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Kid in us can’t wait! Bali to open a Cartoon Network theme park

By Mangalika Shukla on Aug 29, 2018
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Way before satellite televisions and online streaming was so affordable and easily accessible, we have grown up in an age wherein we solely relied on the TV schedule published in newspapers to catch our favorite shows. As kids, we swore by the Cartoon Network channel for our entertainment needs. And till date, that channel is fondly remembered by all of us no matter how old we are. If you are one of those people who still get amused when you catch a glimpse of your favorite cartoon character, then the Bali Holiday Tour Packages has the perfect thing to offer to you.

The island of Bali is already an extremely popular spot on an international basis for its tropical beauty and lush greenery. People from all corners of the globe fled to Bali to unwind themselves and recharge for the hectic lifestyle that awaits them. But apart from blissful relaxation, your favorite destination has something more exciting to offer; a Cartoon Network theme park. Even though nobody ever needs another reason to visit Bali, this theme park will simply be like a cherry on the icing of the cake and will give you a purpose to look forward to your Bali tour packages.

Suppress the Cartoon Network fan till 2020

We can imagine the sudden surge of excitement you would have felt as soon as we shared the news of this theme park, but it seems that nothing in life comes easy: not even your favorite Cartoon Network characters. It is said that patience is the key; this statement is especially true in terms of this theme park. According to the officials in charge of the Cartoon Network theme park project, the park will be all set to welcome guests by the year of 2020. We know that it seems a bit far-fetched right now, but the wait will definitely be worth it.

This park will be situated on the main island of Bali itself in the southern region for the convenience and easy accessibility of the tourists. This makes it the first ever park in Indonesia to partner with an international brand. The park will stretch out on a span of 10.5 acres of land. This means that you need to brace yourself to save your energy to make the most of the theme park. Not only this, but among all the Cartoon Network theme parks across the globe, this is the only one which will offer indoor as well as outdoor attractions in the same premises. Even though Bali boasts of a fancy number of artificial water bodies, the water park of this theme park will be the largest one on the entire island.

Turner Asia Pacific has given the license of the Cartoon Network brand to The MAJ Group which is an Indonesian real estate and hospitality investment company. The MAJ Group is already working on developing the park which is also the biggest project for them.


Moving on from the technical details, let’s talk about the attractions of this theme park. They key franchises of Cartoon Network which will be featured in this park are We Bare Bears, Adventure Time, The Power Puff Girls, and Ben 10. If any of these characters have been close to your heart, then it’s time to plan your Bali tour soon. Along with this, the park also assures to offer fun-filled wave as well as surf pools. It seems like Bali is all set to be the next premiere holiday destination in the world.

So when are you planning to explore Bali with Flamingo Transworld?

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