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Things To Do In The Enchanting Land Of Jordan

By Hardi Vora on Sep 28, 2018
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Jordan blends both old and new era with a fascinating journey especially for those people who just love to have a look at the revolution. It is the city where one can experience the joy of Middle East! Click here to check out these Jordan Holiday Packages if you are thinking to plan a trip to Jordan.

Here, we have listed some of the best things to do:

1. Enjoy the landscape of Wadi Rum:

You cannot even imagine how beautiful the place is! It has spread over 74,000-hectare basically in South Jordan, so close to the border of Saudi Arabia. It is also called “The Valley of the Moon”. The place is featured in many mainstream movies, too. This place has very fewer trees all over. Also, the visitors rarely get to see any animals in this region due to the overheating.

2. Enjoy floating in the Dead Sea:

This is going be one of the best experiences! You must have seen the photos everywhere in the magazines and blog sites. People generally select the wadi rum visit in the night with the campfire and then head to the Dead Sea to float in the morning. It is said that the sea has some natural healing properties in its mineral-rich water which help people heal the wounds. The place is loaded with lots of hotels and resorts so that the visitor wouldn’t find it difficult also. One can go for the luxurious resorts to the corner of the Dead Sea.

3. Visit ruins of Jerash:

Jerash is a charming Roman city in Jordan. The ruined city, Jerash is huge and is an interesting city with visitor attraction. It has colonnaded avenues, ceremonial gates, theaters and some temples. You don’t need to be interested in history thing. You will automatically fall in love with the feel. It is an advice to take a hat and sunscreen with you while exploring Jerash on your Jordan tour as the city really heats up.

4. Explore Madaba:

The place Madaba is all about 6th-century mosaic Map. It leads to the holy land of Jerusalem. It is full of stones which are in vivid colors. The Madaba Mosaic Map covers the Church of St. George located in the northwest of the downtown area.  The mosaic board encasing the Map was initially around 15.6 X 6m, 94 square meter and just about a fourth is safeguarded.

5. Discover Umm Qais:

In the high hills of Jordan, in the northwestern corner there is the Decapolis city of Gadara, these days called as Umm Qais. The city is mentioned in the New Testament as the site where Jesus cast out demons.

6. Take a hike in Wadi Mujib:

Wadi Mujib is the place just in front of the Dead Sea through 400 meters deep in the sea. The Mujib Reserve is the lowest natural reserve in the world, located in the mountainous landscape. The hike is thrilling but would be a wet walk more of.

7. Explore the Nabatean wonder of Petra:

One needs to explore Nabatean wonder of Petra as it is one of the best archaeological sites in the world. The place is situated 120 km north to the red sea city of Aqaba and 240 km in the south of Amman.

Hope this guide helps you make your Jordan tour wonderful. Plan your holiday with Flamingo Transworld now!

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