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Must Visit Offbeat Places & Things To Do in Paris

By Flamingo Transworld on May 2, 2016
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France is one of the top tourist destinations in the world and for good reason. The place is filled with lot packed into just one country i.e. architectural & artistic, remarkable museums and natural landscapes, and a vast interesting history that is far beyond the Romans. The most demanding and famous city of France is Paris, the fashion capital. Paris is not all about Eiffel Tower, Moulin Rouge and Louvre museum. It is one of the greatest cities in the world with offbeat secrets paths, unusual locations and hidden gems. It is filled with the wonderful & strange places with large number of saint relics, Unique museum, beautiful cemeteries, erotic historical sites, huge man made architectures and unusual art projects spread all over the capital. Browse the Europe Tour Packages and choose one best that suits you.

Le Marais

When we go such major cities, we often demand our stay at centre of the city. Le Marais is located in the centre and best place to feel the medieval Paris as deeply as possible. It is one of the Paris most fashionable areas with lots of historic site and the centre of LGBT culture. One can spend their evening indulging into the exciting Parisian boulangeries, beautiful boutiques, Jewish restaurants and art galleries with full of surprises. Rue St. Antoine and Rue des Rosiers are the two main famous streets in the area.

Picnic by the Seine

While large percentage of visitors is spending their hard-earned money at an expensive restaurant in Montmartre, just try a little different and enjoy the off beaten tracks of Paris with a picnic along the seine. The place is for all the romantics’ couple who are planning to visit Paris and want to spend memorable time with their loved ones. The picnic along the seine overlooking the Eiffel tower is more romantic than sitting in a restaurant and having a candle light dinner. Discover all Europe as deep as you can but there isn’t anything better than to experience the bathed in luminescent peach light & sight of Paris at sunset, wait for it to get dark.

59 Rivoli

If you pass through the 59 Rivoli it’s impossible to ignore the amazing façade.  The decorated pantheon of contemporary art is the most iconic legalized art squat. The place is unlike to the classical gallery, giving the tour of the artist and the work which created. This Haussmanian-style sic story building of nineteenth century is empty for ten years before becoming the most popular art venues of Paris. There are total forty thousand visitors per year, this Aladdin’s cave of Parisian wonders is open to the public and certainly the place to go see art in the making.

Paris Padlocks of Love

Love padlock is very famous among the lovers where sweethearts lock to a bridge, gate, fence or similar to exemplify their love. Initials of the sweethearts are inscribed on the padlock which locked with a key which is thrown away to be a symbol of unbreakable love. Tying a love lock and throwing the key beneath into the River Seine has become a tourist tradition when they visit this capital city in recent years.

Dans le Noir?

Experience something unique! Located in the heart of Paris, one can try dining in absolute darkness. Dans le Noir is a unique restaurant chain in the world where guest are dining in complete darkness with the capacity of 57 people. Unexpected guides served the dinner with sensory experiences. More than twelve years with over million visitors, acknowledge international success with its totally unique way of tasting. Widely supported by critics and guest feedback, this restaurant chain will provide sensorial shops and tasting lounge. One can also discover spa, unique dance parties all over the world.

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