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How Is Life in China After COVID-19?

By Prashant Jha on Jun 13, 2020
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The planet has always been a beautiful place to live in. And ingenious minds have even made it better. The developed cities, modernity and of course the highly advanced technology are some of the factors proving in this regard. These and many other aspects have made the day to day lives of masses really convenient with an easy reach to everything. To be precise, what was thought impossible earlier have now turned to be possible. But well, every coin has two sides.

There have been times when in this easy going life when some unexpected incidents have truly shaken the world. And this is yet where the aforementioned statement that what was thought impossible earlier have now turned possible proves its point here, this time as the other side of coin. What could be a better instance than COVID-19, the much discussed topic of the world today in this case?


Image Source: The Economic Times

No one imagined while reading or watching about a virus found in Wuhan would become so epidemic that it would force world to get into the phase called lockdown. Sending down panics to the societies, this proved so extreme that today there’s hardly any place being untouched by this deadly disease. Undoubtedly, it has created a history, which will be remembered by the world for ages.

Nothing has been in news for as long as this disease, which has marked its presence till date since its identification. Not to mention, but there have hardly been any other disease that would have badly affected the daily movements of entire world. Roads, marketplaces, parks, theatres, malls and many other public utilities are empty. Buses, cars, carts, trains, flights are all vacant resembling of the feeling as if no one lives in the world.


Image source: The Hindu

Things which were highly ignored by people gained priority overnight. Sanitizers, gloves and masks are best fit here thus showcasing the thought as world exists only if life exists. Many countries governed the rule of lockdown to keep their residents safe and away from the attack of this pandemic outbreak. Undoubtedly, the much easy going life came under the restrictions but the good thing is that people are following it. Of course, who wants to get into a devastating life isn’t it?

But how is life in China, the first ever country where corona knocked the doors?

One of the busiest nations that came into a sudden halt after the revelation of virus, China underwent many days of shutdown following quarantine. Nevertheless, the country is said to have now lifted the lockdown period and reportedly is getting back to normal conditions. But yes, since the threat of the disease still exists worldwide, hence precautions and safety to expel the pandemic is the first priority.

People can be spotted out of their homes and roads can be seen occupied but still the places are not crowded as usual. They say that the country is gradually getting back to business as the industries, plants and offices are now open for their workers, without skipping the bars of social distancing. Though the nation is watchful, alert and careful but the ongoing activities show that the country is trying at its best to get back to normal situations.

However, with some of the restrictions like quarantine of airports, which could also be extended, the Chinese government gives the hint that they are in no way overlooking the seriousness of the disease and have still kept it under close monitoring. Residents yet cannot choose to move other parts of the country and traveling meanwhile is still under restriction. The operations of the businesses and services anyways are trying to get usual to once again enhance the growth of economy.

Reports also have this to mention that much of the spreading of novel coronavirus is now under control due to the awareness of citizens. The safety measures such as the use of toothpicks while using elevators of the societies or the complexes are an appreciating move, thus lowering down the risks and panics of the disease. On the other hand, government too has put the efforts such as sanitization of buildings, streets, marketplaces and public conveyances to avoid the risk of coronavirus in the nation.

Mentioned below are what the country underwent during its lockdown phase and how did it operate-

1. Facing The World-

China packages

Image Source: businessday.ng

There’s no doubt that China faced a lot of losses in terms of life and economy since the rise of coronavirus. However, on the same side, the country has also faced repetitive flaring blames and comments from across the world. Even some of them have also termed the disease as China Virus or Wuhan Virus. Whether expected or unexpected about the remarks now that they are continuously bombarding from all across, China is on its defense to prove all the comments and blames to be wrongly imposed.

2. Export and Supplies-

Image Source: Fintech News

China has been a massive supplier when it comes to exporting its products in foreign markets. But the wrath of corona virus along with the weeks of lockdown in other countries apart from China has severely affected the export market, which has always been a pivotal support to the country’s economic growth. It is said that over the past two months, the nation has faced a total downgrade of about 17.2 percent. Though, the officials are hoping a quick flight in near future, but all seems to be dependent if situation gets normal in other parts of the world.

Nevertheless, where the other nations are facing the lack of medical equipment and medications, China has extended its arms in selling masks and other necessary medical goods like ventilators to other countries hence abridging the shortage of requirements. Also, to provide immediate health relief to its citizens, the country established several hospital beds, isolation wards and many emergency points.

3. Supply of Food and Vegetables-

China holiday packages

Image Source: hsph.harvard.edu

One of the biggest issues that a country and its citizens face during the condition like lockdown is the shortage of food products. And in the countries like China where population and area both are huge, a slight scarcity even may turn into a major concern. But thankfully, China managed to have never this problem occurred during the shutdown phase. The supply of food and vegetables remained uninterrupted throughout the nation.

But that again puts forth the same question as how the country is right now?

With arrays of corona positive patients being reported everyday around the world, a very fortunate news came from China one day when no positive cases were observed. This news truly was a relieving breakthrough, which also brought the ray of hope that now the lethal virus is slowly taking away its roots from societies. Soon after, the government was found to gradually lifting up the long prevailing lockdown.

The worst time is now over. Most of the residents are actually hoping for this. Some of them even do not want to recollect the memories of shutdown times at least for now. Institutes are now recommencing with their curriculums and students are back to their schools and colleges. Various restaurant operators too requested for restarting their businesses as they faced huge economic losses due to no income during the past two months. Their requests too have been approved.

Many industries located in the cities like Guangzhou and Shenzhen have reopened their businesses and employees are asked to resume back to their workplaces. There has also been news that due to the shutdown phase, many industries have unfortunately neared to bankruptcy and consequently unemployment rate has gone unwantedly high. Now since, the government is gearing up to start everything again, the businesses are experiencing some high scopes of income.

Many of the shared videos showcase the recent life post lockdown period where people are queued up in the happening places like restaurants waiting for their turns. Such scenarios are especially of the places where there are no cases getting identified now. Of course, even then security measures haven’t kept at bay as masks and gloves are still in use followed by social distancing. The economy has started rolling in and the moving forward to gain pace.

Although, the concessions have been provided in lockdown phase and that the restaurants and industries are back to business, they are operating with a strict rule of maximum 50% attendance of the total capacity. This is the method of avoiding any probability of the spread of virus. Apart from all these, parks are now being opened for visitors. People are now going to groom at hair salons and barber shops. Government has also lifted up the barriers for traveling to the places within nation which are at least risk or having no cases at all.

It is a well-known fact that the threat of novel coronavirus is not going to end so soon. It is likely to stay for quite some more time. No governing body can refuse from this fact. But, just as the disease has weakened its threat, the country is opportune and trying to get back to normal lifecycle to buckle up some much needed economy, which is also a necessary aspect to run the nation and the associated factors.

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