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Napoleon Bonaparte: The First Common Man To Become Emperor

By Flamingo Transworld on Apr 2, 2015
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Napoleon Bonaparte was born on 15 August 1769 in a modest family on the Island of Corsica. As a boy, Napoleon joined military school and continued to take military education till he reached adulthood. In 1789, Napoleon actively supported the French Revolution under the leadership of Robespierre who was the ideological father to the moment. By 1785 he had joined the army and became a trusted military leader to the French people. For his endeavors, Napoleon was soon named leader of the Army of the Interior. He gained the advantage of this movement and slowly he voted himself to power.  Under his direction French rebuilt army which won numerous victories over the Austrians, expanded the French empire and helped Napoleon to become military’s brightest star.

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France had best period under Napoleon. It was not possible to reach the position of Emperor for a common man. He was very young when he came to power. He was a brilliant as well as ruthless solider. Napoleon’s great administrative skills led to a new constitution that made the position of first consul that is nothing less than a dictatorship. He came to power after French Revolution in the name of democracy and equality, but he in fact became an emperor and a despot, who centralized all the power in his hands. Press was restricted and people were put behind the bars without any trail and probably the very idea of democracy was trampled at each step. He likewise organized the Napoleonic Code, permitted freedom to his people and denied benefits on the basis of birth that giving legislature occupations must be given to the most deserving ones. Globally, he arranged an European peace. Despite all of this he was, he still is the most loved politician, General and Emperor of France. In 1808, he put his brother Joseph Bonaparte the king of Spain. In 1810, he divorced his wife Josephine and married Austrian Princess Marie Louise. By 1811 he was in total command of Europe.

He had following victories

1800 – Victory on Austria.
1804 – Proclaimed himself as an Emperor of France.
1806 – Victory over Russia.
1807 – Victory of Russian Army.
1998 – Successfully captured Egypt.
1796 – Success in Italian Campaign.

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His greatest mistake was the invasion of Russian in 1812. The Russian war ended in catastrophic failure of France and Napoleon. In 1813, Russia, Prussia, Austria and Allied army defeated Napoleon in battle of Leipzig. Napoleon was captured and put in prison on the island of Elba. The Bourbons were restored to power in France. In 1815, he escaped from Elba, and he was so popular that while he was walking towards Paris where thousands of people joined him and he returned the power. Allied and England attack France and Napoleon and he was defeated in the battle of waterloo in June-1815. British captured him and sent him in prison of Island of Saint Helena.

Napoleon died there in 1821. He had a magnetic personality, all the soldiers who fought with him or for him, always felt that, they would always win. He was physically not very imposing but in one to one situation he was hypnotic. His greatest motivator and strength was his ambition. He had strict efficient work habit and he would keep shifts of staff and secretaries since he is always at work or would work all the time and was a great workaholic. He was a most controversial figure worldwide and probably the most loved figure of France.

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