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A decent bit of the nation gets more than 3,000°hr of daylight a year. For the most part, the north is hot and tropical, while the south will in general be sub-tropical and mild. Most precipitation is around the drift, and a significant part of the middle is dry and semi-parched. As Australia is on the southern side of the equator the winter is June-August while December-February is summer.

East Coast: Australia's East Coast is normally viewed as the stretch from Cairns, in the north, to Melbourne, in the south. Climate and landscape fluctuate. 

Extraordinary Barrier Reef: Up north, the Great Barrier Reef will in general be warm all year, and in the late spring temperatures can ascend to almost 90 degrees, with a lot of tropical rain. 

Gold Coast: About an hour's drive from Brisbane is the Gold Coast, and it's known for having wonderful climate the greater part of the year. (An especially prominent Gold Coast shoreline goal is Surfers Paradise.) More than 500 miles south of the Gold Coast is Sydney, a social focus renowned for wonderful shorelines including Coogee, Manly, and Bondi.

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