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Best Restaurants To Binge On Food In Goa!

By Harshita Nagdev on Oct 23, 2020
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Goa still inherits a bit of the Portuguese culture till date & is the smallest party state of India. With being the party-state, it is bound to have some of the best serving restaurants with a variety of options and combinations of Goan flavours, Indian food, seafood & international flavours with also using rice & coconut milk.

Along with many things to do in Goa, this destination is the best night party place, a food paradise & has a plethora ranges of restaurants. You will find all types of restaurants that are on the beach facing restaurants, chic-style restaurants, street food stalls, candlelight higher-end dining, and of course our all’s favourite vibrant shacks.

So in all, if you are spending about a week in Goa, do try each type of dining here that is from Greek styled Thalassa to the local Goan food, with a benefit of all having cheap alcohol along with some lip-smacking food options.

So let’s not wait and quickly bump into some of the must tried restaurants in Goa during & have an unforgettable food journey.

Best Restaurants in North Goa

If someone is a party animal or even say loves seeing different sites, they will definitely choose to stay in North Goa side. There are many attractions here which can be enjoyed by each age group to the fullest. Along with some good options for places to visit in Goa, you can also find some extraordinary restaurants which you can definitely try during your stay here.

1. Burger Factory:

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Image Source: https://im1.dineout.co.in/

You can also match the Burger Factory with the Burger King and can also say that this place is no less than the Burger King. Burger Factory is located in the Anjuna’s area of Goa. A small and cute restaurant with pleasing interiors & very friendly staff to help you in giving the best experience during your visit here. This place to be very honest offers the tastiest burgers in that whole area.

The place is also very unique, as it is known for recycling a lot & that can be seen easily through its interiors, for example, you have to check menu which is written on the wall or wooden furniture is used, used or low-cost baskets are converted into beautiful lamps & much more. If you are only & only a burger lover, then only visit this place, because it just serves different types of burgers. And taking into consideration the nutritious part, all the burgers will surely have beetroot & each burger you order is yummy and different. Make sure for a quick bite, visit this open-air place in Goa.

Must Try Burgers: Mushroom Burger, Fries Burger, Gourmet Burger, Spinach Burger, Watermelon Juice & for non-vegetarians- try Chicken Burger

Type of Cuisine: Fast Food

Cost for 2 people: INR 1200 approx.

2. A Reverie:

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Image Source: https://im1.dineout.co.in

Located in the Calangute area, with lush greenery surrounding the restaurant & serving multi-cuisine food, A Reverie can prove as one of the best places to eat in North Goa. With finely done interiors, chandeliers & lamps, and disco balls, this place doesn’t fail to give a feeling of warmth & comfort during your visit here. The menu has the options of fusion variety of dishes, & the taste being a unique one. We all will definitely fall in love because of three main reasons- location, ambiance & food.

Must Try Dishes: Pad Thai Noodles, Spring Rolls, Chicken Wings, Mushroom Risotto, Noodles & Pasta, Tiramisu

Type of Cuisine: Continental

Cost for 2 people: INR 3000 approx.

3. Tuscany Gardens:

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Image Source: https://tuscanygardens.in/

A family owned restaurant and one of the famous one in North Goa, which should definitely not be missed during your tour to Goa. Opened in 2007, Avi & Line- the owners of this restaurant have make sure of the taste & services at this restaurant. And if you enjoy having Italian food like pastas, pizzas, then this place is your go to place for sure. With a perfect combination of Italian herbs & the local ingredients, locals rate this place as one of the most preferred place for Italian food. If you plan to go here, its highly recommended to book table in advance, because most of the time its crowded.

Must Try Dishes: Bruschetta, Tiramisu, Garlic Bread, Brownie, Tiramisu, Mock tails

Type of Cuisine: Italian

Cost for 2 people: INR 1000 approx.

If you wish to have a Romantic dinner, select any one of the below:

4. Go with the Flow:

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Image Source: https://im1.dineout.co.in

Planning for a romantic date for your spouse on your visit to Goa? Then, what best can it be to enjoy your special meal on the beach, facing the blue waves and a scenic view. This is what Go with the Flow offers, a must try place if you are truly wanting a romantic date. With fancy décor and ambience, this place offers a true royalty feel when you enter. And when we talk about food, its equally delicious & lip-smacking. So make sure you visit this place for dinner for some extraordinary experience with your partner.

Must Try Dishes: starters and desserts

Type of Cuisine: Continental

Cost for 2 people: INR 2000 approx.

5. Sakana:

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A purely Japanese restaurant located in the Anjuna region. If you and your partner love to try different cuisines, then go to this place, and this serves only single cuisine. This restaurant is known for many USP features such as a completely impressing interiors and hospitality, best Japanese food, & for alcohol one small peg is 50 CC and large comes with 100 CC, which is unique from others.

Image Source: https://im1.dineout.co.in

Must Try Dishes: California Roll, Miso Soup, Teriyaki Chicken, Beer, Lime Soda

Type of Cuisine: Japanese

Cost for 2 people: INR 1200 approx.

6. Riverside – The Leela:

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Image Source: https://www.theleela.com

One of the fine dining restaurant & the best Italian restaurant in Goa. With cool breezy atmosphere, Italian local flavours, & a great ambience, this can be rated as one of the best restaurant for a perfect cosy date in Goa. The romantic atmosphere & the scent of the flowers in the garden area, gives u a heavenly dinner feel for a satisfying romantic dinner.

Must Try Dishes: Pasta & Pizzas

Type of Cuisine: Italian

Cost for 2 people: INR 3000 approx.

7. Waterfront Terrace and Bar – The Marriot

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Image Source: https://cache.marriott.com

With stunning beach views, this restaurant is a sea-facing place in Goa. Enjoy your dinner under the stars, in the open-air with your partner, gulping great international cuisine dishes. Even you can try one of the longest buffets here, with wide options of non-vegetarian & vegetarian dishes available. Make sure you try the fine dining or chat-styled meal. And so many obvious reasons, this is one of the best romantic places to be with your loved one.

Must Try Dishes: Crab & Seafood

Type of Cuisine:Mediterranean&Continental

Cost for 2 people: INR 2000 approx.

Best Cafes to Hang out with your partner:

8. Cafe Bodega:

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Image Source: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com

Located in Panjim area, this café is for the one who loves a very calm & peaceful atmosphere. With an amazing ambience, open seating area with tranquil music, hospitable staff & free Wi-Fi, this place is one of the best place for couples. This café is known for a huge spread of breakfast buffet and should be surely in your list.

Must Try Dishes: Pizza, Pasta, Waffles, Carrot Cake, Veg Quiche, Coffee

Type of Cuisine: Cafe

Cost for 2 people: INR 800 approx.

9. Café Chocolatti:

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Image Source: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com

Located on Fort Agoda Road, Candolim area, this café is very much popular for someone who loves chocolates. With great food, great location & very pleasing hospitality, this café is one of the cute little gem place in Goa. Behind the café itself, you can come across the villa of the owner. And best known for serving freshly bake & homemade cakes, pasta, sandwiches & desserts.

Must Try Dishes: Coffee, Croissant, Brownie, Panini, Waffles, Strawberry Shake

Type of Cuisine: Café & Continental

Cost for 2 people: INR 1000 approx.

10. Baba Au Rhum:

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Image Source: https://media-cdn.tripadvisor.com

This café is located on the backside road of Baga&Anjuna beach and is set in the mid of the jungle. So it’s clearly understood that you get to enjoy your meal sitting amidst the jungle with a cool breeze under the tree with stunning views. You can say that this is a part bakery & partly French café away from the hustle bustle of the main area. The cafe-restaurant is 11 years old & was the idea of DayiniFeraud and Leo Michaud in the tiny village Arpora, and is a go to place for each one visiting Goa.

Must Try Dishes: Coffee, Croissant, Hercules burger, Cortado coffee

Type of Cuisine: Italian & French

Cost for 2 people: INR 1000 approx.

Best Beach facing restaurants in Goa

11. The Fisherman’s Wharf:

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Image Source: https://media-cdn.tripadvisor.com

Set up in 2005, with beach-facing views, Fisherman’s Wharf is located on the banks of River Sal & gives you a perfect dining experience. Along with this, the food served is tasty, staff is very friendly, and the ambience is something which you are definitely going to fall in love with. The menu offered is a complete version of proper Goan cuisine & flavours. A perfect place to enjoy some vibes of the culture of Goa. You are definitely going have fun to the fullest at this venue.

Must Try Dishes: Apple Pie, Chocolate Mousse, Fish Fry, Nachos

Type of Cuisine:Goan & Continental

Cost for 2 people: INR 1200 approx. 

12. Thalassa:

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Image Source: http://www.thalassaindia.com

Facing the sea & known for displaying the Greek culture, Thalassa is said to be the place where you can enjoy the best sunsets when in Goa. Set on the small Vagator beach, this place is known as one of the most romantic places, & also for serving the best Greek food along with music, dance & fire. During the day time if you loved this place, then you are definitely not going to be in your senses during the night time.  Enjoying the cool breeze, glass of wine & stunning views, this place should not be missed by any chance.

Must Try Dishes: Mocktails, Pizzas, Chocolate Cake, Risotto, Baklava, spicy mushroom, Sangria

Type of Cuisine: Greek &Mediterranean Cuisine

Cost for 2 people: INR 1500 approx

13. Simply Grill:

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Image Source: https://media-cdn.tripadvisor.com

Simply Grills is located in Panaji Goa, & is one of the best fine dining restaurant here serving Punjabi delicacies. Whichever place you select to sit, you will enjoy some beautiful views of beach, lush green gardens or the pool side. This will one of the loveliest night spent with your loved ones with amazing food & great location being the dressing on the dish. Each item in the menu should be tried, & you get the options for both barbequed & grilled both. So without thinking much, visit this restaurant & cherish your time.

Must Try Dishes: Goan curry & Seafood

Type of Cuisine: North Indian Cuisine

Cost for 2 people: INR 1800 approx.

14. Pousada by the Beach:

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Image Source: https://media-cdn.tripadvisor.com

Pousada by the beach is one of the best beach facing dining place in Calangute area of Goa. The owner is super friendly & even the staff helps you selecting the best items from the menu. You have different options of seating, you can enjoy on the beach with stunning views & have your meals, you can even rent a sun bed & enjoy swimming & meals over there or have your own private space & indulge into each other & enjoy the services & meals. Enjoy a lip-smacking food at this popular restaurant in Goa

Must Try Dishes: Goan curry & Seafood

Type of Cuisine: Continental, Seafood, Konkan & Portuguese

Cost for 2 people: INR 2000 approx.

Best Goan Cuisine Restaurant

15. Mum’s Kitchen:

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Image Source: https://mumskitchengoa.com/

Opened in 1997 & located in Panjim Goa this restaurant is known for serving authentic Grandma’s handmade food. It is said that moms of Goa have contributed their own traditional goan recipes to this restaurant & so the food here is very traditional & authentic. Along with great food, the ambience is quite cosy & hospitable with an earthy décor. Make sure you book your tables before going.

Must Try Dishes: Fish Curry, Prawn Curry, Peri Peri Prawn, Pomfret Curry

Type of Cuisine: Goan & Seafood

Cost for 2 people: INR 1700 approx.

16. Martins Corner:

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Image Source: https://martinscornergoa.com

It is said to have a complete vacation in Goa, a meal in Martin’s corner is must. It is a foodies’ paradise for the ones who enjoys having some amazing local food. With traditional & local ambience, you enjoy the traditional goan meals with love goan music with one of your favourite drink in your hand. Again because of being so much famous among the locals& the visitors the restaurant is very crowded in the evening, so book a table if you plan to have a meal here.

Must Try Dishes: Fish Curry, Prawns Balchao, Prawn Curry, Pomfret Curry

Type of Cuisine: Goan & Seafood

Cost for 2 people: INR 1500 approx.

17. Venite Bar & Restaurant:

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With the joined appeal of Goa’s set of experiences and Portuguese impact in the dishes, Cafe Venite wears an ameliorating and warm vibe. It’s cherished by vacationers for its sit outs in the balcony & the great service. In an old Goan House, the bar is located on the top floor, you will get a beach & goan life feel as you enter here. The seafood served here is amazing with breakfast having options of sausages & eggs with some options of French fries & mashed potatoes. Do try this restaurant if you are looking for some great goan food options.

Must Try Dishes: Stuffed Crab, Veg Platter, Garlic Bread, Seafood

Type of Cuisine: Goan & Seafood

Cost for 2 people: INR 1000 approx.

Image Source: https://lh3.googleusercontent.com/

The above list of restaurants with different options looks very satisfying & easy for everyone who are in search of some good food in Goa along with great views, nice décor & the price list. So now it’s time to check the best Goa tour packages and book your tour to this popular beach destination.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best time to visit Goa?

Winter months are the best one to enjoy Goa i.e. starting from November till March. During these months Goa enjoys a peak tourist season.

2. What are some of the best things to do in Goa for couples?

Apart from enjoying & sun-bathing on the beach, there are many other activities to do in Goa like cycling tours, enjoy a private party on the Butterfly Beach, go for Dolphin & Crocodile spotting, opt for some fun water sport activities & the list is never ending.

3. Where to stay in Goa?

In North Goa, Candolim&Calangute beaches are close to the airport &most preferred stay for couples & families.

In South Goa, Colva, Cavelossim&Majorda areas are most preferred with the tourists because of scenic beaches.

4. What is Goa known for?

This tiny state is known for many things like beaches, nightlife, food, shacks on the beach, cheap alcohol, still prevailing Portuguese culture, water sports activities, Goa Carnival & Christmas.

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