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Unlocking the Future – Newsletter by Flamingo Consultancy Group

By Flamingo Transworld on Jun 3, 2020
Category: News & Updates | Country:  All Over the World


  • Travel Bubble
  • Lockdown 5 or Unlock 1
  • Highlights of 1st Anniversary of Modi 2.0.
  • News on Hong Kong

Let us begin this week news letter with TRAVEL & TOURISM news from global front:

Travel Bubble:

Image Source: https://www.anzcro.co.uk/blog/why-travel-to-australia-and-new-zealand/

  • A New Word coined at Global level for TT Industry means, “Creating a Travel Bubble involving reconnecting countries or states that have shown good level of success in containing the novel corona virus pandemic domestically. Such bubble would allow the members of the group to rekindle trade ties with each other, and kick start such as travel and tourism.”
  • Australia & New Zealand are among the first of the countries to mutually agree upon Travel Bubble and opening the sector for the tourists.
  • We will soon hear more on this from many of the global countries to reopen their most important and revenue generating sector. Let’s hope India to catch up too soon with rest of the world to bring back this important sector back on its toes.

Lock Down 5.0 and Unlock down 1.0:

Image source: https://www.indiatvnews.com/news/india/lockdown-5-0-or-unlock-1-622031

  • India authorities are coining Lock Down with what we have same name movies serially numbered as 1, 2, 3 and so on. Now they have started with Unlock down series numbered as 1.0….God knows till when they continue like this, better focus on administrative skills to bring back businesses, service sector on track and that to a pre- covid level.
  • The markets have clearly sent u a message that your announcement of Rs 20 lacs cr package is nothing but a mere number game.
  • The markets are along with a rumour of a change in finance portfolio from NS to either a BJP stalwart or a famous professional retired banker to steer the economy out of COVID mess.
  • The markets are also running with a rumour to have a new package targeted to sectors which are most affected during this unprecedented times of COVID.

What India Industry needs: “To devise more efficient programme aimed at a more targeted set of liquidity facilities with quicker disbursement and less conditionality.”

Let’s see the Highlights of 1st Anniversary of Modi 2.0.

Image source: https://www.newindianexpress.com/nation/2020/may/26/first-anniversary-of-modi-government-20-bjp-to-hold-virtual-rallies-to-mark-year-of-historic-achi-2147930.html

  • Investor losing a mammoth Rs 27 lacs cr in Equities wealth, they are asking whether is it worth investing as this number comes to whopping losses of 13.5% of India GDP.
  • 9/10 shares have tumbled during this time.
  • GDP growth rate at 11 years lowest level.
  • Monthly PMI data at record lows.
  • Factory output data
  • Fixed Deposit rates are going south while borrowing cost does not reciprocate the same trend.

All put together making investors wonder if anything is worth investing?

  • Many outspoken experts blame the systematic failure pointing out at Demonetization, too many rate structures for GST, monarchism of the regulators who are introducing rules and regulations that suit to countries with a population of 5-25 cr in a country like us where we are 135 cr and still in a developing stage.
  • COVID added fuel to the fire and all have started saying that FY 21 is written off and let’s look forward to FY 22.
  • A meticulously drawn FDI and FPI policies can do wonders to falling fortunes of our country and let’s pin hope that authorities sitting at DELHI wake up and act at a jet speed to restore the falling growth curve.

Something on Hong Kong:

Image source: https://www.scmp.com/news/hong-kong/health-environment/article/3079222/coronavirus-hong-kong-records-lowest-daily-count

  • June 4 could be a potential flash point for tension.
  • UK, AUSTRALIA, CANADA, issued a joint statement along with US, criticizing the new laws. Japan’s government said it was seriously concerned about the latest legislation.
  • Some big shot media personalities twitting that HK people have 2 choices, either Emigrate or stay to fight till end.
  • The month ahead will put out with new tension flaring from Hong Kong where COVID fire is still fuming across.
  • We will have to wait for some more weeks to finally here concrete news on COVID drug, medicine and vaccine.

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