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7 Unique Avatars Of Navratri Across India

By Hardi Vora on Sep 21, 2017
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Being an Indian, it’s like a treat for us celebrating any festival here as India is known as the land of rich heritage and festivals. Navratri comes with the pledge of Nine colorful nights filled with fun, dance, frolic, and festivities around.


Let Flamingo Travels make you aware of 7 unique avatars of Navratri all across the India. Be ready to traverse across the India!

1. Garba Nights in Ahmedabad – Gujarat:


Garba or Dandiya is another form of Dance which is done in a circular motion with the wooden kind of sticks. People from a uniform circle and dance in a harmonized steps which involves twirling around with clapping. Ahmedabad is a cultural capital of Gujarat. Navratri attracts lots of tourists to this colorful state Gujarat across the world. Dancers tune to the folk rhythm with the lamps and sticks in their hands. What makes the festival more beautiful is, men in the traditional kedias and Woman in the lehenga cholis. Entire state comes alive during these nine nights including cities like Vadodara, Surat! Gujarati Women start their preparation for dresses and ornaments before 4 to 5 months. There are many famous dandiya events in Ahmedabad which come with a perfect combination of music, culture, fun, tradition and the decoration.

2. Jumbo Savari in Mysore:


No other places can match the celebrations in Mysore. All the famous spots in Mysore are decorated with a bundle of lights on Dussehra which give us the chance to witness very rare visual treat. Here, during the day, the elephant march took the place which is called as Gajapayana.

3. Pandal Hopping in Kolkata – West Bengal:


This is the 5-day long exhibition of Durga Puja. You can experience innumerable theme-based small pandals all over the city. The whole city is decorated like a carnival. The religious aura and the ambiance take you to the divine world of old Bengal.

4. Ramleela in Varanasi – Uttar Pradesh:


Watching live Ramleela is a great experience which takes you to the whole world of Ramnagar at Varanasi. The show is all about Ramcharitamanas for all nine days – the episodes of Ram’s reunion, Bharat Milap and return to Ayodhya. The show ends on the day just after Dussehra.

5. Burning Ravana Effigies in Delhi:


Experience the religious vibes of Navratri with the recital of Ramayana in Delhi. The burning effigies of Ravana, Meghnad, and Kumbhakaran on the last day which is the mainstay of Dussehra celebrations. The whole ceremony is followed by an extraordinary display of fireworks.

6. Kullu Dussehra – Himachal Pradesh:


Kullu Valley celebrates the Navratri festival for 7 days including Dussehra. People over there worship of Lord Raghunath at Dhalpur Maidan. The Idols of the Goddess are kept to the fairground. The celebration ends with setting the fire on the banks of River Beas which symbolizes the burning of Lanka.

7. Virat Mela in Chhattisgarh:


The place where you will get to feel the heartbeat of Navratri. There is a unique celebration in Bastar. They celebrate the festival by worshiping Devi Maoli. People gather at a very ancient temple called Danteshwari Temple in Jagdalpur. The artists over here which are called as Artisan, start making the Idols of Goddess almost a year before with some traditional tools.

So what are you waiting for? Get ready to rejoice the nine nights by welcoming Maa Durga and praying for universal peace, restraint, and strength.


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