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Unlocking the Future – Newsletter by Flamingo Consultancy Group

By Saurin Shah on Jan 18, 2021
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Dear Flamingo Readers,

We begin with a befitting spread;

“As virus recedes, Growth proceeds”

The above will stand true for the calendar 2021 and this will be tested many a times as we proceed with the time in this year. We have completely focused today on India centric news in this News letter. We begin with India’s economy growth pace news;

Nomura’s India Monthly Activity Indicator:

Image Source: https://www.fibre2fashion.com

  • Indian economy saw a faster pace of normalization during Q3 of the current fiscal.
  • The Nomura India Monthly Activity Indicator (NIMAI) rose sharply to (-) 2.3% YOY in December as against (-) 7.7% in November following a substantial gain from (-) 13.3% in September.
  • Nomura expects Q4 index to stay at 1.5% as compared to (-) 0.85 Q4 last fiscal. They further expect Q1 of 2021-22 to grow at 2.1% as against (-) 1.2% Q1 2020-21.
  • They believe India economy to contract 6.7% during 2020-21. They are the most upbeat agency among all on GDP growth rate for the year 2021-22, to show smart and highest growth at 13.5% while GOLDMAN believes it to stay at 10%.
  • Nomura loudly terms it as India’s economy is entering into ” GOLDILICKS ” period in 2021, with relaxing time due to lowering of inflation due to lower food prices and generally a lower ever interest rate regime. 

India Car Market growth predictions:

Image Source: https://auto.economictimes.indiatimes.com

  • India’s passenger car market could outpace all previous records in 2021, forecasting based on a very low base after 2 years of double digit decline and sustained pent up demand in the coming time.
  • Ravi Bhatia, JATO India President, predicts Indian car market to grow between 28 to 31% during 2021. He expects total volume to stay at around 3.2 million units.
  • LCV too is expected to smartly grow up, keeping pace with increased economic activities, to register 40% growth during 2021. Total LCV sales remained at 5 lacs units during 2020, while it was 7 lacs units during 2019.
  • As per estimates, Indian market is now expected to outperform global passenger vehicle market growth by a significant 15-20%.
  • Nomura too is gung ho about the growth; they believe it to grow by 25.9% during 2021-22 and further 12.5% during 2022-23.
  • An introduction of scrappage policy will help further the demand push up and the growth rate will run even faster than the above estimates. 

JP Morgan on India:

Image Source: https://blog.ipleaders.in/

  • While many suggest that India’s share market have priced in a swift earnings recovery, global brokerage & research firm believes it the other way round, they firmly believe that there is a scope for positive surprises.
  • It has increased its overweight position on India, along with Korea and Brazil while reducing its weight on China. They surely believe that India will outperform emerging markets in 2021. 

Unified Payment Interface explosive growth:

Image Source: https://www.dnaindia.com

  • Aided by pandemic when digital commerce and payment received a leg up from Indian customers, more than 2 billion transactions worth over Rs 4 lakh cr were done in UPI during last 2 to 3 months.
  • GOOGLE PAY enjoys largest of the 43% market share with 960 million of transactions.
  • PHONEPE does have 39% share with 869 million transactions.
  • PAYTM with 12% market share accounting for 260 million transactions.
  • AMAZONPAY does have a small of 1.8% share with 37 million of transactions.
  • WHATAPP accounts for 3 lacs of transactions and yet to catch up fast, a long way to go to match any one of the above.

Last but never been the least, 

A Proud Moment for Indian Women in Sky:

Image Source: https://indianexpress.com

  • An all women cockpit crew flew Air India’s inaugural flight from San Francisco to Bangaluru over the North Pole.
  • It took off on 08/01/2021, Saturday at 8.30 PM local time and reached Bengaluru at 3.45 AM on 10/01/2021.
  • They flow for 16000 KMS all along the route, the world’s largest route.
  • The proud members of the cockpit were Captain ZOYA AGGARWAL, PAPAGIRI THANMAI, AKANSHA SONAWANE & SHIVANI MANHAS.
  • This is something great and most inspiring for most of the Indian women.

We hope to see you next week with many more interesting news for all of you.

Thanks & Regards,



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