze you here in Maldives is how you could rent your own private Island. There will be peace and tranquility. No one to disturb you, and only the sea to surround you. Do not miss the chance to spend some time relaxing here with your family or just your loved one with Maldives Package.

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