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Top 5 Things To Do In Egypt – The Land Of Pyramids and Pharaohs

By Ketika Shah on Aug 24, 2018
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Egypt is not only famous for its rich history and culture but also for some of the greatest tourist destinations in the world.Some sites in Egypt are still a mystery to the scientists in the world. If you are planning to book Egypt tour packages in coming vacation then this post will be of interest to you. You will find the best five things that you should do in Egypt.

When we think about Egypt then the first thing that comes to our mind is the ‘Pyramids’. Yes, you must have seen different sizes of pyramids or souvenir of Egypt that is available in different countries. Along with pyramids and the tomb of King Tutankhamen as well as the Ras Mohammed National Park there are several other places in Egypt that will win your heart. Most importantly there are few unique things that you can only do in Egypt. You will find several posts online regarding which places to explore in Egypt, so we have highlight the five best things that you should do in Egypt during your visit. Here’s the list that you can consider:

Visit the Hub of Tourist Destinations – Cairo Egypt

Cairo is one place where you really feel like the Egyptians. The architecture of the buildings, places, historical monuments and many such places will remind you of the ancient Egyptians. We can also say that it is the tourist hub of Egypt as most of the important tourist locations are based in Cairo. Some of the important places are Islamic Cairo, Coptic Cairo, Pyramids of Giza, Great Sphinx, Salah El-Din Citadel and the Khan el-Khalli market. The charm of Cairo is simply impeccable with other places in the world.

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Travel to the Kom Ombo Temple

One must travel to the Kom Ombo temple in Aswan city which is famous for the ancient architecture that was constructed during the Ptolemic dynasty, i.e. 180-47 BC. So you can imagine it is one of the oldest temples in the world that you can find. There are statues of Crocodile god, fertility god, world creator and god of heroes. The mythological aspect and beliefs of ancient Egyptians is interesting to learn.

Ride to Karnark Temple in Luxor city

Located in the southern part of the Egypt, Luxor city is one of the famous destinations that you cannot miss during your Egypt trip. The most important place is the Karnark temple which was built during the reign of Senusret I and it continued till the Ptolemic era. There are beautiful villages nearby the temple which is famous for enjoying the local cuisines and fine accommodation at economical rates.

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Trip to Alexandria City of Egypt

Alexandria is second largest city of Egypt and known as the pearl of the Mediterranean. The beautiful atmosphere of Alexandria offers a comfortable climate that you will enjoy a lot. The ambiance, culture and opportunities to enjoy at Alexandria is perfect for vacationing. Although it is just 225 km from Cairo, but it is looks absolutely different city compared to other cities in Alexandria.

Take a tour to Aswan City High Dam

Located in the eastern part of the Egypt, the city of Aswan is well-known tourist destination. The reason for its popularity is the location where it is situated. The city is part of Nubia, located on the shores of Nile River narrowed by the Saharian desert. The blue water, golden Sahara desert, and the comfortable weather brings a perfect combination to relish the hot and cold weather at day and night. One of the famous locations in the Aswan city is the famous High Dam. The old dam was built in 1902 and extended to construct the High Dam in 1971.

These are some of the major locations in Egypt which you should visit without fail. If you are planning to book Egypt tour package and need customized options then keep Flamingo Travels posted in the comment section.

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