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7 Ways To Optimizing Your Maldives Trip Cost For Budget Trip To Maldives

By Nikita Karia on May 28, 2022
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In the Indian Ocean, south of India and Sri Lanka, the Maldives comprises picture-perfect islands.

The Maldives is one of the top beach destinations in the world, with azure waters, white sandy beaches, exotic villas perched above the sea, and an abundance of marine life.

Wondering – is the Maldives open for Indian tourists now???

Indeed it is…..

After the horrific pandemic – a trip to the Maldives is a vivid soothing experience.

Sadly, the Maldives has always been one of those opulent tropical destinations we have wanted to visit but have put off because of the hefty costs.

We all know that the Maldives is home to some of the most expensive resorts in the world, but worry not – it is still possible to go ahead with your Maldives trip planning without breaking the bank.

Now, if you are wondering how to plan an affordable Trip cost to the Maldives from India, you will find several ways to create the right and the best Maldives Tour Packages for you.

  • Skip the Peak Season

The best feature about the Maldives is that it is always in season. In this tropical island region, there are only two seasons: dry and wet. The weather in the Maldives is often sunny and moderately humid, with average highs of 25 and 30 degrees Celsius.

From November to January is the best time to visit the Maldives, as the weather is at its best. The low season runs from May to August when it’s wettest.

Due to off-season discounts, you automatically save if you avoid traveling during the busy season. Traveling to the Maldives from India during this period is a smart choice.

To experience the best of both worlds and travel with wonderful weather and inexpensive prices, choose the shoulder season, which is between September October, and February. These are the cheapest months to travel to the Maldives because it rains occasionally and the weather is generally pleasant.

  • Plan your flights ahead of time.

Booking your Maldives flights will be your first largest expense, depending on the airline you choose.

The first step in organizing your vacation to the Maldives is to look up flight alternatives that fit your needs and budget. Booking a flight ticket well in advance of your departure date will result in lower fares. Go for an online flight booking for the Maldives to avail of better deals.

If you are lucky – you might as well find the best and the cheapest flight to the Maldives from India.

Air tickets from India to the Maldives are reasonably priced, especially if purchased on nonstop routes and several months in advance. One-way fares from Bengaluru to Malé start from INR 6,000 per person.

The fare from other cities in the country is only a few thousand rupees more.

Book your flights as soon as your reservation at the Maldives resort is confirmed, rather than waiting to book nearer to your travel dates.

  • Opt for Public Islands instead of Private Ones

The moment we say or think about the Maldives – we picture something incredibly extravagant that is out of reach for the average person. It almost feels like an unreachable dream.

Luxury villas on display everywhere may tempt you with their extravagance and glitz, but if you must stick to a budget, choose public islands in the Maldives instead of pricy private island resorts.

The Maldives has thousands of islands, so you will be spoiled for choice when it comes to finding a local island.

The Maldives’ public islands are colonized by locals. They provide a more fulfilling vacation experience with reasonably priced water activities, local cuisine, Maldivian culture, and opportunities to observe local life up, close and personal.

Most public islands have excellent connections to the airport. There is not just one best public island in the Maldives, but rather many like Himmafushi, Fulidhoo, Gulhi, Rasdhoo, Maafushi, Guraidhoo, Huraa, Thulusdhoo, Mathiveri, Hulhumalé, and Dhiffushi.

Staying on a local-inhabited island is possibly the most cost-effective way to experience the Maldives.

  • Chuck the resorts, villas, and bungalows

Where you will stay or the accommodation factor – plays a vital role in your budget while planning a trip to the Maldives.

It’s possible that you won’t be able to stay in an overwater villa on a private island for the duration of your trip to the Maldives. Do not fret; you can still do it for half the price of staying there.

Thinking how is it possible – Read on further…

I agree that the stay in a water villa with Jacuzzi and pool may be tempting, but if you are on a shoestring budget, consider other options.

Initially, you can choose a lower room category at the same resort. Opting for a lower or starting category or room will definitely show the price drop.

Choose one of the many cheap places to stay in the Maldives. You can enjoy the laid-back island lifestyle without paying the insanely high hotel prices for which the country is infamous.

Let us know to share the best Budget Resorts in the Maldives that match your preferences and pockets.

  • Choose resorts with speedboat transfers over those with Seaplane transfers

Now to understand this point – you will first have to be clear that this nation comprises several scattered islands. The Maldives airport is on one island, the capital city of Male on the other, and resorts and hotels on the other islands of the country.

So the resorts close to the airport island – you can commute by speedboat, but if the distance from the airport island is more – then you either need to take a seaplane or internal flights.

The more the distance – the more costly the transportation would be, thereby increasing the Maldives Trip Cost. Check the options of several best Maldives resorts with speed boat transfers that are light on the pocket.

  • Avoid Fancy hotels and opt for guest houses.

The Maldives is all about fancy hotels, but it is not the case; think about staying in a guest house that will save you a large sum of money.

Guest houses in the Maldives are the accommodation options situated on inhabited islands. Some guesthouses are like hotels that provide all-inclusive services, while others are more like bed-and-breakfast accommodations.

In comparison with resorts, the accommodations, amenities, and services at the guesthouse are not comparable. Visitors can, however, engage in water sports, diving, and other activities on uninhabited islands.

The main distinction between guesthouses and resorts in the Maldives is that guesthouses do not own their islands, so guests must respect the local culture and customs. A guest house will enable you to engage with the locals in a more casual setting and experience island life as it is in the Maldives.

Chuck these private resorts and opt for better guest houses in the Maldives.

  • Choose the right meal plan

Consider the cost of food and alcohol when looking for accommodation options in the Maldives. Since most of your stays are on islands, you will not be able to eat out as you would at other destinations.

The resorts in the Maldives provide an unmatched assortment of eating alternatives. There is a wide selection of meal plans available at Maldives resorts, ensuring guests have control over their meals.

You can opt for a Full Board meal plan that includes three major meals of the day; or a Half Board meal plan – breakfast and lunch or dinner. Even opting for an All-inclusive meal plan would be a wise move. It includes breakfast, lunch, and dinner, along with Hi Tea, evening snacks, and some beverages. But, the inclusions for the AI plan vary from resort to resort.

There are dining options for every client, from hearty breakfasts to playful Maldivian lunches and leisurely gourmet dinners. The resort also caters to all dietary needs, including excellent gluten-free and vegetarian options.

Admit it – for most of us, finding restaurants that provide Indian vegetarian food is a top priority when traveling overseas. Well, enlisting a few Maldives Resorts with Indian Food – are Olhuveli Beach Resort & Spa, Atmosphere Kanifushi, Paradise Island Resort & Spa, etc.

  • The Takeaway:

One thing is for sure the Maldives will never be a low-cost Asian destination to visit. This expensive island nation is breathtakingly gorgeous. However, with proper planning and effort, it is possible to visit the Maldives on a shoestring budget.

Having gained an understanding of how to plan an inexpensive trip to the Maldives, you are now ready to book your holiday here, and you don’t even have to be a rich Bollywood celebrity to afford it.

Before you step foot in the destination of your choice, there are numerous components of a trip that needs to be taken into account.

While designing your personalized India to Maldives tour packages, we at Flamingo Transworld provide detailed information on all aspects of the Maldives, allowing you to make an informed decision.

FAQs Regarding Maldives Trip Cost From India

1. How much does a Maldives trip cost from India?

The Maldives trip cost from India depends on numerous factors. To give you a fair idea, it starts from INR 50,000 per person till INR two lakhs per person. It depends on the accommodation you choose, duration of your stay, meal plan, activities, and many other aspects.

2. Is the Maldives cheap or expensive?

Well, Maldives is definitely a pricey destination, but at the same time – you can avail of several Maldives budget packages. Act early and wisely while planning your trip to the Maldives.

3. What month is Maldives cheapest?

May to August; are the cheapest months to visit the Maldives from India.

4. Does Indian currency work in the Maldives?

The answer to this question is No – Indian currency is usually not accepted in the Maldives. You can convert it to USD or the local currency – Maldivian Rufiyaa.

5. How much cash can I take to the Maldives?

One can carry up to ten thousand dollars cash to the Maldives however, it is always wise to check the norms while planning your Maldives tour.

6. Can I convert INR to USD in the Maldives?

Yes, you can convert your INR to USD in the Maldives.

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