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Places to visit in India to experience the Majesty of the Janmashtami Celebration!

By Harshita Nagdev on Aug 10, 2021
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Janmashtami is one of the famous festivals celebrated in India with full enthusiasm, and there are many places to visit in India for the Janmashtami celebration. This day is devoted to Lord Krishna’s birth, who is said to be the 8th incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The festival is celebrated with colorful decorations, human pyramid formation, Raas Leela, DahiHandi, festive delicacies, and fun-filled fares. Janmashtami celebration is different for each state in India and also celebrated in Bangladesh and Nepal. 

If you like to witness rituals and traditions on the day of Janmashtami, you can check some of our Janmashtami Special Tour Packages listed on our website. Below is the list of Janmashtami 2021 destinations in India. 

  1. Dwarka
  2. Mathura
  3. Vrindavan
  4. Mumbai
  5. Puri

Janmashtami Celebration: Story Behind Krishna’s Birth

Janmashtami is also referred to as Gokul Ashtami or Krishna Janmashtami and is celebrated on the eighth day of the dark fortnight as per the Hindu calendar. 

Krishna is said to be the eighth child of Devaki (mother of Krishna) and so this day is celebrated on the eighth day. Krishna Janmashtami in 2021 will be celebrated on 30 & 31 August. 

  • Janmashtami Story

Following Hindu mythology, Kansa (an evil king) ruled Mathura. To expand his kingdom and become more powerful, he married his sister (Devaki) with Vasudeva (the Yadu king). He greeted his sister and brother-in-law with expensive gifts after their marriage. It was his tricky move to win Vasudeva’s trust. He acquires the reins of the wedded chariot. Later, there was a voice straight from heaven stating his evilness will come to an end when his sister will give birth to her 8th child.

 After knowing about his truth, Kansa locks his sister and brother-in-law Vasudeva in prison. Kansa planned to kill Devaki, but Vasudeva promised Kansa to hand over all their children to him and requested to spare Devaki’s life. 

Kansa killed all the six children of the couple. When Devaki got pregnant the 7th time, things changed and she transferred the child from her womb to Rohini’s womb (Rohini is Vasudeva’s first wife). It was done through divine intervention, and their seventh child was born safely. 

It was the eighth time Devaki got pregnant, and Kansa was all set to kill another child. 

Lord Vishnu visited the couple when Devaki was in pain in prison and told them that their eighth child is the epitome of Lord Vishnu himself, and he will destroy Kansa’s kingdom. The day when Devaki was in labor pains, the night was dark with lightning and thunderstorms. Vishnu makes the guards sleep and destroys all the locks of the prison, gives all the instructions to them, and disappears. 

As per the instructions of Vishnu, Vasudeva carries his divine child in a wicker basket, crosses the Yamuna river, exchanges his baby with a newborn baby girl of Nanda and Yashoda. Krishna was born and brought up in Gokul and put an end to the life of his uncle, Kansa.

1. Dwarka

Dwarka Holiday Packages

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Dwarka is a historical city in India. The word Dwarka means doors to salvation and is the top place to visit in India for Janmashtami. Janmashtami in Dwarka is celebrated like no other place in India. Dwarka is one of the four Char Dhams, ruled by Lord Krishna and known as the golden city. The buildings were made out of gold, crystals, and diamonds. Krishna lived here for 100 years, and soon after this death, a part of Dwarka immersed into the water. During Janmashtami time, the celebration starts with mangala aarti, and the temples distribute Utsav Bhog and Banta Bhog after midnight (the birth time of Lord Krishna). You can check Dwarka with Somnath Tour Packages listed on our website and plan a trip here. Plan a visit to Dwarka for Janmashtami to witness something grand this year. 

  • Janmashtami pooja at Dwarka

The day starts with a mangalarti at 7 am. The priest offers Banta Bhog (milk & milk products) to Lord Krishna and cleanses Lord Krishna’s face with water. And then the devotees can do their darshan.

  • How to reach Dwarka

Jamnagar airport is the nearest one, around 135 km  from Dwarka City. Dwarka has a railway station well-connected with major cities (Ahmedabad, Jamnagar, Surat, Mumbai, Goa, Vadodara, etc.). And, you can also travel by road to Dwarka. 

  • The best time to Visit Dwarka for Janmashtami Celebration

August & September are the best months to plan a visit to Dwarka for the Janmashtami celebration. 

  • Places to Stay in Dwarka

  1. The Fern Sattva Resort Dwarka, Dwarka
  2. ManekSvasti Inn, Dwarka
  3. Goverdhan Greens Resort Dwarka, Baradia
  4. Regenta Inn The Dwarika, Dwarka 

2. Mathura

Mathura Tour Packages

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Mathura is one of the religious towns in India and also the birthplace of Lord Krishna. Janmashtami in Mathura is a grand festival. On a dark and heavy storm night, Devaki gave birth to Lord Krishna in prison. Mathura Janmashtami is celebrated with immense happiness and enthusiasm.

The celebration here is divided into two parts: Jhulanotsav & Ghatas. In Jhulanotsav, devotees put swings in their temples & homes for Lord Krishna idols. The idols are bathed with curd, milk, honey, and many also use ghee in the morning. This ceremony is known as Abhishek. Later, Krishna’s idol is decorated with ornaments and new clothes and then placed on a swing. If you are planning a trip to enjoy Mathura Janmashtami 2021, you can check our India Tour Packages for great deals. 

Without any doubt, Mathura is the best place to visit in India for Janmashtami any day. 

  • Janmashtami pooja at Mathura

The pooja time is between 12:00 am to 12:48 am, the birth time of Lord Krishna. There are 400 temples in Mathura, and all the temples have different festive vibes on the day of Janmashtami. Many celebrations are carried out, such as the reading of Bhagavad Gita, performing Raas Leela, DahiHandi, etc. 

  • How to reach Mathura

Mathura is the main railway junction. You can find many train options to Mathura, and it is well-connected with major metro cities like Hyderabad, Jaipur, Delhi, Lucknow, Kolkata, etc. 

You can also go by air. The nearest international airport is Delhi, and the closest domestic airport is Agra. And, from the airport, you can book a taxi to Mathura. 

  • The best time to Visit Mathura for Janmashtami Celebration

The best time to enjoy this festival here is during Janmashtami day, either in August or September. The whole day is enjoyable when you are here in Mathura for Janmashtami. 

  • Places to Stay in Mathura

  1. Hotel Krishnam Vrindavan, Mathura
  2. Anandam Clarks Inn Suites Vrindavan, Mathura
  3. Brijwasi Lands Inn, Mathura
  4. The Mystic Palms, Mathura

3. Vrindavan

Vrindavan Tour Packages

Image Source: https://www.thegrandindianroute.com/

Vrindavan is the place where Lord Krishna started to perform Raas Leela Garba with his Gopis. In Vrindavan, Lord Krishna spends his younger days, and so Vrindavan Janmashtami is worth your visit during this festival time. Janmashtami in Vrindavan is celebrated with lots of zest, the whole city is decorated with lights and garlands before a week of the festival. The celebration is in the main temple- Prem Mandir, and also in the other 5000 temples. The devotees sing Krishna songs, chant mantras, give a swing to Lord Krishna, play Raas Leela, prepare sweet delicacies, play DahiHandi, and much more. 

Are you also willing to pay a visit and enjoy Vrindavan Janmashtami 2021? If yes, this will be the best decision taken, as Vrindavan is one of the most preferred places to visit in India for Janmashtami. 

  • Janmashtami pooja at Vrindavan

Lord Krishna spent his earlier days in Vrindavan. The holy town is located on the banks of the Yamuna river, the place where Lord Krishna used to play Raas Leela with his Gopis. In Vrindavan, the Janmashtami celebration starts before ten days itself, and the professional artists perform Raas Leela, enact the life scenes of Lord Krishna and epic scenes of Mahabharata. The pooja time is between 12:00 am to 12:45 am on the day of Janmashtami. 

  • How to reach Vrindavan

The nearest domestic airport is Agra, and the closest international airport is Delhi. You can easily hire taxis from the airport to reach Vrindavan.

And, one can also catch a train to Mathura. You can hire auto-rickshaws, taxis, or even take a suburban train from Mathura to Vrindavan.

  • The Best Time to Visit Vrindavan for Janmashtami Celebration

Generally, the best time to visit Vrindavan is during the winter months, but it is recommended to travel here at Janmashtami time, which can fall in August or September. 

  • Places to Stay in Vrindavan

  1. Kadamb Spritual Stay, Vrindavan
  2. Nidhivan Sarovar Portico, Vrindavan
  3. Ananda Krishna Van, Vrindavan
  4. Anandam Clarks Inn Suites Vrindavan, Mathura

4. Mumbai

Mumbai Tour Packages

Mumbai Janmashtami is different from all the other cities of India. In Mumbai, the young crowd participates in DahiHandi celebrations. And, there is a competition between the different groups. Groups of young boys and men form human pyramids and aim to break the Handi (Dahi or yogurt was Lord Krishna’s favorite food). Janmashtami in Mumbai is celebrated famously in the regions like Worli, Thane, Dadar, and Lalbaug. Mumbai is anytime one of the great destinations to plan a holiday for but it is also one of the preferred places to visit in India for the Janmashtami festival. With the trend of Villa stays going on, you can also check Mumbai Around Villas Packages listed on our website and book a villa stay with your loved ones. 

  • Janmashtami Pooja at Mumbai

The best place to enjoy Janmashtami in Mumbai is the ISKCON temple in Juhu. The celebration at this temple is carried out in a big way. The Janmashtami pooja is done at midnight, that is, the birth time of Lord Krishna. 

  • How to Reach Mumbai

You can get many options of non-stop flights to Mumbai from majority cities of India. The city also has an international airport well-connected with foreign countries. 

You will also get many train options to Mumbai and the city is well-connected with the national highways, in case you want to travel by road. 

  • The Best Time to Visit Mumbai for Janmashtami Celebration

You can plan a visit to Mumbai anytime in the year, but if you want to experience the DahiHandi human pyramids competition, it is advisable to plan your holiday after checking the date for Janmashtami. And, don’t forget to carry your umbrellas, as Mumbai city will be enjoying heavy showers during that month. 

  • Places to Stay in Mumbai

  1. Hotel Sea Princess
  2. Novotel Mumbai Juhu Hotel
  3. JW Marriott Juhu
  4. Sun N Sand Hotel
  5. The Park Mumbai

5. Puri

India Tour Packages

Image Source: https://images.saatchiart.com/

Jagannatha temple located in Odisha is one of the important temples, and Lord Jagannatha is one of the important forms of Lord Krishna. This temple is also one of the holiest temples of Char Dham in India. Janmashtami in Puri is celebrated with colorful and vibrant decorations. The narratives of Krishna and Balram (Krishna’s best friends) are validated in the Pandals every day in the evening for the devotees. Kids and adults also perform Raas Leela here and enjoy it a lot during that time. Puri Janmashtami is organized for 17 days, and on the last day, a drama is performed where Kansa is killed by Krishna. You can plan a trip to one of the suggestible places to visit in India for Janmashtami and check out the Odisha Tour Packages mentioned on our website.  

  • Janmashtami Pooja at Puri

Janmashtami festival is called Sri Jayanti or Shri Krishna Jayanti in Puri. Here the people celebrate this festival by worshipping Lord Krishna and fast for the whole day to enjoy the festival. The pooja is done at midnight between 12 am to 1 am. 

  • How to Reach Puri

Biju Patnaik airport at Bhubaneswar is the closest airport to Puri, thereby you can hire a taxi from there (Bhubaneshwar to Puri is 56 km). 

The main railway junction is in Puri, and many cities of India are well-connected with Puri. 

Puri is well-connected with well-maintained roads with the neighboring cities. You can also book a bus to Puri. 

  • The best time to visit Puri for Janmashtami Celebration

The best time to plan a visit to Puri is from June to March. The town enjoys heavy rain from June to September, if you are planning to visit Janmashtami, then it is advisable to check the weather conditions as Janmashtami is celebrated in August or September. 

  • Places to Stay in Puri

  1. Hotel East West Puri Odisha
  2. Hotel Holiday Resort
  3. Sterling Puri

So, let us not wait and start to plan your visit to these spiritual and religious sites of India for the Janmashtami celebration. Plan a visit to these places during Janmashtami time, at least once in your lifetime. Truly, it will be worthwhile. If you want to have a fun-filled religious and hassle-free vacation, contact our expert and knowledgeable travel curator or visit our website Flamingo Transworld Pvt Ltd.

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