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Top 10 Destinations for Couples to Celebrate New Year!

By Hardi Vora on Nov 16, 2017
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It’s getting quite close for the arrival of New Year and time to greet good bye to  a wonderful year 2017. Almost every one of us started planning for the celebration of New Year. The newly married couples must be way too excited to make their New Year’s eve a memorable one.


Here is a list of some exhilarating couple tour packages which can help plan your celebration the best way. Take this note of top 10 romantic spots couple can go for the New Year celebration:

1. Miami:


Yes! A couple’s dream – always. Escape the freezing wind in this winter and go for the perfect place for your new year celebration. Miami presents the best and romantic resorts and hotels for stay. The couple can have their quality time at the beach by holding each other’s hand and can be relaxed. At the south beach, you can see the firework in the night. You may also prefer to go to some rich clubs and bars to enjoy the celebration.

2. New York City:


Isn’t this place worth picking? Whether you are looking for rock fun party or quiet night. You can enjoy the fireworks, clubs, live music and every corner of New York city. Other than, one can not miss the annual gathering at Times Square where you can see some famous musician. You can also go for the nighttime boat ride on Harbor which gives you the chance to get the best views of fireworks on new year eve.

3. Disney World:


Are you both, Disney fan? You can not find any other place to rejuvenate your childhood. Feel young again cause the magic begins here. Get the chance to see the most eye-catching fireworks with your loved one along with the whole cartoon characters of Disney. What else you need now?

4. London:


People used to wait till the Big Bang at midnight in London. You can see the breathtaking ten-minute firework display and light show at the numerous bridges of the banks of Thames. London Eye and the House of Parliament are a major attraction! A new year parade with marching bands and colorful floats is a treat to see on new year’s eve.

5. Paris:


What else you need at the point when the Eiffel Tower turns into the site of a terrific light show and firecrackers show. For the other region that is less swarmed, Montmartre offers similarly great perspectives of the firecrackers.

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6. Sydney:


The place should be on your bucket list for new year celebrations mainly for two reasons – first because of its location and second for the largest firework display across the world. The iconic places such as Sydney Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge make a strike to create a romantic atmosphere. Its waterfront show includes aerial acrobatics and more than million people gather to have the experience this show.

7. Bangkok:


The city offers a lively night full with video screens projecting of live music concert and the light show followed by the series of fireworks display illuminate just next to the riverside.

8. Vienna:


The place is very famous in the world especially for its new year’s eve which is hosted at Hofburg Palace. Vienna’s celebrated Christmas markets change into New Year’s fairs and a huge number of revelers.

9. Las Vegas:


How can we forget to talk about the Las Vegas? “CityLights”. People travel from far away for the big night – New year’s night. Las Vegas at this time transforms into a street party spot with live music and laser shows. A number of concerts, parties, clubs, events make your eve very joyful and romantic.

10. Amsterdam:


There are firecrackers shows in numerous areas, best saw from the city’s scaffolds; after those are finished, revelers take off to the clubs for drinks, unrecorded music, and moving until the point that the sun comes up.

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