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5 Best Places For Bungee Jumping In India To Try!

By Meeta Shah on Dec 24, 2022
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Do you like adrenaline rushes? Do you feel butterflies in your stomach? Flying doesn’t scare you? Have you been held back by your fear of heights? Can you relate to any of these topics? Of course, bungee jumping it is.By the way, as you read the above, did you have the same thoughts as mine?  I sincerely hope that’s the case because if it is, you are about to read the right article.

Bungee jumping isn’t new to you all. If you don’t know, let me sum it up for you. It entails leaping from a great height while being held by an elastic cord attached to a building or bridge. It is also done with helicopters and hot air balloons.

The fact is that all year long, most of us work like machines, and so we crave a momentary outlet to let off steam to keep our lives in balance. The advent of numerous adventure sports has led to a recent surge in the popularity of bungee jumping in India. Many people now desire to try the sport at some of the best bungee jumping places in India. Its expansion in India may have made it more affordable.

Bungee Jumping Places in India

So, if you are looking for some fun and excitement, read on to find out more about bungee jumping. Here are five locations famous for bungee jumping in India that you must try if you go there.

1. Rishikesh

Image Source: https://jumpinheights.com

This town in Uttarakhand is the most well-liked location for those seeking to discover the unknown. Rishikesh, or to be more precise, Mohan Chatti village, is also home to the highest bungee jumping in India. With Jumping Heights, you will experience one of the first professional bungee jumps for the common man. The bungee jumping in Rishikesh is carried out on the highest fixed platform in the country. Make sure to reserve your slots in advance to prevent delays. This is an adventure that you got to experience to believe it. Book our adventure in Uttaranchal tour packages to feel the goosebumps while you free fall.

Best Time to Visit Rishikesh for Bungee Jumping

  • Round the year except during monsoon

Bungee jumping Rishikesh Height

  • 83 meters

Bungee jumping Rishikesh Price

  • INR 3500 per person

2. Goa

Image Source:https://media-cdn.tripadvisor.com

The home of youth entertainment, Goa, is where you can find the bungee jumping locations in India. So, the next time you plan the much-anticipated Goa Tour Package, ensure to include this exciting sport in your itinerary. Test it out at the Gravity Adventure Zone, which is only 30 minutes drive from the Dabolim airport. If you have never tried bungee jumping, this is the ideal place to do so. It is because the height of this bungee jump, which is only 25 meters, is relatively lower than those of other bungee jumps in India. One more benefit of bungee jumping in Goa is that you can celebrate your success because you are in Goa, buddy!

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Best Time to Visit Goa for Bungee Jumping

  • October to March

Bungee jumping Goa Height

  • 25 meters

Bungee jumping Goa Price

  • INR 500 per person

3. Bangalore

Image Source: https://travelfromsquareone.com

If you want to try bungee jumping in Bangalore, we recommend Ozone Adventures on St. Marks Road. Since there is no fixed platform for this bungee jumping in India, this experience will simulate it for you. From a height of 40 meters, you jump from a platform tethered to a moving crane. That is the real deal, it’s risky, and it is not advised for the timid. Therefore, this is the location to go to if you want to plunge into extreme bungee jumping options.

Best Time to Visit Bangalore for Bungee Jumping

  • October to February

Bungee jumping Bangalore Height

  • 25 meters

Bungee jumping Bangalore Price

  • INR 400 per person

4. Lonavala

Image Source: https://www.holidify.com

Bungee jumping in Lonavala is popular due to its proximity to the bustling cities of Pune and Mumbai. Della Adventures in Lonavala is renowned as the best bungee jumping spot in India. They provide a bungee trampoline, a safer and rather innovative form of bungee jumping. You may have seen it in other malls, but this one is 28 meters high and intended only for adults. They shackle you from head to toe and take you on an imaginary journey. Plan this adventure and reserve your stay with our Lonavala Hotel Deal for 2 nights.

Best Time to Visit Lonavala for Bungee Jumping

  • throughout the year

Bungee jumping Lonavala Height

  • 45 meters

Bungee jumping Lonavala Price

  • INR 2500 per person

5. Delhi

Image Source: https://www.travlics.com

Alas! All adventure seekers in Delhi have the option of bungee jumping in Delhi, thanks to Delhi Tourism. This activity can be tried at the Wanderlust adventure sports center, which is about 30 minutes from the Delhi airport. After completing the heart-pounding jump at this bungee jumping location, you will receive a certificate, a cap, and a t-shirt that reads – I did it. Of course, the thrill of seeing the world from above and enjoying the entertainment outweighs the danger. So, the next time you plan a trip to the capital, remember to include this activity in your Delhi tour packages.

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Best Time to Visit Delhi for Bungee Jumping

  • October to March

Bungee jumping Delhi height

  • 40 meters

Bungee jumping Delhi Price

  • INR 1500 per person
Wrap Up:

So don’t think twice if you’re still debating about bungee jumping in India. Simply take the plunge! You will not be sorry! The entire bungee jumping experience is guaranteed to give you goosebumps, but when trying adventure sports, it is important to always stay safe.

Plan your trip with Flamingo Transworld and add some excitement to it! Do not forget to post your bungee jump photos to make your followers swoon!

FAQs Regarding Bungee Jumping in India

Where can I go bungee jumping in India?

Wanderlust in Delhi, Gravity Adventure Zone in Goa, Jumping Heights in Rishikesh, Della Adventure Park in Lonavala, etc., are places where you enjoy bungee jumping in our country.

What is the fee for a bungee jump in India?

The average bungee jump price in India is in the range of INR 500 per person to INR 4000 per person.

Is it safe to bungee jump?

Bungee jumping, like all extreme sports, carries some risk. However, much is being done to reduce those risks, and constant advances in technology and cutting-edge equipment continue to make each safer.

What is the oldest age for bungee jumping?

Age restrictions vary between operators. The degree of risk and adventure is another factor. But 15 years and older is considered the norm.

What is the heaviest weight that can be jumped from a bungee cord?

The maximum weight for bungee jumping is 110 kg.

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