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Exotic European Countries You Must Visit Once In Your Lifetime

By Prashant Jha on Jul 9, 2018
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A holiday is not only about recreation, but also about exploring something different and unusual. Opting for European tours, you will definitely experience the same. Some places offer myriads of options when it comes to vacations. But, what about the place that provides about different countries to explore? Interesting isn’t it?

Well, Europe is all about it. The biggest continent of the world, enclosed with three big water bodies brings in over 50 countries and exotic destinations to explore. Choosing Europe Holiday Tour Packages one would come across some of the most wondrous spots including-

1. Paris, France


One is not a traveler if he has never been known about Eiffel Tower. Paris takes pride to offer the visitors to take a view of this iconic masterpiece of iron structure. Apart from this, the city also has various other appraising sights such as Notre Dame Cathedral and lots more. You could also enjoy sidewalk cafes, scrumptious cuisines and blended wines, if you wish to have some light refreshments while touring around.

2. London, England


Believe it or not; but this European city has always been popular with the likes of London Bridge, the Big Ben, the red cabs and the lifeline of the city known as London Underground. The city has been a treasure not only for Britain but also for the travelers of the world. Explore the rich history, modernity and other engaging spots of this marvelous British city.

3. Venice, Italy


Considered being a romantic spot for honeymooners; this place is more than what just it has been known for. Enjoy exploring the corners of the city on a boat. There are homes, theaters, churches, breathtaking sights, restaurants, cafes, markets and many such other aspects completely on water. It’s a matter of wonder for the visitors that the entire city stands on Grand Canal.

4. Swiss Alps, Switzerland


This is the place for those who like to experience some adventure during their excursion. The Swiss Alps are a treat to every visitor’s eyes and apparently has become an incredible spot for sports like skiing, hiking and snowboarding during winter season. Also, there are picturesque towns, placid lakes, breathtaking scenery and beautiful landscapes that add loveliness to this place.

5. Vienna, Austria


Any music lover or the one who has inclination to arts would surely like to be at this place. Take a visit to the inner city and you will like to discover the Habsburg Schonbrunn Palace, Museum of Modern Art and Museums Quartier and many of the little and Narrow Streets of the place. To conclude, visiting to this place would leave the visitor simply nostalgic.

Europe is all about colorful activities and majestic holidays. Apparently, all of its destinations are truly ideal to be visited for a vacation. Opt Europe tour packages for once and you will experience a mesmerizing holiday to cherish forever. Book your holiday with Flamingo Transworld now!

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