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America: Where to Go And What to See

By Harsh Joshi on Jan 4, 2018
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Planning for a trip to America? Read this article to know where you should go and what you should do!

Isn’t it that in life, we all love new experiences! Some of the best memories and experiences come from our travels and that is why the place we choose to travel to matters. We have so many wonderful destinations in the world and one of it is The United States of America. Good America holiday packages from Ahmedabad have the power to attract everyone.


So where is it that you can go and what should you see in America?

United States of America has a long list of amazing cities and places to offer. It has everything from fun filled beaches and National parks to other natural landscapes that are extremely beautiful. The country being large and diversified has many different cultures living together. There is so much you can explore.

Here are some suggestions.

1. Miami:


Miami is one of USA’s the most vivacious cities and is known for its Latin culture and awesome beaches, bubbling nightlife. Miami lies in southeastern Florida that is off the coast of Atlantic Ocean. It is also a major port that manages the most number of passenger cruise ships in the world. Miami Beach is known for its architecture, art and glamour. It is surely a wonderful option to include on USA tours.

2. Denali National Park:


Denali National Park is home to vast areas of abundant wildlife, beautiful scenery and outdoor adventures. For those who love nature and are outdoor enthusiasts, this place is truly a paradise. North America’s highest peak, Mt. McKinley is found right here in Denali National Park. This US national park lies in among the mountains of the Alaska Range.

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3. Denver:


Denver is the capital and the largest city of Colorado. It is situated in the east of the Rocky Mountains. Denver sits exactly a mile high in altitude above sea level and that is why it has been given the nickname of “Mile-High City”. This city is a popular destination for winter sports and celebrates its cowboy and mining history along with art and culture scene of modern times. Denver is a good option to explore on America holiday packages from Ahmedabad.

4. Philadelphia:


The city of Philadelphia is the first of The United States of America’s cities to be crowned as a World Heritage City and it also the only one. This place has the New York City as its neighbor and it does experience a transformation change to its urbanization. When Philadelphia hosted the Democratic National Convention, this city witnessed a visit by Pope Francis. This historic place manages to retain the roots and historic gritty very well and it has also retained its affordability, which is something wonderful for the city, which is so easily accessible and cosmopolitan as well. The Philadelphia Museum of Art is a nice option for places to be to in this city. It is for sure an interesting place and is worth including on America holiday packages from Ahmedabad.

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Apart from the suggestions given above, you can look forward to exploring and experiencing other amazing destinations like Atlanta, Portland, San Diego and many more. You can enjoy a good laid-back holiday or have amazing adventures. You can pick your destinations as per your preferences. Flamingo Transworld‘s USA tour packages has everything you would want to explore and enjoy.

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