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A decent bit of the nation gets more than 3,000°hr of daylight a year. For the most part, the north is hot and tropical, while the south will, in general, be sub-tropical and mild. Most precipitation is around the drift, and a significant part of the middle is dry and semi-parched. As Australia is on the southern side of the equator the winter is June-August while December-February is summer.

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East Coast: Australia's East Coast is normally viewed as the stretch from Cairns, in the north, to Melbourne, in the south. Climate and landscape fluctuate. 

Extraordinary Barrier Reef: Up north, the Great Barrier Reef will in general be warm all year, and in the late spring temperatures can ascend to almost 90 degrees, with a lot of tropical rain. 

Gold Coast: About an hour's drive from Brisbane is the Gold Coast, and it's known for having a wonderful climate for the greater part of the year. (An especially prominent Gold Coast shoreline goal is Surfers Paradise.) More than 500 miles south of the Gold Coast is Sydney, a social focus renowned for wonderful shorelines including Coogee, Manly, and Bondi.

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