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Desert Safari Dubai: A Must To Do Activity In Dubai For Travellers!

By Mukti Solia on Jun 17, 2024
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No one is a stranger to the desert safaris of Dubai as everyone must have heard of it sometime and somewhere. The red sand dunes capture the true spirit of Dubai, and it is extremely essential to take a desert safari when visiting Dubai.

The Dubai safari is not something like those traditional desert safaris! This is something absolutely unique, marvellous and something that adventure lovers are sure to obsess over!

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Discover The Best Spots For Desert Safari In Dubai

Dune Bashing

Al Qudra Desert:

Ideal for wildlife enthusiasts, one must not forget to take your cameras! This desert is also one of the favourites for those who enjoy quad biking, and camping.

Lahbab Desert:

Considered to be the desert with red sand dunes, this place makes for the perfect spot for adrenaline-pumping activities! The activities include sandboarding and dune bashing. Evening safaris here often include a scrumptious BBQ dinner as well.


Famously known as the Big Red, this desert is home to challenging terrains. Off-roading, sandboarding and quad biking over here make for an exhilarating adventure for adrenaline junkies


Also known to be called Little Liwa, this desert is at the border of Abu Dhabi and Dubai. The quiet and remote location offers a peaceful and serene escape where camping, dune bashing, and sandboarding take place

Jebel Maleihah:

Called the Fossil Rock, this place is known for its unique rock formations as well as its rich history. This desert is perfect for those interested in geology and palaeontology! One gets a chance to explore ancient marine fossils embedded in the rocks which is quite fascinating.

Al Faya Desert:

The dramatic landscape of this desert makes for picture-perfect moments! Ideal for thrilling adventures, this place is where youngsters flock to, for experiencing quad biking and sandboarding!

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Choose Your Thrill – Diverse Options Of Desert Safari

  • Dune Bashing
  • Camel Riding
  • Belly Dance
  • Morning Desert Safari
  • Night Stay
  • Hot Air Balloon Desert Safari
  • Sandboarding
  • Fireshow
  • Quad ATV biking

Distance Between Desert And City?

The Dubai desert is approximately 35 kilometers away from the city. So, one can expect an hour’s drive to reach the destination.

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What All Is Included In A Desert Safari

dune bashing and camel rides dubai

The quite exciting desert safari could last for half a day or even the full day, depending on what activities one opts for. The experience also varies based on the type of package chosen. Some of the activities to expect during a desert safari are:

Dune Bashing:

This is known to be the most thrilling activity. Veteran drivers take people over the sand dunes in a 4×4 vehicle. One can literally feel their heart pumping fast as the big cars go up and down the majestically steep dunes.

Camel Rides:

Camel is the most iconic desert animal! Now imagine sitting atop and enjoying a peaceful stroll through the dunes! Do not miss out on this chance to experience the traditional way of exploring the desert.


Very similar to snowboarding, sandboarding is all about gliding down the dunes on a board! This activity is fun and also highly suitable people of all ages!

Falconry Shows:

Falcons are an integral part of traditional Emirati culture! This show is extremely impressive as it has a trained falcon catching its prey in the middle of the air.

Traditional Entertainment:

Don’t miss out on the perfect opportunity to experience traditional Emirati entertainment! This includes the tanoura dancing, belly dance show, as well as the fire show in the Dubai sands.

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Best Time For A Desert Safari?

For desert safaris, winters are the best time to visit as it is pleasantly cool during the day! The nights are comparatively chilly, but nothing that’s alarming. The winter season is the best time to visit as most activities like camel riding, dune bashing, etc can be undertaken in a comfortable environment.

Must-Try Desert Experiences In Dubai

dubai desert safari night

Arabian Adventures:

This is one of the best ways to explore the majestic dunes! The safaris are also inclusive of cultural experiences like henna painting and traditional Arabian entertainment.

Overnight Desert Safari:

This allows you to immerse yourself in the serene beauty of the desert under the starlit sky.

Camel Ride:

Riding the gentle giants is one of the most surreal experiences as you can explore the vast dunes at a leisurely pace.

Dune Bashing:

Now this activity is for those who love high adrenaline pumping through their veins. Dune bashing truly promises an unforgettable experience of the desert.

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Dress Code For A Desert Safari

There isn’t a specific dress code to follow when visiting the Dubai desert, although it is advisable to wear something comfortable and light. This way, the heat won’t be much of a bother. However, if you’re spending the evening or night, carrying something like a cardigan or sweater is always advisable to keep you warm. On the whole, comfortable jeans/trousers and a casual summer T-shirt is all you need to spend your day roughing it out in the desert.

What To Pack For A Desert Safari

  • Sunscreen – has to be the first thing you must pack when visiting the desert. It shall be able to protect you from unbelievable tan as well as skin burns.
  • Water – and it has to be lots of it.
  • Hat and Sunglasses – to protect you and
  • Footwear – must be something that’s comfortable. Closed shoes are always better so that the sand doesn’t get into your shoes, and you can move around freely
  • Essential documents – like valid ID cards and any permits if required.

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Tips For An Unforgettable Desert Safari

desert safari Dubai

To make your safari trip the most memorable one, you must have some things sorted before embarking on the safari. A few things one must make a mental note of, are:

  • Keep hydrating yourself regularly.
  • Wear comfortable and appropriate clothes.
  • Capture as many memories as possible.
  • Be respectful to people around you.
  • Carry emergency essentials
  • Wear footwear that makes it easy for you to walk in the sand.

Who Should Skip The Desert Safari?

Desert safari is an adventure activity and therefore children below the age of 3 are recommended not to join on such trips. Also, children between the ages of 3 to 11 must be accompanied by their parents and should not be allowed to go alone on any adventure. Pregnant women and elderly people who have back troubles must also avoid desert adventures so as not to cause more damage.


To sum up, everything, do not miss an opportunity of a lifetime and take the desert safari that is sure to change your life! The best part about it is that it caters to everyone’s budget as it can be customized to one’s liking and interests. The desert gives you a reality check of Dubai’s humble beginnings. This is the side you must explore to understand where Dubai was initially and where it is now!

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Desert Safari Dubai

1. Is Dune Bashing Safe?

Dune bashing is safe, as the drivers are experienced veterans. But this adventure is not at all advisable for people suffering from motion sickness. It can be a little overwhelming for people not used to sitting in cars with sideway slides and steep descents. Also, while dune bashing is fun, it is not suitable for infants due to high-speed movements.

2. Can You Drink Alcohol on a Desert Safari?

Yes! One may consume alcohol on desert camps and safaris. Most of the camps usually serve alcohol to tourists. However, there are some strict laws regarding drinking in UAE, so it’s important to drink responsibly.

3. How Long Does a Desert Safari Last?

A desert safari takes anywhere between 4-6 hours. The amount of time needed to roam in the desert is 3-4 hours. But this depends on the kind of activities that are included.

4. What’s the Cost of a Desert Safari in Dubai?

Mostly depending on the kind of safari one chooses an average cost per person could range from anywhere between INR 2000 to INR 4000. INR 2995 per person is the cost of camel safaris.

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