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World’s Largest Picture Frame, The Dubai Frame!

By Gopi Solia on Jan 25, 2018
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Dubai is an infrastructural marvel with one of the most magnificent skylines ever! It isn’t just famous for being home to the tallest building; it is also home to various other architectural gems. Every time you hear a new skyscraper is built, there is a very good chance it would be in Dubai. With so many upcoming infrastructural beauties, Dubai recently inaugurated World’s largest picture frame! Sounds so fascinating, doesn’t it?

The Dubai Frame is a photographer’s delight as it encapsulates the entire skyline of Dubai. This frame can act as a photo frame to the tallest building in the world! What can be better than that?


The Dubai Frame is not just a frame; it is also home to a gallery and a Museum which depict the cultural history and unfathomable future of Dubai and the evolution of the city with the help of some of the most advanced technology.

It just doesn’t end here! The Frame is 150 meters high and 93 meters wide. Imagining it is also difficult. It would be better if you just book your Dubai Tour Package now!

Moreover, there’s a 100 sq meters bridge that joins the two side towers. This bridge has a glass bottom in the middle for those who want to and have the guts to look down. Don’t worry it is totally safe and the view is amazing.

We know the love that Dubai has for Gold. They certainly have an entire Souk dedicated to Gold, but that’s not enough for them. So, the already breathtaking Gold Souk was covered in Gold to make it outstanding.


Above all, the Dubai Frame looks breathtaking as the night rises. Just like the other sky screeching buildings of Dubai, the Dubai Frame is also lit beautifully at night making it a grand jewel that’s added on the Skyline of Dubai.

So, when are you booking your Dubai Tour Package? Don’t wait for long; book it now!

Happy Travelling!

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