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Chicago’s Temperature Gets Colder than North Pole and Other Parts of Mars

By Vishal Pandey on Feb 6, 2019
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In a mind-blowing turn of events, Chicago received temperatures of -46 degree Celsius making it not only colder than Alaska and Siberia but also other parts of Mars. In case, you considered zero degrees to be the coldest you could ever experience, the weather gods in Chicago are all set to welcome everyone with winter chills and thrills.

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The reason behind this news is the Polar Vortex, a wind system centered around  North Pole but has shifted southwards this year, covering North America in a thick thick layer of snow.

This temperature is the coldest that has ever been recorded in the city and the residents or tourists are leaving no stone upturned to ensure that it turns out to be a memorable winter for everyone. Coffee when splashed in air is turning into ice, railway tracks are being set on fire (yes! You read that right) for the smooth functioning of the railways. Stepping out of the house for more than five minutes can lead to frostbites. Moreover, there are a new set of thieves in the city who are robbing people off their down coat.


As interesting as this might sound, this indicates the risk of global warming. Schools and universities have been closed, flights and trains have been cancelled and the day to day life has been heavily disturbed.

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