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Pink Beach Komodo Island: A Famous Pink Sand Beach in Indonesia

By Mukti Shah on Aug 24, 2023
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Talking about beaches, I am pretty much sure that the immediate visual is that of a golden or white sand beach. But hold on – today let me take you through a Pink beach. Yes, you read that right!!

Today let’s discover the Pink Beach on Komodo Island. Thinking of Bali Tourism, we tend to think about rice terraces, beaches, temples, etc. But Indonesia as a country is much more than Bali. There are numerous best beaches near Bali, but this beach is unique. Welcome to the magical world of pink beaches in Indonesia, where Komodo Island takes center stage. So, if you are ready to explore this rose-colored paradise, let’s set sail with Bali Tour Packages.

Pink Beach in Indonesia

Although it’s hard to imagine, this beach truly does exist.

This Pink Beach, on the Coast of Komodo Island, is possibly the most well-known of all the pink beaches in the country. This beautiful stretch of pink-colored sand, also known as Pantai Merah, reveals a world of surreal beauty. As a bonus, you can also swim or dive on its coral reefs, see some Komodo dragons in the wild, and even explore the enchanting bays along Komodo’s eastern side. Pink Beach is in a small, isolated, and uninhabited cove, far from Komodo lizards. The stunning view, light pink sand, flanked by blue waters, sets the tone for absolute awe.

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Why is the sand pink?

Your curiosity must still be lingering on the pink shade of the beach. Let me unveil the mix of nature’s secret recipe.

The combination of white sand, crushed red coral, and bright marine life creates a fascinating mix. On coral reefs, tiny red creatures known as Foraminifera create a red pigment. When these fragments of red coral mix with the white sand, they produce a pink blush down the shoreline. Just how amazing is that? It’s as if nature created her watercolor painting! So, when you are soaking up the sun rays on this one-of-a-kind beach paradise during your Bali holiday packages, you are actually relaxing on a canvas of wonders painted by nature.

How do you get there?

This pink beach is on Komodo Island, a small, isolated island in Indonesia. Most tourists arrive on day trips from the main island of Bali. The fishing town of Labuan Bajo, which has an airport and many other services, is the nearest city to the beach. A local airline operates small jet or turboprop flights to Labuan Bajo daily from Bali. Entry to the Komodo Islands is through Labuan Bajo. The drive to Labuan Bajo’s harbor from the airport takes around ten minutes. You can board a speedboat at Labuan Bajo and travel to Komodo. The journey from Labuan to Komodo takes about 2-3 hours. The journey is as much an appeal as the destination. So gather your wanderlust and set off towards Pink Beach near Bali to experience its charm!

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What can you do once you arrive?

The Pink Beach on Komodo Island is not only beautiful, but it offers a range of activities as well. Apart from the obvious relaxation in this picturesque setting, Komodo is full of interesting things to do. A treat for undersea fans, snorkeling in clear seas will bring out rich marine life and coral gardens. If you like adventure, hike to panoramic viewpoints and capture the stunning landscape. If photography is your thing, here is an excellent place to capture the stunning natural beauty of the island. Kayaking along the coast, beach picnics, and sunbathing on its uniquely pink sands are all part of the experience. This paradise provides a range of activities to make your Bali trip package an amazing experience.

Does Pink Beach have any facilities?

As the beach is relatively remote and within the protected Komodo National Park, there are no restrooms, stores, restaurants, or other amenities! So make appropriate plans for your day. However, there are vendors along the coast where you may purchase light snacks and drinks.


Pink Beach on Komodo Island seems to stop time, and every instant is a brushstroke of nature’s finest art. This one-of-a-kind destination provides an experience that will live on in your heart forever. Ready to unveil this paradise? When you are ready, Flamingo Travels will assist in making your journey into a tapestry of priceless memories. Contact us, explore our Flamingo Bali packages, and let the magic of Pink Beach Komodo Island cast its spell on you.

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