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Wondering Where To Go In 2018? Check This Out.

By Flamingo Transworld on Jan 2, 2018
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With millions of holiday destinations in the world, it is always challenging to select the one of your choice. If you are planning to book a holiday package and facing the same confusion then this article has been specially created for you, which has list of top travel destinations that you can plan to visit in 2018.


There are so many beautiful and exciting destinations in the world that are waiting to be explored. However, it can be difficult to choose few from the list of options which needs expert analysis and experience to sort out. With the help of online votes and readers choices, we have managed to identify some of the best travel destinations that you can plan for 2018.

1. Rome, Italy

Italy tour packages

The country with rich history, culture and heritage has not only topped our chart but several other charts in the world. Whether you like history or not, you will always love the huge and impeccable architectures in Rome which has various epic stories to know about. The ancient historical places of Roman Empire will take you back in the time when everything was unique about the eternal city. Thousands of tourists and historians travel specially to learn about Rome every year.

2. Sydney, Australia

Australia tour packages

There are many more things in Australia than the iconic Sydney Opera house and Sydney Harbour Bridge. The partly metropolitan, partly laid back beach town and partly cultural retreat of Australia is what defines the different facets of Sydney. Whether you are a surfer, tourist, adventurer, photographer or business traveler, there is so many things to explore in Sydney. Check our our Australia Holiday Tour Packages.

3. Porto, Portugal

Europe tour packages

The best of the tourist destination in the world includes Porto of Portugal which is very famous for the striking shoreline, beautiful architecture and ancient historic sites. The best thing about Porto is the Port wine that you can sip as much as you want. There are many iron bridges in the city which you can explore during your visit. If you are planning to book a holiday package then this location can be considered in your list.

4. London, United Kingdoms

London tour packages

The morning bell, dizzying lights and sounds make you feel welcomed to the contemporary London city. Tourist attractions like the Buckingham palace, Westminster Abbey and the London eye captivates travellers and displays the modern day highlights of the city. Exploring the cultural sites and music/art/theaters in London will make you feel how attached it is with the culture and decorum. The diversity, culture, heritage and beautiful locations in London will truly capture your heart.

Explore happy cafes in the streets of London.

5. Bali, Indonesia

Bali tour packages

It was a tough decision whether to keep it in the last or first as there are many places in Bali that you may not find anywhere else in the world. Known for the largest number islands, Bali is the favorite destination for beach lovers and adventurers. If you love hiking, mountaineering or any adventurous activities then Bali is the apt location. The post-card prefect locations in Bali are perfect for honeymooners, loving couples and relaxing vacation. If you have been looking for an apt location to propose your love of life then your search ends at Bali.

Know what makes Bali unique?

These are some of the major tourist destinations selected based on the online reviews and votes from the travellers. If you need more information regarding the locations or assistance with the holiday packages then keep Flamingo Transworld posted.



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