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Tourist or a Traveler.. Which one are you?

By Gopi Solia on Aug 16, 2017
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Everyone has a different style of taking trips. Anywhere we go, we find people enjoying in their own senses. You might find people travelling with their families, friends, and kids or sometimes alone.


The world has become a smaller place and travelling across borders has become easy. One’s ways of taking trips to places decides if they are a traveler or tourist and it’s all about your own comfort. What is important is to explore new lands, irrespective of the method.


Here are some habits of people that diversify travellers and tourists. Which one are you, let’s find out!

1. Selfie stick or tripod?


We make memories when we take a trip. These memories can be of different sort. One can find the tourist taking Selfies with their loved ones in front of important monuments and landmarks. Travelers might a little discreet here. You will always find the traveler at an aloof place with a tripod and a hefty camera clicking pictures of the landscape and surroundings and not the people they are accompanying. The point of deference is the focus of the camera. For Travelers, it’s the landscape and for tourists, it’s the family members and friends.

2. Off road or map?


People might have a compulsive habit of having everything defined and booked, a perfect format to follow. These are mostly the ones who prove to be tourists. Tourists usually follow itineraries and plans. They want everything to be predefined. When it comes to a traveler, she/he might just take an impromptu trip anywhere without being worried about the bookings. Travelers might be the ones who would prefer to go off road and explore the wilderness instead of following the itineraries. Travelers are more prone to take self-driven vacations whereas tourists prefer leisure.

3. Camping or pre-booked hotels?


Travelers might set base at a high altitude place on the banks of some river and sleep in sleeping bags while enjoying the hardships. At the same point of time, tourists would rather prefer taking a view of the river from a good hotel room while sipping tea with all the leisure and peace of mind. Uncertainty is not the tourist’s friend; it can be the traveler’s friend.

4.Trekking or rope way?


As mentioned above, travellers can face hardships if they have to and the main reason behind it is to be with the nature. Most travellers would prefer trekking, hiking, cycling or driving to the peak of some mountains and then set camp. The tourists at the same point of time would prefer something more convenient like rope-way or helicopter ride to the peak of the mountain. Travelers might sit on the beach for hours to get a tan whereas tourists might prefer taking a dip in their infinite pool overlooking the sea.

5. Loner or flock?


It is usually seen that tourist visit places in flocks. Tourists like sharing the happiness of travelling with their friends or families, whereas travellers are those nomadic souls who run away from the normal life to get some peace of mind. You will find a traveler wandering alone on the streets of some city and you will find the tourists helping each other to take photographs with their families.

Ultimately, travel brings happiness in our lives. Irrespective of the way, exploration and discovery is a must. So, whatever category you fall under, when are you setting out again?

Happy travelling!

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