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A land of striking difference, Australia attracts tourists with its incredible natural beauty, diverse cultural tapestry, and vibrant cosmopolitan cities. From cascading waterfalls to pristine beaches, the rugged Outback to the Great Barrier Reef, Australian Tourism offers unique wildlife spotting options and awe-inspiring landscapes.

This country is an entire continent, and to explore this land, you will need proper planning and implementation. Seek the best travel partner in the market – Flamingo Travels. We have been serving travel enthusiasts for more than two decades. We are renowned in the market for our Australia tour packages from Ahmedabad. Our Australia tour packages are designed considering many aspects of exploring this country-continent. We curate our group tour packages covering many important locations across Australia.

Along with our group tours, we also help create personalized Australia tour packages based on your choices, budget, and preferences to experience the diverse wonders of Australia. Whether you wish for a family vacation or a honeymoon, we create the ideal Australia tour package price. Flamingo Travels covers all aspects of your travel with the best Australia tour costs. We take care of all the tour planning and logistics to offer a seamless travel experience. Book your Australia tour packages from Mumbai with us to get some great deals.

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  • Popular Australia Tour Packages By Flamingo Travels
  • How to reach Australia
  • Get Your Australia Visa with Flamingo Travels
  • Places to visit in Australia tour
  • Things to do in Australia trip
  • Best time to visit the Australia
  • Foods to eat in Australia
  • Famous Beaches in Australia
  • Honeymoon in Australia
  • Australia Trip Experience with Flamingo Travels

  • Popular Australia Tour Packages Offered by Flamingo Travels

    Australia Tour Packages



    Amazing Australia

    11 Nights / 12 Days

    ₹ 2,95,977 Onwards

    Australian Escape 

    8 Nights / 9 Days

    ₹ 2,04,002 Onwards

    Family Fun Australia

    12 Nights / 13 Days

    ₹ 2,00,460 Onwards

    Honeymoon In Australia

    12 Nights / 13 Days

    ₹ 1,72,880 Onwards

    Senior Citizen Special Australia Private Basis

    9 Nights / 10 Days

    ₹ 1,89,370 Onwards

    How to reach Australia

    Traveling to Australia in the other part of the world means you will need an Australia tour package with flight options. We offer group and customized Australia tour packages with return international air tickets from major Indian cities at the best prices. You can opt for popular airlines like Singapore Airlines, Qantas, Etihad, and Cathay Pacific. They operate numerous flight options to cities like Perth, Sydney, Brisbane, and Melbourne. Most of these flights are connecting flights with stopovers at popular airports en route. Air India flies non-stop from New Delhi to Sydney. It covers this distance in around 12 hours and 25 minutes. For a stress-free holiday, book your Australia flight tickets with Flamingo Travels. Our flight experts will offer the best flight options matching your budget, travel dates, and other preferences.

    Get Your Australia Visa with Flamingo Travels

    To begin your Australian adventure, you will need an Australia Tourist Visa. Now seeking an Australia visa for Indians is a daunting task. It requires precise documentation, filling out forms, seeking an appointment, and other intricacies. We know that a small mistake in your application may delay your visa or in some cases, may be denied as well. Leave all of the difficulties to visa consultants at Flamingo Travels. Our Australia visa team is well-versed with all the latest requirements and updates from the Australian Embassy in India. They will handle all this on your part making it simple to obtain your Australia tourist visa.

    Places to visit in Australia

    Australian Tourism attracts visitors with its diverse landscapes from turquoise beaches to red deserts. From iconic landmarks to stunning coastlines, Australia offers a tapestry of experiences for each tourist. Whether you seek a laidback beach holiday, an adventurous one, or an urban retreat, you are spoiled for choice with an exciting array of places to visit in Australia.

    • Uluru
    • Sydney Opera House
    • Great Barrier Reef Marine Park
    • Blue Mountain National Park
    • Gold Coast
    • Kangaroo Island
    • Tasmania


    Uluru is also known as Ayers Rock. It is an enormous sandstone rock formation rising 348 meters high in the Red Center in Australia. It is an iconic Australian landmark and is sacred to the indigenous Anangu people. The nearby Kata Tjuta rock domes are equally mesmerizing. Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park is a paradise for outdoor lovers. With a plethora of spectacular scenery, bushwalk trails, heritage and culture, and unique wildlife, you will find yourself immersed in the rugged vibe of this place. This giant monolith features a different color that changes with the sun. You can climb the steep sections to see the ancient rock art, walk around the base, take a camel ride, or rent a helicopter to have amazing views from the top. Do not miss to watch the dramatic sunset and sunrise lighting up Uluru.

    Sydney Opera House

    The cultural icon of Australia – the Sydney Opera House, is a design wonder at the famous Sydney Harbor. Its unique shell-shaped design features interlocking vaulted shells. It is a globally renowned performing arts center. The Opera House hosts around 1500 shows per year, across genres like dance, theater, music, opera, and more. You can simply attend a performance or admire the stunning architecture with its shimmering while tile roofs that resemble sails. Opt for a full guided tour into its rooms, history, halls, backstage, and the whole building. It is a UNESCO-recognized World Heritage Site, and a trip to Sydney is incomplete without a memorable photo at the Sydney Opera House.

    Great Barrier Reef Marine Park

    The Great Barrier Reef Marine Park is a vast stretch of coral reefs off the coast of Queensland, Australia. Spanning over 2300 km, it comprises over 900 islands and 3000 individual reefs, making it the largest coral reef ecosystem in the world. Snorkeling and diving in this underwater wonderland presents a diverse marine life with turtles, tropical fish, rays, bright corals, and more. If you are a non-swimmer, opt for a scenic flight or a glass-bottom boat tour to glimpse this aquatic wonder. This living treasure invites you to discover the awe-inspiring beauty beneath the sea.

    Blue Mountain National Park

    Spanning more than 24000 hectares – the Blue Mountains National Park is a protected wilderness area. It is around 80 km from Sydney in New South Wales. It is renowned for its massive sandstone rock formations that appear blue when watched from a distance. The Blue Mountain National Park also features stunning wilderness, rugged sandstone, lush rainforests, cascading waterfalls, canyons, scenic lookouts, and thrilling walking trails. Enjoy the numerous activities like the Scenic Railway ride and the Scenic Railway hike, offering some stunning views of the valley. Opt for guided tours in the region, rock climbing, and discovering the Aboriginal culture through ancient rock carvings. Explore the Jenolan Caves, Katoomba Falls, Pulpit Rock Lookout, Giant Stairway, and more. This renowned park, with its canyons, rugged gorges, and local wildlife, makes it an iconic place to visit in this Aussie land.

    Gold Coast

    A coastal city in Queensland – the Gold Coast symbolizes the typical beach lifestyle with its dynamic urban vibe and sun-kissed shores. The city is famous for its family-friendly theme parks and pristine beaches. You can enjoy loads of fun activities like snorkeling and surfing at the beaches, bushwalking, and wildlife encounters at the national park at the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary. Beyond the beautiful beaches, explore the culinary scene, laid-back neighborhoods, and famous amusement parks on the Gold Coast. With its bustling markets, world-class theme parks, stunning beaches, and lively nightlife, Gold Coast ensures a memorable experience for all ages.

    Kangaroo Island

    Kangaroo Island is the third-largest island around 110 km from the capital city of South Australia – Adelaide. Explore the incredible wildlife of Australia on this island. Kangaroo Island is home to koalas, sea lions, kangaroos, and other local wildlife. Enjoy adventure activities like snorkeling, diving, sandboarding, and more. Admire spectacular coastal scenery like the Admirals Arch, Remarkable Rocks, and local wineries. It is also a foodie paradise famous for its exquisite wines and fresh seafood. Kangaroo Island is a bliss for nature lovers and those looking for an authentic Aussie experience. You can add this place with customized Australia family tour packages, as kids will surely love it.


    Tasmania is around 240 km away from the mainland of Southern Australia. It is a beautiful island state that will reconnect you with wildlife and the raw beauty of nature. Tasmania enchants you with its rich and diverse culture. The island is known for its delightful cuisine, fresh produce, and excellent wines. It also hosts a range of exciting festivals, music events, and art shows. Some of the interesting things to explore on this island are, 

    • Stargazing
    • Visiting the Museum of Old and New Art
    • Explore the Wineglass Bay
    • Cruising the Gordon River
    • Visit Flinders Island
    • Stroll through the Salamanca Market

    With plenty of colonial and Aboriginal tourist places in Tasmania, the island offers the ideal mix of history, cuisine, culture, and nature.

    Things to do in Australia

    For such a vast country with immense diversity, there are infinite things to do in Australia. From serene landscapes to vibrant city life, Australia has so many diverse experiences for each age group. Considering the range of the country, it can be a tedious task to decide what to do in Australia. From snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef to sipping the best coffee in Melbourne, Australian Tourism offers so many experiences. Here is a list of just a few of them.

    • Experience a day at the iconic Sydney Opera House.
    • Pinnacles Desert: A haven for stargazers.
    • Rafting Tour of Whitsunday Islands.
    • Take a camel ride in Uluru.
    • Enjoy a spectacular dolphin show on the Gold Coast.
    • Enjoy the world's best coffee in Melbourne.
    • Find cute kangaroos while in Perth.

    Experience a day at the iconic Sydney Opera House.

    Spend a day to discover the magic of the Sydney Opera House. To begin with, opt for a guided tour of this architectural wonder with Australia Holiday Packages. This globally renowned design features white- tile roof sails and shell-inspired vaulted ceilings. It is inspired by the yacht sails. These majestic shells look impressive from all angles. If you are an ardent fan of opera performances, you should not miss the spectacular performance of a ballet, opera, or symphony orchestra. Experience this world heritage site either by taking a walking tour, attending an opera house, taking a cruise, watching the sunset, or simply indulging in high tea overlooking the harbor. The icing on the top is the light show in the evening. Experiencing the Sydney Opera House in all its beauty is truly a chance not to be missed.

    Pinnacles Desert - A haven for stargazers

    If you are a nature lover – do not miss the stargazing experience at the Pinnacles Desert. The best way to experience this desert in Australia is at night. It is set in the Nambung National Park in Western Australia, around two hours from the Perth city center. Thousands of limestone pillars rise from the sands in this unusual environment, giving a feel of an alien landscape. Its distance from major cities, minimal pollution, clear skies, and fantastic viewpoints make it the best place for astronomy. Book this tour with your customized Australia tour packages if you are exploring Western Australia. Enjoy the spectacular sunset with such a magical backdrop. Complete the day on a high note by watching the shimmering stars through telescopes. Hear the Aboriginal stories while staring at the night sky, all this, and much more with our Australia luxury tour packages.

    Rafting Tour of Whitsunday Islands

    Looking for a fun adventure combined with the beauty and serenity of a tropical paradise; opt for a rafting tour of the Whitsunday Islands. Explore the Whitsunday Islands on a super-fast vessel, pass through secluded bays, white sandy beaches, and sheltered coves surrounded by lush rainforest. You will sail through the snorkeling reefs at Hook Island, Whitehaven Beach, Hill Inlet Beach, and more. Spot dolphins, sea turtles, dolphins, sea turtles, and many other marine species with our Australia trip packages.

    Take a camel ride in Uluru.

    Explore the globally renowned Uluru-Ayers Rock in the most memorable and authentic way; by opting for a camel ride. Explore the rugged Red Centre terrain on a camel and fully immerse in the outback. These camel tours generally take place during sunrise and sunset times. As you explore the massive monolith, watch how the sunlight transforms Uluru with different tones of orange and red. Capture drool-worth backdrops and Instagrammable views, and learn about the indigenous culture with an expert guide. Riding a camel around the awe-inspiring Uluru is a unique Australian outback experience to add to your Australia honeymoon tour packages.

    Enjoy a spectacular dolphin show on the Gold Coast.

    A visit to SeaWorld on the Gold Coast is much more than an amusement park. There an many activities and rides for all age groups, but the best part of SeaWorld is that it offers close encounters with amazing marine life. One of the major attractions at the Sea World is the Dolphin Show. It features bottlenose dolphins displaying their innate behavior of dancing, leaping, painting, and tail-walking. Be mesmerized by these marine mammals that can follow calls and hand signals during set routines with their trainers. One of the activities that kids would love is feeding the dolphins. Learn everything about dolphin conservation through the show’s commentary. With engaging presentations, world-class facilities, and seeing these beautiful dolphins up close, this exciting show ensures fun for the entire family. Do add this activity with the best Australia tour packages for a family for a unique and memorable experience.

    Enjoy the world's best coffee in Melbourne.

    One of the most beautiful cities in Australia – Melbourne, is globally renowned for its coffee obsession. The city has numerous award-winning baristas and cafés serving the best espresso obtained from single-origin beans. Discover the different coffee styles like the siphon, pour-over, and cold drip. Visit one of the many famous cafés in the city with Australia holiday packages. You can also ask for advice for the best cuppa based on your choices. Sit back and enjoy your preferred coffee with an amazing café ambiance. You can take your time and enjoy a serene view of the city with this relaxing activity. Perfect to add to your Australian honeymoon tour.

    Find cute kangaroos while in Perth.

    One of the best activities to include in your Australia Family Tour packages while exploring Perth is to meet some cute kangaroos. Perth offers the best opportunity to have a close look at kangaroos. You can spot kangaroos at many locales, but the best option to get up close with them is at Caversham Wildlife Park. Here - they allow you to feed and pet kangaroos in their natural habitat. You can even take amazing selfies with them. Kangaroos are friendly, and they love to interact with visitors. Learn more about them at this park. You can also hand-feed kangaroos and watch their little ones play at the Walkabout Wildlife Park. Do not miss this unique and fun experience for both adults and kids included in the Best Australia tour packages for family.

    Best time to visit Australia

    Our Australia tour packages are created considering the weather in Australia. We offer group and customized tour options with a focus on the best time to visit Australia. The climate varies from sunny summers to mild winters. Like other countries, Australia is quiet at some times of the year and vibrant at other times. Be rest assured, this country-continent is an amazing place to visit around the year.

    Summer Season

    Summer in Australia spans from December to February. It is considered the peak tourist season. This season features high temperatures with sunny days. It’s the perfect time to experience outdoor adventures, explore beautiful cities, and enjoy the beaches with our Australia travel packages. From the Great Barrier Reef to the popular beaches in Sydney, there are many activities to enjoy during the summer season. It is the best time to surf, snorkel, and swim in the azure waters of Australia. You can explore the vineyards, golf courses, national parks, and theme parks or stroll along the coastline of Australia.

    Winter Season

    Winter in Australia spans from June to August. The temperatures during this season range from 15 to 26 degrees Celsius. This season brings in chilly breezes and rainfall. July is the colder month wherein the temperature is around 12 degrees Celsius. It is the best season for snow activities and snow-skiing in the Australian Alps. Whether you seek snowy mountain getaways or tropical escapes, winter in Australia has much to offer. Apart from snow fun, you can swim with the whales on the Great Barrier Reef, stargaze in an outback sky in the Red Centre, indulge in many winter festivals, and more. Enjoy the wonders of winter with our Australia trip packages.

    Monsoon Season

    Australia does not have a specific monsoon season like India. However, the wettest season is with some rainfall during the summer months. There may be heavy rainfall in the tropical north, while other areas may receive less rainfall. September to November and March to May are considered the shoulder seasons in Australia. Experience the unique charm of the monsoon season with our exclusive Australia travel packages.

    Foods to eat in Australia

    Visiting Australia is always fun. From the fantastic coastal road trips to the surf culture, native wildlife, and attractions, the country is packed with immense excitement. To add to these is Australian cuisine. This country is a foodie paradise offering a diverse menu. Many Australian dishes are influenced by European and Chinese cuisine. Whether you have a sweet tooth or are into savory, the food scene in Australia offers a classic fusion of homegrown delights and global influences. Explore the unique dishes of this amazing country with our Australia tour packages from India.

    Famous Australian Dishes

    • Lamington
    • Vegemite on Toast
    • Tim Tam
    • Kangaroo Steak
    • Chicken Parmigiana
    • Barramundi
    • Meat Pies
    • Barbecue Snags
    • Australian Burgers
    • Pavlova

    List of Indian Restaurants in Australia
    • Gaylord Indian Restaurant
    • Zaaffran
    • Indu
    • Urban Tadka
    • Honest India Bella Vista
    • Maya Da Dhaba
    • The Secret Kitchen
    • Abhi’s
    • Nirankar Restaurant
    • Surjit’s Indian Restaurant
    • Flavours of India

    Famous Beaches in Australia

    Beaches are synonymous with Australia. With more than thousands of miles of stunning coastline, this island country features numerous surf and sand combos. You will find beaches of every size and shape imaginable. From the windswept, rugged shores of Western Australia to the serene white sand coves in the Whitsundays, there are many beaches in Australia.

    List of Famous Beaches in Australia
    • Whitehaven Beach
    • Wineglass Bay
    • Bondi Beach
    • 75 Mile Beach
    • Noosa Main Beach
    • Cable Beach
    • Bells Beach
    • Palm Cove
    • Turquoise Bay
    • Vivonne Bay

    Honeymoon in Australia

    With secluded wineries, spectacular beaches, and tropical rainforests, Australia has infinite romantic options for newlyweds. You will need at least two weeks to enjoy your Australia honeymoon tour packages. This duration will allow couples to adjust to a time zone change, explore the region, and enjoy quality time together. Whether as a couple, you are seeking nature, beach relaxation, adventure, or vibrant cities - Australia offers several romantic experiences for couples at exclusive prices. When it comes to romantic holidays, Honeymoon in Australia surpasses expectations.

    List for honeymoon destinations in Australia
    • Freycinet National Park
    • Ningaloo Reef
    • The Whitsundays
    • Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park
    • Flinders Ranges
    • Byron Bay
    • The Great Barrier Reef
    • Mornington Peninsula
    • The Barossa Valley
    • Jervis Bay

    Australia Trip Experience with Flamingo Travels

    Experience the charm of Australian Tourism with Flamingo Travels. Avail of a wholesome and enriching holiday to Australia with our customized and group Australia tour packages from India. From the golden beaches of Sydney to the Great Barrier Reef, the Travel consultant at Flamingo Travels will curate your holidays that fit your budget and interest. We ensure that you explore the iconic sights as well as hidden gems on your trip to Australia. Our Australia group tours cover all the best inclusions along with Indian meals at competitive prices. We offer a wholesome experience with our group tours that are best suitable for all ages. Our tours also include an on-tour English-speaking guide offering reliable and knowledgeable support.

    With the immense size of Australia, you may also wish to have a customized Australia budget tour package to explore this country at your own pace and preferences. We offer some excellent tour itineraries to match your dreams and choices. Whether you wish for a fun-filled family holiday or a lavish honeymoon with romantic experiences, trust us to plan an memorable Australian experience. Let the beauty of the land down under enchant you completely with Flamingo Travels!
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