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Top 5 Unique And Exciting Things to Do in Thailand!

By Mukti Shah on Dec 5, 2017
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Thailand, also known as the paradise on earth because of the immensely beautiful locations and unending list of options to enjoy your heart out. There are several things to do in Thailand but this article highlights top five unique and exciting things to do in Thailand with your loved ones. If you are planning to book Thailand Tour Packages then the list will be of interest to you.

Thailand welcomes millions of tourists from all over the world each year. The reason why tourists visit repeatedly to Thailand is because there are so many attractive locations and endless list of activities to do that you cannot cover in a single visit. For those who are planning to book Thailand package for coming holidays then the below list of unique and exciting things to do in Thailand will be of interest to you all. So just relax, and plan your next Thailand tour, that we assure you will remember all your life! 

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1. Kayaking in Krabi

Kayaking in Krabi

If you love kayaking then you are going to fall in love with this place. Krabi is one of the most beautiful island locations in the territory of Thailand. There are many experienced and expert kayaking service providers in Krabi through whom you can book to explore the caves between the large cliffs. The local activists and government of Thailand has ensured to maintain the natural beauty of the island without any impact.

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2. Motorcycling to Myanmar

Motorcycling to Myanmar

Myanmar is the nearest country that you can visit from Thailand using the road access on Motorbike. Normally tourists get 90 days of tourist visa depending on your home country. If you wish to extend the visit visa then you need to exit Thailand and return for extension. The best way to get an extension and explore another country at the same time is visiting Myanmar. Greenery and picturesque locations on the road trips will surely make it a memorable trip.

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3. Mountain Cycling at Chiang Rai

Mountain Cycling at Chiang Rai

Taking a bike ride from the streets of Chiang Rai to the hill roads is great adventurous and challenging activity. Travelling through the bustling city roads and calm rice fields, you can explore new places bike riding on the single track path on the hills. It is truly amazing experience that enables you to explore the location on your own.

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4. Climbing Rock in Railay

Climbing Rock in Railay

Railay is beautiful beach location with many rocky areas. There are different routes and ways to climb at different levels. Whether you are a professional climber or newbie, there are classes for everyone which you can take part in to lead your own ways.

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5. Kick Boxing at Muay

Kick Boxing at Muay

Most of the people may not be aware that Thailand is one of the famous hubs in the world for Kick boxing. Even few classes of kick boxing will teach you techniques to defend yourself at odd times. The training is provided by the famous and experienced kick boxing champions. If you can check the event dates then be part of the kick boxing matches to see the fighters.

These are some of the most unique and exciting activities that you can do in Thailand. If you are planning to book Thailand package or need more information regarding Thailand Tours with friends or family then keep Flamingo Transworld posted in the comment section or get the information on our website.

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