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About Australia
Australia is a traveler’s paradise being the smallest continent and the largest island in the world. Australia tour packages has plenty to offer. It is a land of stunning contrasts and amazing beauty. It is one of the most popular travel destinations loaded with coral reefs, rainforests and red deserts. Tourists visiting this country get to explore vibrant cities, safari across sand islands, trekking through rainforests and more. Australia holiday packages are full of activities for all age groups be it exploring traditional lifestyle of the nation, or relaxing on sun kissed beach, or revealing the nightlife in a city hot spot. Major attractions on Australia tour are Sydney, Great Barrier Reef, Cairns, Melbourne, Brisbane, and more. You will enter the country through the capital city Sydney on Kingsford Smith International Airport. The tourist visa is available for Indians and lasts for a certain period of time only. 

Popular Australia Tour Packages

Australia Tour Packages



Senior Citizen Special Australia

10 Nights / 11 Days

₹ 1,12,330 Onwards

Amazing Australia (Starting From Gold Coast) Summer 2020

10 Nights / 11 Days

₹ 2,54,900 Onwards

Honeymoon In Australia

12 Nights / 13 Days

₹ 1,30,810 Onwards

Adventurous Australia

12 Nights / 13 Days

₹ 1,41,240 Onwards

Family Fun Australia

12 Nights / 13 Days

₹ 1,36,970 Onwards

At Flamingo Transworld we offer Australia tour packages from Ahmedabad, Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur and other major of India. To serve your purpose better we have certain specially designed packages like Australia New Zealand Group Tours, Australia honeymoon tour, Australia kids special tours, Australia New Zealand senior citizen tours etc.  

The destination is perfect for a break from routine life offering you to participate in activities and enjoy the stunning attractions with your loved ones. Keep a check on the fact that you and your travel agent are on the same page while finalizing the holiday plan. This will help you not get in trouble on tour. When you decide to finalize an Australia tour package, the travel agents will plan the entire trip for you as per your taste, and they will look after all the paperwork, flight bookings and accommodations. They will make sure you don’t have to rush for all procedures. 

How to reach Australia
As Australia doesn’t have any land connection with any mainland of Asia, the only solution in context to How to reach Australia is via boarding a flight from India to Australia. As the country is an island, situated right in the middle of the Indian and Pacific Oceans, there no railway or road connections between the two countries. There are no direct cruises from India to Australia like from Melbourne and Sydney. 

By Air
Australia is home to several international airports, out of which Melbourne and Sydney airports are the busiest connecting Australia to some major countries in Asia. However there are several flights taking off from India to Australia, the only direct flight from India to Australia is operated by Air India covering distance from Delhi to Australia in 12 hours and 25 minutes. Other airlines with India to Australia flight routes are Jet Airways, Cathay Pacific and Cathay Dragon, Thai Airways and Australia flag bearer Qantas Airways. Thai Airways' 13 hours 30-minute departure from Kolkata to Sydney with 90 minutes stop at Bangkok is the other best alternative.

By Air

By Road

By Train

By Sea

New Delhi to Australia

12.0 hours



Hyderabad to Australia

15.0 hours



Chennai to Australia

14.0 hours



Bangalore to Australia

14.0 hours

184.0 hours


Mumbai to Australia

15.0 hours

200.0 hours


Great Barrier Reef
Great Barrier Reef is Australia’s one of the most famous attractions and is one of the seven wonders to the natural world. It stretches 3000 kms across the coast of Queensland and is a diver’s dreams. It is the largest coral reef system on earth boasting 400 types of coral and 1500 species of tropical fish. 

You won’t believe, it is remarkably visible from space. Visiting this famous natural wonder is a soothing experience. Annually approximately 2 million visitors enjoy activities and all that this natural wonder has to offer. Snorkeling and Scuba Diving are the best ways to experience the pleasure of the rich underwater world. Some of the other activities one can experience here are boat trips, kayaking, and even helicopter rides offering exceptional views of the reef. Did you know? The Great Barrier Reef is larger than the Great Wall of China and the only living thing on earth which is visible from space. It also holds incredible scientific interest as the environment of species, for example, the dugong ('sea cow') and the enormous green turtle, which are undermined with extinction.

Places to see in Australia
Australia is a highly developed country with multiple opportunities. Over a certain period time, Australia tourism is growing rapidly and there are plenty of attractions to explore. Here is a list of a few places to visit in Australia on tour.

Great Ocean Road
The Great Ocean Road stretches over 250 kilometers to Warrnambool, and attracts tens of thousands of visitors annually. It is known as Australia’s premiere coastal ride. Along the Great Ocean Road you can look for 12 Apostles, get close to the native wildlife, and dive in for iconic surf stops, pristine rainforests and misty waterfalls. The most popular attraction on the Great Ocean Road is the stunning stone arch that settles in the water known as the London Bridge. To experience more you can go out in wild for surfing, bushwalking and mountain biking expeditions. Know more about the culture through galleries, museums and heritage attractions. 

Bondi Beach
Bondi Beach is home to one of the most famous beaches in the world and is also the oldest life-saving clubs in the world. It is a perfect place for a little seaside walk or a family picnic as well. The iconic stretch of fine sand and curling waves are just irresistible. It is a nice place to soak up the sea view, enjoy a coastal walk. Across the street from this famous coastal strip are the shops, cafes and restaurants. Eating out is one of the popular things to do at Bondi. Here you will come across some award winning restaurants with great views which stretches for 1.5 kms. On weekends you can choose to mingle with locals at Bondi Farmers Market and Bondi Markets. Take care if you choose to swim as powerful tides do sweep away swimmers by the sea. 

Gold Coast
The star attraction of Gold Coast is its beaches. You can explore one of the most famous beach stretches of sand at Surfers Paradise. The climate here is subtropical. Gold Coast is basically famous for surfing beaches, a skyline with high-rises, theme parks, nightlife and rainforest hinterland. The city has been a major part of the nation’s entertainment industry with television productions and film industry. Gold coast has also hosted 21st Commonhealth Games in April 2018. A visit to Australia in incomplete if you miss out on Gold Coast. It is an incredibly diverse and compact region where you will find stunning beaches, ancient rainforests, peaceful villages and exciting beachside suburbs. 

Sydney Opera House
Talking of “Sydney” or “Australia” most people things of Opera House. The Opera House is shaped like huge shells or blowing sails on the famous Sydney’s Bennelong Point graces the list of UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It is one of world’s great architectural icons. Three side of the structure is surrounded by water and the Royal Botanic Gardens to the south. Danish architect Jorn Utzon won the tag of an international competition for its design, but he then withdrew from the project after technical and financial problems. Construction was completed in 1973. Cost of this project turned 10 times more than the original budget. When you visit the Opera House you can enjoy a performance, dine at one of the restaurants, take a tour of the building consisting a theater, a concert hall, exhibition rooms and a cinema. But actually, it is far more impressive viewed from a distance. One of the best spots to capture the Opera House is Mrs. Macquarie’s Chair in the Royal Botanic Gardens. 

Blue Mountain National Park
Another UNESCO World Heritage Site in Australia is the Blue Mountains National Park and is popular for a day trip from Sydney. It is located in New South Wales which is approximately 80 kms west from Sydney. The park is mostly best known for the Three Sisters which is actually a rock formation that tower 900 meter above the Jamison Valley. The Blue Mountain National Park offers miles of trails for hikers and mountain bikers. It is also known for popular natural playground for adventurers who enjoy exciting sports like rock climbing and abseiling. You can board the scenic glass roofed Katoomba Railway which is the steepest passenger railway in the world. It is done through cliff side tunnel, hiking, abseiling, rock climbing, mountain biking and horseback riding. 

Things to do in Australia
Australia is a very popular destination as it has something to offer for all age groups. Here is a list of things to do in Australia you definitely would want to try. 

Climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge

When you are on a holiday, is it obvious to make the most of the destination? In Australia one of the must experience things to do is to climb the popular Sydney Harbour Bridge. The bridge is anyways famous enough among places one must visit in Sydney. But along with visiting the place cover an exciting activity of climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge. You can climb to the top of this bridge to get a panoramic view of the entire city. It may look like a tough experience if you are scared of heights but once you start and go ahead, you will enjoy it.

Swim at the Instagram able Bondi Iceberg Pool
Are you one of those who would like to be surrounded by nature but at the same time enjoy amenities for personal convenience? Bondi Beach Icebergs offers a similar kind of experience since a very long time and now it has become a historical landmark of the arena. It is situated right above the water’s surface and if you don’t look minutely then sometimes the pool gets camouflaged.  The beach being the backdrop will surely make your Instagram feed envious for your friends.  

Dive into the Great Barrier Reef
If you are fond of Scuba Diving or a Snorkeling the Great Barrier Reef has some of the best ocean life in the world. If it is your first time with Scuba Diving then you will never be able to forget this experience. The Great Barrier Reef is the world’s largest coral reef and as per the Australian government it is “the only living organic collective visible on Earth’s orbit”. It is actually a huge cluster of some 3000 reefs and 600 islands stretching more than 1250 miles. Here you will get to see dolphins, green turtles and whales which live here along with 200 species of birds, 1500 species of fish and ample of corals ofcourse. 

Road trip along the Great Ocean Road
If you come all the way to Australia and not make the most of its coastal beauty, then it is a waste. One of the best ways to enjoy the coastal beauty of the country is to set off on a road trip and drive leisurely parallel to the Great Ocean Road, a stretch of 151 miles. Hire a car in Melbourne and enjoy the drive along the stunning Great Ocean Road. You will get to see some famous surf spots of Torquay and Bells Beach, many Kangaroos on the Angelsea Golf Course and spectacular formations of the 12 Apostles. Enjoy the experience of walking through the waterfalls and lush forests in Otway National Park and whale watching. 

Best time to visit Australia
When you are planning to visit Australia, you must check the best time to visit Australia
The continent offers some many stunning attractions within different time zones. Hence answering the question of when is the best time to visit Australia is not easy. The answer to this question depends on your interest, budget, preferences and especially your suitable climate choice. Beaches are one of the major highlights of the destination and so from December to February the beaches in Sydney are dreamlike, and so summer is a good time to step out and take a dip in the beach or even to go hiking. 

March to May is the ideal opportunity for pre-winter when the whole town of Canberra illuminates with the blazing foliage and Melbourne prepares for a Formula 1 Grand Prix. Towards the mid-year's end, from June to August, the winters in Australia offer snow skiing in the midst of the Australian Alps. Else, you can likewise settle on Snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef, or even Australia's Simpson Desert is an incredible choice for an ideal winter escape. While in the spring from September to November you can keep an eye out for whales and flowers in the wineries of Margaret River region in Western Australia. Though, in tropical Australia, 

May to October is a dry season sporting gem blue skies and days shining with daylight. Darwin's open air market, celebrations, and films are an incredible choice to explore during this season. The wet season from December to March has a few rainstorms ready for an atmosphere that is hot and damp. Litchfield and Kakadu National Parks are the home for some protesting waterfalls, where the water levels are the most elevated during this season.

Below are the prime tourist seasons in Australia, annually

September to November 
During this time of the season, you will mostly have the city to yourself, since these months come directly before Sydney's prime season – yet just marginally. The city's all year warm climate is quite heavenly, and spring is the same. Normal daytime temperatures run from the low 50s to the mid-70s. 

Key Events:
Sydney Fringe Festival (September) 
Celebration of the Winds (September) 
Night Noodle Markets (October) 
Figure by the Sea (October-November) 
Taste of Sydney (November)

December to February
Sydney's high season, which harmonizes with the Northern Hemisphere's winter, sees normal temperatures moving into the upper 70s. As you can think of, guests flood the city to take benefit the warm climate. What's more, with the convergence of explorers comes higher hotel and airfare rates, making this a costly time to visit Sydney. 

Key Events: 
Sydney New Year's Eve (December) 
Sydney Festival (January) 
Australia Day (January) 
Tropfest (February) 
Ultra Australia (February) 
Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Festival (February-March)

March to May 
Sydney's deficit season is another sweet spot for visitors. A considerable lot of the prime season travelers have withdrawn at this point, leaving the city somewhat less involved. Temperatures are gradually dropping as Australia's winter draws near, with highs reaching into the upper 60s by May. Now and again, temperatures will dunk into the mid-50s, so pack a light coat. Animal lovers might need to design an excursion for the finish of fall as May is viewed as the beginning of Sydney's whale-watching season. 

Key Events: 
Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Festival (February-March) 
Sydney Royal Easter Show (April) 
Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Australia (May) 
Striking Sydney (May-June)

June to August 
The months among June and August establish Sydney's winter. In spite of the lower temperatures (which drift between the high 40s and the mid-60s), winters in Sydney are generally mellow contrasted with numerous pieces of the U.S. Also, since this is the city's low season, hotels offer their least expensive costs during this season (particularly in June); exploring Sydney in a coat likely could be worth the money saved. Whale-watching season, which as a rule finishes in November, tops in July and September. 

Key Events: 
Clear Sydney (May-June) 
Sydney Film Festival (June) 
Bondi Feast (July) 
Australian International Music Festival (July)

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