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Architectural Wonders in Kerala You Can’t Afford to Miss

By Gopi Solia on Sep 4, 2017
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God’s own country is like a temple of divinity. It is rich with cultural values and heritage. The stories of Kerala have impacted the formation of buildings in the state even today. Its serenity is augmented with the evidences of its cultural heritage.


Kerala is a state with abundant natural beauty. The serene beaches, the paddy fields, the rich backwaters, etc make this land majestic. Along with the nature comes the beautiful gift from human come in the form of architecture and stories. Historical buildings, monuments in Kerala and the natural beauty together makes it “God’s own country”. Let’s take a look at the some amazing heritage sites in Kerala:

1.Jewish Synagogue:


Also referred as the “pardesi synagogue” or “Mattancherry synagogue”, this majestic beauty is located in Old Cochin. It was built in 1568 by the Sephardic which means Spanish- speaking Jews. It is so pure to see that the Jewish culture meets the Hindu culture as the Synagogue and the Mattancherry temple share a wall. It has got four complexes with different relics and crowns made of gold and copper plates. If you are in Cochin, then you must visit the Jew Town and the synagogue.

2. Bekal Fort:


Over viewing the beautiful shoreline of the Arabian Sea, the Bekal Fort is the largest fort in Kerala. The surroundings are really fascinating and if you are looking to spend some beautiful time amidst serenity, Bekal fort is your place. You will also get a chance to get in touch with your religious side as there is a mosque and a Hanuman temple on the entrance. The experience here at Bekal Fort is going to be really surreal.

 5. Francis church:


The St. Francis Church is famous for its European architecture and the historical significance that it has. Vasco da Gama, who discovered the sea route from Europe to India died in Kochi in 1524 and was buried on the same grounds. Later, the remains were taken to Lisbon. You can still find the gravestone. The church was proclaimed as a protected monument in 1923 under the Protected Monuments Act.

3. Padhmanabhaswamy Temple:


Inspired from the Dravidian culture, the Padhmanabhaswamy temple is of great importance to the Hindus. Lord Vishnu resides as Padmanabha Swamy in this majestic Gopuram. The temple is home to eclectic sculptures, murals and artistic carvings. The temple had nine entrances which serves significance to the human body. It is located in Thiruvananthapuram. The intricacies in the temple are made particularly in Kerala style.

 4. Hill palace:


Hill palace is the largest museum of Kerala. It stores and preserves various relics that belonged to the royal family of Kochi. It comprises of 49 building that are made with the essence of traditional architecture. The palace depicts the Ettukkettu style of architecture making it a classic place for architectural musing.  It is a historical treat!

Enjoy your Kerala holiday package and visit the “God’s own country” soon!

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