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17 Markets in Rajasthan: Where Everything is Flamboyant!

By Albina Taylor on Aug 17, 2020
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Rajasthan is not only famous for its ancient forts and vibrant culture, but a packaged trip to Rajasthan, will invite you to the colorful and lively bazaars too. Here we have mentioned the top markets to have that best shopping exposure on a trip to Rajasthan, India. It is dynamic and one of a kind excursion place in India and don’t acquire me started on the provincial attractions and shopping in Rajasthan! Although the tourist component of Rajasthan are its bygone era great strongholds and magnificent illustrious living arrangements. But anyway your eyes will somehow stop at the standard commercial centers situated in various territories in Rajasthan. The street markets here showcase things like jewelry, gems, books, regular leather products, Rajasthani traditional footwear, bags and more.

1. Johari Bazaar:

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Johari infers gem dealer which demonstrates the commercial center featuring a lot of
assortment of diamonds for you to purchase. The bazaar is all about beautiful gems with Kundan work and Meenakshi, which is one of the most common and preferred kind of ornaments. The greater part of the gems is decorated with valuable or semi-valuable rocks. There are gems are available in wide range from affordable to pricey. The commercial center furthermore has some shops that sell hand-made sarees and Rajasthani lehengas.

2. Nehru Bazaar:

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The vital vacation destination of Nehru Bazar is the fair, hued jotas and jootis which helps the presence of social clothing types. Besides footwear, materials, bags, painting are offered in this market. It is a unique area and a favored hang-out for explorers and local people the same.

3. Nai Sarak:

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Image Source: ak.jogurucdn.com

The Nai Sarak claims to be the fame of this market. The bandhej and badhni apparel are one of the most popular and preferred among tourists. You can also take home the alluring handkerchiefs, leather products, and paintings and unique saris that mirror the extravagant Rajasthani society. Non-urban artists make these products by themselves and provide them at Nai Sarak for sale.

4. Bapu Bazar:

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Bapu bazar is another very popular market located close to Johari Bazar and preferred by numerous tourists for shopping in Rajasthan. This awesome market is wrapped with
excellent country pink structures, sprinkling the real enchantment of Pink City. Bapu Bazar is a must explore on Rajasthan holiday package.

5. Clock Tower Market:

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Image Source: rajasthanitadka.com

Clock Tower advertises it among the ideal shopping place in Rajasthan. It is fundamentally known for traditional Rajasthani items. Some of the common products to purchase from here are handicrafts, accessories, perfumes, footwear, garments and more.

6. Kishanpur Bazar:

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Kishanpole Bazar is an alluring Bazar known for textiles, wooden furnishings, and jewelry with appealing style gems. It is located in the heart of the Jaipur city offering beautiful wooden decorations.

7. Maniharan Ka Rasta:

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Manoharan Ka Rasta offers numerous choices of notable Lac bangles also known as
bracelets in Jaipur. These vibrant bangles are worth purchasing. You can also choose to
customize the size and color of the bangles the Manihari ladies will help you get the right sized bangle just the way you like it.

8. Kote Gate:

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Image Source: rajasthantraditional.com

Kote Gate Road is a fortune trove for shopaholics. The architecture of Kote Gate is worth admiring. Indulge in shopping from the busy shops all around. This market is loaded with liveliness and boasts the rich Rajasthani culture. Bring home stunning leather bags and belts, jutis, colorful rugs, rock jewelry cotton fabrics and more. Another specialty of the market is a hot cup of tea made of camel’s milk. It is a must try and will help you charge up to shop more.

9. Hathi Pol Bazar:

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Image Source: static2.tripoto.com

Shopping at Hathi Poll is a great experience especially if you are into handicrafts. The
workmanship of all the products are extraordinary. The popular Pichwai and Phad art
creations from Rajasthan are something you might want to check out and purchase. It is less touristy because of which you can get a reasonable deal.

10. Tripolia Bazar:

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Image Source: img.travel.com

Tripolia Bazar is notable for its amazing adornments and bangles. In computation, a wide scope of sewed Bandhini tie and colored materials, brassware, designer floor coverings, rugs, equipment, and a few customary things can be purchased from Tripolla Bazar on your weekend getaway to Rajasthan.

11. Mala Khara Bazar:

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Another really famous shopping spot in Rajasthan is the Malakhera Bazar in Alwar, offering a one of a kind vibe. This bazar is known for all traditional Rajasthani products attracting numerous tourists to shop and explore. And the highlight is that the travelers can purchase goods at a very reasonable cost. Some of the most favored products one can purchase from Mala Khara Bazar are handwork merchandise, stylish rocks, bags and more. Kinds of utensils are also bought by travelers. The market is also known for silk materials, and materials with Zardosi work. You can try you luck with bargaining as well.

12. Pansari Bazar, Jaisalmer:

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Images Source: www.makeit.com

Pansari Bazar is considered to be the most seasoned market in Jaisalmer popular for tourists to explore. Being the most established market, it has held its social and notable appeal. Prominently known as resident’s market, Pansari Bazar sells a wide assortment of choice customary pieces with a one of a kind print and different colors. It is a center for Jaisalmer treats to be specific ethnic wear, décor items, crafted works, and manikins. Shopping goods from Pansari Bazar on you Rajasthan tour will help you take a part of Rajasthan with you.

13. Sarafa Bazar:

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mage Source: static.toiimg.com

Safara Bazar is one of the most popular shopping spot in Pushkar. The market is considered to be one of the very well-known places to shop at especially for readymade outfits, accessories, beautiful bangles and wristbands and natural leather products. The most unique result of the market is camel covers, models of Hindu divine beings just as

14. Soja Gate Market:

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Image Source: dg_image.com

Soja Gate Market is considered to be one of the most critical markets in Jodhpur. Browse a bunch of Rajasthani crafted works, extras, adornments, and numerous colorful items. You can shop you heart out on your Rajasthan holiday package and satisfy the shopaholic in you. If you are fond of henna, then this is the place for you. You can get the henna designed on your palms, looking beautiful and assuring a traditional Rajasthan vibe.

15. Bada Bazar:

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Image Source: travel-guide.co.in

Bada Bazar is a one-stop goal for gold gems, attire materials, silver, and copperware. A
portion of the shops also sells valuable gemstones, classical things, and leather
merchandise. Try not to stress over the Rajasthan heat, there is a various stores on the way selling buttermilk, natural products, and bites that will invigorate you in a split second. Keep munching on somethings and continue shopping.

16. Station Road Market:

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Image Source: www.fabhotels.com

Station road market is one the unspoiled areas in Bikaner. This market is well known for its leather merchandise and handicrafts. It isn’t one of the prominent shopping goals however gives a delightful shopping experience. It is also famous for it is munching shops offering lip-smacking bhajis, which are a must try on Rajasthan tour.

17. Mahatma Gandhi Road:

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Image Source: images.fineartamerica.com

Conventional Rajasthani items and delectable eats is the thing that MG Road in Bikaner is about. There is a wide scope of legitimate and special things to look over that change from signature Kundan adornments and customary accomplices to materials, crafted works, footwear, and ornaments. Invest some energy here rifling through excellent products to get some genuine deals. You’re certain to discover brilliant tokens of the state’s culture on your Rajasthan holiday package!

We hope the above mentioned places to visit for shopping be helpful to you. Shopping is a retail therapy and our Rajasthan tours promise to offer wonderful experiences on your getaway.

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