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Desert Safari Dubai: A must to do activity in Dubai

By Flamingo Transworld on Mar 10, 2014
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Desert Safari Dubai is a must do if you happen to visit Dubai, it is an adventure you will never forget! As you can see in  around 45 minutes we have driven to a meeting point where all desert safari tour operators gather as a tradition. Note that this is the entry point to the desert, so the drivers deflate  the tyres of their cars before entering the sands of the desert.

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Now visitors, hold the seats as a  roller coaster experience on the sands of the Dubai begins! Riding over sands dunes and sliding off at 45 degree angles while being strapped  in a 4 wheel drive that is constantly  shaking from side to side, is a scary but fun experience you’ll agree. Oh you will surely have an adrenaline rush!

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Desert Camps

Camps: After a brief stop when we survey the immense majesty of the desert, the desert camp with its typical red, white and black cushions laid out in the majlis style, with the distinctive hubbly bubbly in the corner. There you cannot afford to miss the Desert quad biking experience. The easy drive on the sands will ensure to excite all your senses. As per the honoured tradition of the region, you are welcomed with a cup of fragrant Arabic coffee and dates which I am sure you’ll enjoy. Those wishing to pick up interesting souvenirs can do so. You can purchase sand art done by artists in glass bottles. Also you can have your hands painted with  Heena designs, and also you can experience a short camel ride. You can also relish different flavoured Hukkas in the camp.


As the evening grows dark you will be informed by the announcer about the performance of the mesmerizing belly dance performance by the fireside. There the beautiful belly dancer performs different steps of belly dancing. The crowd applauds each steps and enjoy the enchanting belly dancing. Later you will be awestruck by the “Tanura” dancer’s performance which will surely make a deep impact on your hearts. Do lay back and relax while the hosts get the barbeque going and lay out a delicious spread of continental and Arabic dishes, including both vegetarian and non vegetarian. They offer free drinks to all the visitors of the desert safari.


Last but not the least, you will be entertained by the fire ball performer. The performer plays with the fireballs and performs various steps with accuracy which you will surely remember.

All the visitors take photographs and videos of all the performers and have a gala time in the peaceful beautiful desert sands. Later all depart from the desert camps to their hotels from the deflation point in the cars with beautiful memories.

No wonder, desert safari is a must must do activity if you are in the land of deserts : DUBAI!

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