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LADAKH… A land that surprises you each moment!!!

By Flamingo Transworld on Jun 23, 2015
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Ladakh is a unique land of beauty including breathtaking sky, amazing landscapes, peaceful streamside and what not. There are so many distinctive colors in one frame; it is so difficult to define each shade. Light reveals a world of colors by painting everything it touches. During good weather, sunlight gives an outstanding impression on the lake water, and then appears the beautiful shades of blue which cannot be thought of. Talking about mountains and landscapes, they have their own way to inspire a soul and make it sing with the music of fresh air all around.

  1. Shantistupa, depicting peace.

Shanti stupa is a Buddhist white-dome on a hilltop in chanspa. It has a most famous and major attraction for the tourist not only due to its religious prospective but also due to its extensive views of the beautiful surroundings. The most delightful view from Shanti Stupa is sunrise and sunset. Thus to bind yourself in the leap of peace and prosperity make your way to shanti stupa.

2. Indus River, follows you always.

Indus river is one of the longest rivers in Asia. The upper Indus, sustained by snow and frosty melted water from the Himalayan mountains, moves through profound and beautiful valleys. The blind Indus river dolphin is rare of one of its kind and found only in the Indus river. The Indus valley civilization was the ancient civilization built around the bank of Indus river.

3. Pangong Lake, the beauty never ends.

The distinctive property of Pangong lake is its brackish water i.e neither fresh nor saline. Various ducks and gulls over and on the lake surface can be seen in bounty. There are few types of clean and enduring herbs that develop in the swamps around the lake. It has also been the most iconic place where many bollywood movies and songs shoot.

4. On the way to Nubra Valley, the stones say it all and the greenery begins!

It is a tri- armed valley situated toward the north east of ladakh valley. License is not obliged any longer for Indian tourist; however outside travelers still oblige the grant. It is not just scenic beauty which makes Nubra Valley attractive but also the cold desert between Diskit and Hundur and the unforgettable joyrides on the Bactrian camels.

5. Double humped camels And Sand dunes.

The sand dunes of Nubra Valley appeared to have collected since years because of characteristic wonder. Double humped camels typically named after cricket stars are found in Ladakh and has been a major source of attraction for the tourists. Amidst the sand dunes there are stretches of sandy granules, mountains in the scenery which will give you lifelong memories.

6. Halo or nimbus… a rare optical phenomenon witnessed near Leh.

It is an optical wonder delivered by light communicating with ice gems suspended in the air, bringing about a wide variety of white rings, circular segments and spots in the sky. As a consequence of the optical properties of the ice precious stones included, no light is reflected towards within the ring, leaving the sky noticeably darker than the sky around it.

7. Turn 1000 temple bell and one sin is forgiven.

There is no sin too great for God to forgive and while blending you in the breathtaking beauty you can ascertain yourself that your sin can be forgotten. Just step in the holy place and turn the bells 1000 times and your one sin will be forgiven.

8. Sangam River, two beautiful differently colored rivers amalgamate. One is Zanskar and other is Indus.

Nimmu is a beautiful valley that marks the confluence of the Indus River and Zanskar River. The Indus River drains the dry and deserted terrains of Ladakh’s landlocked valley and serves as its lifeline. Zanskar, on the other hand, is a tributary of this river and merges into it from the north-eastern direction. On its way to the meeting point, the river passes through the spectacular Zanskar Gorge, which is a dream destination for trekkers.

9.  The beauty of Ladakh on wheels

Road trip to leh ladakh is the most thrilling adventure you ever experience in life. It involves highest motorable passes in the world and some spectacular sightseeing of mountains in Himalaya, valleys, monasteries and many more. Leh Manali Highway is the perfect road for adventurous road trip involves an amazing high mountain passes on one side and beautiful river course on other side.

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