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Versailles Palace : A French Royal Residence

By Flamingo Transworld on Apr 16, 2015
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A former French royal residence and center of government, the Versailles Palace, is currently a national landmark. It is situated 16 km to southwest of Paris, in the city of Versailles, northern France. Versailles was one of the magnificent theaters of European absolutism. Built from 1631 to 1634, the original residence was primarily a hunting lodge and personal retreat for Louis XIII (reigned 1610–43) and his family. Under the leadership of Louis XIV (1643–1715), it was converted into an exclusive and high-priced complex encompassed by stylized English and French gardens. Artist Andre Le Notre created uniform French gardens that incorporate fountains with sensational still water, exhibiting the ability of humanity. By the twentieth century, it was sometimes utilized for entire congresses of the French parliament or as lodging for heads of state. The essential utility of the royal residence lay in tourism.

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The most celebrated rooms in the royal residence are the Galerie des Glaces (Hall of Mirrors; 1678–89) and alternate Grand Apartments (State Rooms). The Versailles Palace is portrayed by 17 wide arcade mirrors and windows. Glass ceiling fixtures dangle from its painted roof and plated statues. The lobby is flanked on the closures by striking Salon de la Paix (Salon of Peace) and Salon de la Guerre (Salon of War). In 1919, the Treaty of Versailles was marked by the Allies and Germany in the Galerie des Glaces. Some of the other destinations are classified as the Grand Trianon (1678–88). In the delayed eighteenth centuries, Petit Trianon, which were manufactured as personal habitations with the imperial household and amazing guests. The Museum of French History, established in 1837 under the leadership of Louis-Philippe, was blessed to all the glories of France. In the castle, the library and the salon des jeux of the Petit apartment are among the finest samples of the Louis XVI.

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UNESCO was assigned the castle and its gardens a World Heritage site in 1979. After a staggering winter storm in 1989, which devastated more than 1,000 trees on the castle grounds, the French government launched a far reaching task of repair and remodel. On Oct 1789, the illustrious family needed to clear the Versailles Palace and moved to Paris on the requests of the national. An extreme windstorm in 1999 brought on the loss of practically 10,000 trees, including a few planted by Marie Antoinette and Napoleon Bonaparte. The estate was additionally harmed. In the late 1990’s practically nine million individuals went by the castle every year.

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