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A Guide to Victoria Falls in Zambia: Africa’s Spectacular Gem!

By Ketika Shah on Oct 9, 2023
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Victoria Falls in Zambia is one of the world’s most stunning wonders of nature. I am sure it is on everyone’s bucket list who visit Africa, and for the right reason. This waterfall, in the center of Zambia, is much more than a waterfall; it is a symphony of the beauty of nature. Imagine clean streams tumbling down, creating a hypnotic mist that plays with the sunlight. Victoria Falls is more than just a place to go; it’s an experience whose majesty will stay with you forever.

Adventure meets peace in this colorful corner of Zambia, and the spirit of adventure knows no limits. Every experience here is like something out of a fairy tale, from thrilling wildlife sightings to the peaceful sound of falling water. Join us on an exciting trip to explore the gem of Zambia Tourism, where nature whispers secrets. Beyond the falls, Zambia offers a rich tapestry of activities, ranging from exciting safaris to cultural experiences, all rolled into our Zambia tour packages. So get ready to leave for the extraordinary!!

Why is Victoria Falls in Zambia famous?

Victoria Falls

What is so special about Victoria Falls? Everything. The chance to leap off a 110-meter-high bridge overlooking Victoria Falls, the sound screaming across the cliffs separating Zimbabwe and Zambia, the strong current that even ardent adventurers will be afraid to jump into, and the pleasant people of Zambia.

Still not convinced? Read Further.

  • Victoria Falls, also known as the Smoke that Thunders, stands as one of the largest and most magnificent waterfalls in Africa. It mesmerizes millions with its awe-inspiring beauty.
  • It is a massive force of nature that spans 1,708 meters in breadth and plunges 108 meters down the Zambezi Gorge, leaving visitors fascinated by its sheer size and power.
  • The surrounding wildlife of Zambezi National Park is diversified. It offers a rare opportunity to experience the famous species of Africa against the backdrop of this natural splendor.
  • The falls are a must-see on any traveler’s list of places to visit in Zambia. Experiencing their majestic curtain of water and mist on your skin is an amazing experience.
  • Victoria Falls is famous not just because of its natural beauty, but also because of the many daring activities like bungee jumping, white-water rafting, and helicopter tours.

How to Reach Victoria Falls?

Of course, the only way to travel to Victoria Falls – Zambia, from India is by airplane. Many international airlines operate flights from prominent Indian cities to Livingstone Airport, via many transit cities. The most feasible transit points are Nairobi and Johannesburg. You can avail of a connecting flight from here to Livingstone Airport. It is around twenty minutes drive from the falls. Check the most convenient option to reach Victoria Falls with African Travel experts at Flamingo Travels.

Best Time to Visit Victoria Falls

The time of year you visit Victoria Falls is one of the most important decisions to make while planning your trip. The time of year will affect not only the weather in Zambia that you may expect while there, but also what you can see and do at the falls. Most Indian tourists set up a trip to Victoria Falls that includes a safari as well. In such scenarios, the best time to see Victoria Falls is from July to September. These months offer uninterrupted views, clear skies, and a range of outdoor activities. The falls are at their peak after the rainy season. Along with the impressive vistas enjoy boat tours and helicopter rides. Experience the falls at their most beautiful when the sun shines on the cascading waters, creating a fascinating spectacle you will remember for the rest of your life.

Places to visit in Victoria Falls

Victoria Falls Zambia

Explore a range of exciting Victoria Falls attractions, where adventure and nature blend. Discover wildlife sightings, stunning viewpoints, and thrilling activities. From adrenaline-pumping experiences to scenic trails, the region around Victoria Falls offers an unforgettable experience.

  • Victoria Falls Bridge
  • Mosi-oa-Tunya National Park
  • Chundu Island
  • Gorge Swing and Zip Line
  • Devil’s Pool
  • Knife-Edge Bridge
  • Zambezi National Park
  • Livingstone Island
  • Victoria Falls National Park

Things to do in Victoria Falls

Ensuring wonder and adventure, you will explore a range of exciting activities in Victoria Falls. From stunning wildlife encounters to adrenaline-pumping experiences, there is something for every traveler.

  • Fly over Victoria Falls in a helicopter.
  • White Water Rafting
  • Take a sunset boat ride along the Zambezi River.
  • Bungee Jump from the bridge over Victoria Falls.
  • Try the Zambezi Zipline.
  • Swimming in Devil’s Pool.
  • Discover Zambia’s ancient town of Livingstone.
  • Take a walk along the Zambezi River.

Best Resorts/Hotels in Victoria Falls

With a range of hotels in Victoria Falls, you are sure to enjoy luxury and comfort with stunning views. Experience true hospitality in the heart of Africa. Enjoy world-class facilities, scenic surroundings, and impeccable services during your stay at Victoria Falls.

  • Victoria Falls Safari Lodge
  • Elephant Hills Resort
  • Royal Livingstone Victoria Falls Zambia Hotel by Anantara
  • Ilala Lodge Hotel
  • Victoria Falls Safari Club
  • The Elephant Camp
  • Matetsi Victoria Falls
  • A’Zambezi River Lodge
  • The Victoria Falls Hotel
  • Shearwater Explorers Village

Tips on visiting Victoria Falls Zambia

victoria waterfalls zambia

  • Put on supportive, comfy walking and possibly hiking shoes.
  • Pack waterproof gear due to the intense mist from the falls to keep your valuables dry.
  • Choose guided tours to get the most out of your visit and discover the fascinating history of the falls.
  • Keep some local cash on hand for small purchases and tipping.
  • Never try to swim in or close to the falls, and make sure to keep well away from the river’s edge.
  • Keep your distance from wild animals.
  • Be mindful of the people’s traditions and local customs when you meet them.


Like most tourists – you too would be confused about which side of Victoria Falls to explore. Simply said, go to the Zimbabwean side of the falls if you want to view them, but go to the Zambian side if you want to experience them. Whether in Zimbabwe or Zambia – visiting this natural wonder is a must. Experience the wildlife encounters and soak in the falls, making it memorable for life. One of the main reasons the Victoria Falls is so famous is that you may stroll through the jungle while admiring one of the world’s natural wonders. Seek Flamingo Travels for an unforgettable trip to Victoria Falls, where adventure meets nature. Enjoy traditional singing and dance while feasting on local food, with the stunning falls in the background the whole time!

FAQs Regarding Victoria Falls – Zambia

In which country is Victoria Falls located?

A stunning cascade, Victoria Falls, may be found roughly halfway along the Zambezi River’s path. It is at the border between northern Zambia and southern Zimbabwe.

Who was the first person to see Victoria?

The first person to see the falls was David Livingstone, a Scottish adventurer and missionary. On November 16, 1855, he spotted it from what is now known as Livingstone Island.

Is one day enough for Victoria Falls?

A minimum of two nights and a maximum of three nights are required. You may even wish to stay for four nights or more if you want to take advantage of everything this place offers and engage in all the activities.

Is Victoria Falls better than Niagara Falls?

Niagara Falls and Victoria Falls are two contrasting and unique masterpieces. The largest waterfall in the world, Victoria Falls in Zambia, offers a raw, natural beauty surrounded by nature. Niagara Falls, between the US and Canada, has a vibrant atmosphere with casinos, eateries, and city life. Both Victoria Falls and the Grand Canyon are breathtaking, but Victoria Falls offers a more unspoiled, natural experience, making it a must-see for nature lovers.

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