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Chimelong Ocean Kingdom – The Fascinating Marine World

By Vishal Pandey on Sep 18, 2017
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Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is one of the most beautiful ocean kingdom you are going to visit being in China. This is one of the most exciting places that you are going to land at. The fascinating marine world at Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is surely going to ensure that you do not step out having the time of your life.


China Holiday Tour Packages is definitely one of the most interesting packages if you are planning a trip anytime soon. Here are the five reasons why you need to visit this lovely Ocean Kingdom:

1. Lovely Theater Shows:


The Park in the Chimelong Ocean Kingdom is laid out with individual theaters for each type of show like Beluga, Sea Lion and Dolphin and just next to each of their theaters they also exhibit animals of the show. The shows are spaced out with a difference of one hour in between which are performed just too brilliantly that you are going to fall short of words. Each of the show is going to last for 20 to 30 minutes each and are enjoyable to the utmost extent

2. Fun Filled Rides:


The roller coaster rides are what people love to die for in this ocean kingdom. There are not one but many kinds of fancy rides which might seem scary in the beginning but undoubtedly are the best rides that you would ever come across. Right from dry rides to water rides which are something beyond your expectations, even though you are someone who doesn’t love to get onto these rides, you would love hopping on to any one of them and try to shred off your fear.

3. Amazing Place to Go With Children:


One of the key elements about this place is that there are no age restrictions as such and you can very easily take your children along and they are simply going to have the time of their life inside this paradise that is laid out. The rides have also been designed keeping in mind the age of the small kids and hence you are going to find here all kinds of rides which is surely going to be the greatest reason why your children would never want to leave this place. There are also lovely shows which in themselves are a reason why kids cannot keep away from such lovely animal shows.

4.The Place is TOO Addictive:


Once you are into this world of ocean and fascination it just gets too difficult for you to bid goodbye to this place, for the aura that it creates with its rides, shows and moreover the overall environment.  Apart from the rides you are also going to come across some lovely cafes which serve really good food and drinks which you cannot refrain away from. This place has a feel good factor right from the moment you step inside this place. The huge water kingdom is truly a paradise in its very own self.

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