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Good news! These 10 countries to re-open receiving travelers soon!

By Jayraj Bhatia on Jun 2, 2020
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COVID-19 has drastically affected our lives to such an extent that traveling seems like just a dream. However, the word is that various travel destinations are planning to reopen their borders, allowing tourism to rise from the COVID ashes. Many tourist dependent countries are firm to bring tourism back by planning a systematic approach to unlock travel restrictions. Read through the list of International tour packages that have laid down their plans for reopening shortly

1. Australia and New Zealand:

The Australian government recently announced a three-step arrangement to re-open the country and resume a normal life. The final step of their plan is to initiate travel between at least Australia and New Zealand. Both the countries have been taking promising precautions to lower the number of cases and have been successful with it. In 2019, almost 1.5 million visitors made it to New Zealand from Australia to travel whereas 1.4 million New Zealanders made it to Australia for their travel plans. Therefore, the re-opening of the international border between these two countries will be a positive step towards opening tourism in the said countries and later gradually allowing other countrymen to start traveling to these two beautiful countries.

2. Greece:

For now, the borders of Greece are closed to travelers from outside of Europe. The further steps include the opening of various small, local businesses, including restaurants and hotels from June 1. The Greece Tourism Ministry is hoping to start summer travel from July 1. They are planning to loosen up restrictions on European travelers from countries with similar COVID situation. Tourists planning a trip to Greece can take advantage of smaller scale tourist activities particularly focusing on a luxurious stay in boutique hotels and crafted intimate experiences. Looking at the current scenario of post-lockdown in Greece, tourism will certainly open but tourists will have to provide details in a detailed questionnaire, undergo thermal screening, and maintain social distancing and take other prescribed precautions.

3. Puerto Rico

After having lived through the imposition of various strict measures like curfews, Puerto Rico is now finally beginning to ease down and welcome the post lockdown phase. The curfew has recently ended on May 25 and the government has now started to ease the lockdown by reopening businesses. The tourism board has announced a two-step program for future travelers, laying out guidelines regarding complete cleanliness and safety. Further, this tourism-dependent country in the Caribbean selective hotels, restaurants, and services will re-open soon. A special task force has been appointed by the government to determine how to safely re-start the country by this summer or fall.

4. Iceland:

With the exclusive care and precautions by the government, Iceland has been successful in beating COVID with holistic precautions. Recently, the Prime Minister of Iceland declared that tourism will reopen from June 15. With the success in handling the spread of the virus, Iceland is opening up its borders relatively earlier than the other countries. It has emphasized on maintaining a two-meter distancing rule for the citizens as well as future travelers. Also, they advise that a traveler takes a COVID-19 test on arrival to avoid 14-day quarantine.

5. Mexico:

Tourism is a major source of income for Mexico with about fifty million visitors a year. The government is uplifting non-essential travel ban from June 22 and various hotels and restaurants in the country will open as a part of the initiative. Ministry of Health in Mexico laid out guidelines for the hospitality industry to ensure cleanliness and safety regulations are followed and to allow hotels and restaurants to safely function once the threat of Covid-19 has waned. It may so happen that only the least affected area will be open for traveling and even airlines are supporting the said cause.

6. France:

Despite easing the COVID lockdown regulations and videos floating of the opening of Paris, people are still not allowed to travel more than 100 kilometers in France. From June 2, hotels, bars and restaurants are planning to open. The French citizens can plan their holidays from August onwards within Europe. French tourism is not expecting travelers this year but that could quickly change as per the scenario. France is planning to start domestic travel from July; however, the international travelers need to wait for any further update from the government or the tourism board. The rural areas of France which were least affected by the pandemic are expecting travelers pretty soon.

7. Hawaii:

Hawaii has successfully protected itself from the COVID pandemic by having relatively a smaller number of cases registered. However, the country has faced huge economic losses due to the shutdown of tourism, which is its significant source of income. The country has recently allowed the opening of local non-essential businesses to function with some retail services. Currently, residents from outside countries are asked to self-quarantine but if every precaution is taken and the cases are under control, the government can be easy on the travel restrictions.

8. Italy:

One of the countries that have been hit very hard by this pandemic is Italy is opening its borders on June 3 for travel but only for European travelers. At this point, the country is trying hard to get back on track slowly. Italy has cautiously begun to reopen and has prescribed strict guidelines for people coming from highly affected countries. Currently, the government has planned to open small shops, museums, libraries, and restaurants gradually. The lockdown has slowly begun to ease out, allowing people to get back to their work and routine lives. The need to balance and safety is the only measure that country to bring up its economy by the tourism sector.

9. Singapore:

Singapore is a prime example of accelerating COVID cases, especially in the Southeast Asia region. The country is taking aggressive steps to track the cases and keep the death rates low. The restrictions might get easy after June 2 for selected services and businesses. As per the Singapore tourism board, they are taking essential measures to clean the certification progress of hotels, restaurants, and tourist attraction places. The country is testing the efficacy of using Robot Dog to make sure social distance is maintained.

10. Switzerland:

A travel bubble between Germany, France, and Austria, Switzerland has been planned to start the movement from June 15. It will be a gradual step towards loosening the restrictions. However, until then only Swiss residents can transit and enter. The country has reopened restaurants, bars, and museums with guidelines such as maintaining a social distancing rule of two meters and having a maximum of 4 people in a shop. As a part of the next stage, the country will open its border shared with Italy from June 8. Once the flights resume, the foreign travelers can count on a restorative midsummer holiday in Swiss but possibly with airport testing and other screening measures in place.

So now you can sit back and relax and stay safe at home and plan your next dream travel to come to reality soon!

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