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Charlemagne :The First Ruler Of United Europe

By Flamingo Transworld on Apr 3, 2015
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European history is having many interesting facts. Roman Empire was attacked by Gauls, the barbarian tribes and always fought against them. Franks and Gauls independently established themselves from Rome but still very friendly to the Roman Empire. The Rome became weaker because of the continuous attacking by Muslims from south and Tribes from north. Charlemagne crowned and title as holy roman emperor by Pope on Christmas day, 800. Charlemagne was famous as Charles the great or Charles 1. He was a king of the franks who united most of Western Europe during the middle age and formed the foundations of modern France and Germany. He was born on 2 April 742 in Liege (old name) in present Belgium. He had 18 children with multiple wives and mistresses. He always encouraged them for their education and loved his daughters so much that he didn’t permitted them to marry up till he was alive. There were many hobbies of Charlemagne including hunting, horseback riding and swimming etc. He was died on 28 January 814 in Aachen (old name) in present Germany.

The Emperor Charlemagne ruled the Frankish kingdom from 9 October 768 to 28 January 814.In 768, after the sudden death of his father Pepin, he became the co-ruler with his younger brother Carloman l till 771. He had a strained relationship with his younger brother, who was also died in 771 and became the solo king of franks who ruled over Belgium, France, Netherland and West Germany. In his leadership he kept German people in one kingdom and converts them into Christianity and later he conquered Northern Italy, Austria, Hungary, Bavaria. He spent the majority of his reign involved in military campaigns to carry out this mission. In 774 he became the king of Italy and famous as roman emperor in Western Europe. After that in 782, he forced Germanic worshippers tribe known as Saxons to convert in Christianity and declared that anyone who didn’t get baptized or follow other Christian tradition be put to death, which was the reason of his ruthlessness. Charlemagne gave land and money to Christian church and protects pope. Because of his inclination towards Christianity he got the title of holy Roman Emperor by Pope LEO lll on December 25, 800 at Peter’s Basilica in Rome. After 13 years ruled as an emperor, he died in 814.

As an Emperor, Charlemagne proved himself a talented diplomat and a great leader for controlling that vast area and he was famous for many other important works. He keeps Germanic people in one kingdom and converted his subject to Christianity and expanded his kingdom. In middle age France and Germany modernize by him and he was the only survival of Christianity in west Europe. He was the first emperor who promoted education not for his children but for everyone and encouraged the Carolingian Renaissance which was a period of renewed value of scholarship and culture. He also started a standardized form of writing that later became a model for modern European alphabets.

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