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Legalising Drugs Not Moralising

By Flamingo Transworld on Apr 20, 2015
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It is known all through the world that in Amsterdam you may enter a cafe and easily purchase drugs. And you don’t believe that you can find a list of drugs in the menu and also have specials for the day. Dutch drug strategy is remarkable in the entire world. It is coordinated by a thought that each person may choose of its own well being. Another thought which manages Dutch laws, is a conviction that concealing social negative phenomena does not make them to vanish, actually aggravates them. Generating, exchanging and stocking drugs remain a criminal offense, as in the other nation. They have separated drugs into two gatherings which are soft drugs and hard drugs. Hard drugs as cocaine, morphine and heroin are prohibited in the Netherlands. In the Netherlands, there are strict laws about the amounts of drugs deal and utilization. Today, in more than sixty cities of Dutch, hundreds of program for drugs awareness and testing are operating on the daily basis which is effectively influencing the life of country.

De Walletjes, the biggest and best-known red light district in Amsterdam, also a destination for worldwide tourism. During the Napoleonic period around 18th Century, the French soldier were the main customers in De Wallen. There was a red card given to these girls, which was a permit to work. Instead of being totally open today, they were stand behind the close curtain in 1935. Seventy Five percent of Amsterdam prostitute will be from the Africa, Europe and Asia. From 2013, the legal age of a prostitute in the Netherlands was now 21 years, which was 18 years. Health and social services are also provided to prostitute, which are required to undergo a regular checkup under the government money. The government authority will regularly visit to these places and if they found any criminal act or underage girls, they straight away shut down that place.

Pink point is an Amsterdam’s authority gay and lesbian data stand, arranged by the homomonument on the westermarkt. Today, Amsterdam keeps on prevailing as one of the world’s top destination for gay and lesbian travelers. Held yearly in late July, Amsterdam gay pride is a standout amongst the most famous pride festivals around the globe. As yet developing, the waterway parade pulls around 500,000 guests every year, making it one of the greatest yearly occasions to be facilitated in the city. In 2008, Amsterdam gay pride was broadcasted best gay pride of Europe and won the appreciated honor as the most affable occasion in Amsterdam. In 2009, it was one of the five occasions named for best gay occasion on the planet. In 2010, it won an honor in the classification of ‘best city advancement occasion’ of the Netherlands.

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