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By Flamingo Transworld on Oct 28, 2015
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About Ferrari world:-

Ferrari World is the first and only Ferrari Branded indoor theme park ever made in the world. It was opened on 4th November 2007, covers an area of 86000 square meters. The logo on the roof is itself a marvel, Ferrari largest logo ever made. It has the world’s fastest roller coaster named “FORMULA ROSSA”. It has total 20 rides which belongs to specific category and available for all age group such as Old, Kids & Others.

About Ferrari:-

Ferrari is an Italian luxury sports car manufacturer based in maranello. Founded in the year 1929 by “ENZO FERRARI”. The famous logo of Ferrari race team is cavallino rampante which means black prancing stallion on a yellow shield usually with the letters “S F” (scuderia ferrari). The colors used on the logo “Green, white & red” are the Italian national colors.The horse which is painted on the Ferrari logo was suggested by an Italian air force pilot and also a world war I “Francesco Barraca” who use to paint this horse on his planes. After some modification it was used as a Ferrari logo. A black prancing horse on canary yellow background (the color of Modena city his birth place). Ferrari has been participating in racing. Especially, in Formula One where it is the most successful team. Jose Froilan Gonzalezez was the first racer who gave Ferrari its first F1 victory in 1951 British Grand Prix.

Ferrari drivers include:-

Some of the well known drivers of Ferrari are Fernando Alonso, Kimi Raikkonen,Sebastian Vettel &Michael Schumacher.

Interesting Facts :

  • Recently introduced Karting Academy is basically Go-kart attraction. Where you can test your driving skills. Whether you are a beginner or a serious racer, you can have fun on the run. Other rides like Junior GT, Bell Italia, Speed of magic etc are also available which all can enjoy.
  • Formula Rossa, world’s fastest roller coaster which runs on a thrilling 240km/hour speed. It was initially named as F1 coaster later it was given name as Formula Rossa.
  • The riders are required to wear a protective glass during the ride because of its high speed.
  • The impact on your eyes is as similar as Skydiving. It has surpassed KingdaKa at Six flags in speed, which is still world’s tallest roller coaster.
  • Ferrari has given lots of sports car to the world. Based on racing theme it has some best cars manufactured in Ferrari Workshop. F 458 Italia, F 458 Spider and lot more are some of the best cars which Ferrari has manufactured.

Ferrari Park :

The rides in Ferrari park as inspired by the cars which Ferrari makes. The gallery of the Ferrari Park has displayed all the models of Ferrari which were once used in the Formula One racing and were driven by famous F1 racers. The red color of Ferrari is known as “Race Red” which is identified as the national racing color of Italy. That is why the Ferrari is often seen in Red color. Ferrari Park is also based on the theme of Ferrari. When you enter the park you feel the excitement as we can see Ferrari models in the gallery, rides inspired from Ferrari, Worlds fastest roller coaster.

It is a place worth visiting, worth spending time in the park once you enter you can access the rides multiple times except the optional one which is Scuderia Ferrari. It is ride which gives you a real experience of driving a Ferrari car. With its 3D feature you feel the thrill of riding a Ferrari. A perfect place for people who loves thrill, excitement &speed. Should visit at least once in a lifetime on Dubai holiday tour packages.

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