LADAKH… A land that surprises you each moment!!!

Ladakh is a unique land of beauty including breathtaking sky, amazing landscapes, peaceful streamside and what not. There are so many distinctive colors in one frame; it is so difficult to define each shade. Light reveals a world of colors by painting everything it touches. During good weather, sunlight gives an outstanding impression on the lake water, and then appears the beautiful shades of blue which cannot be thought of. Talking about mountains and landscapes, they have their own way to inspire a soul and make it sing with the music of fresh air all around.

  1. Shantistupa, depicting peace.

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Shanti stupa is a Buddhist white-dome on a hilltop in chanspa. It has a most famous and major attraction for the tourist not only due to its religious prospective but also due to its extensive views of the beautiful surroundings. The most delightful view from Shanti Stupa is sunrise and sunset. Thus to bind yourself in the leap of peace and prosperity make your way to shanti stupa.

2. Indus River, follows you always.

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Indus river is one of the longest rivers in Asia. The upper Indus, sustained by snow and frosty melted water from the Himalayan mountains, moves through profound and beautiful valleys. The blind Indus river dolphin is rare of one of its kind and found only in the Indus river. The Indus valley civilization was the ancient civilization built around the bank of Indus river.

3. Pangong Lake, the beauty never ends.

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The distinctive property of Pangong lake is its brackish water i.e neither fresh nor saline. Various ducks and gulls over and on the lake surface can be seen in bounty. There are few types of clean and enduring herbs that develop in the swamps around the lake. It has also been the most iconic place where many bollywood movies and songs shoot.

4. On the way to Nubra Valley, the stones say it all and the greenery begins!

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It is a tri- armed valley situated toward the north east of ladakh valley. License is not obliged any longer for Indian tourist; however outside travelers still oblige the grant. It is not just scenic beauty which makes Nubra Valley attractive but also the cold desert between Diskit and Hundur and the unforgettable joyrides on the Bactrian camels.

5. Double humped camels And Sand dunes.

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The sand dunes of Nubra Valley appeared to have collected since years because of characteristic wonder. Double humped camels typically named after cricket stars are found in Ladakh and has been a major source of attraction for the tourists. Amidst the sand dunes there are stretches of sandy granules, mountains in the scenery which will give you lifelong memories.

6. Halo or nimbus… a rare optical phenomenon witnessed near Leh.

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It is an optical wonder delivered by light communicating with ice gems suspended in the air, bringing about a wide variety of white rings, circular segments and spots in the sky. As a consequence of the optical properties of the ice precious stones included, no light is reflected towards within the ring, leaving the sky noticeably darker than the sky around it.

7. Turn 1000 temple bell and one sin is forgiven.

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There is no sin too great for God to forgive and while blending you in the breathtaking beauty you can ascertain yourself that your sin can be forgotten. Just step in the holy place and turn the bells 1000 times and your one sin will be forgiven.

8. Sangam River, two beautiful differently colored rivers amalgamate. One is Zanskar and other is Indus.

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Nimmu is a beautiful valley that marks the confluence of the Indus River and Zanskar River. The Indus River drains the dry and deserted terrains of Ladakh’s landlocked valley and serves as its lifeline. Zanskar, on the other hand, is a tributary of this river and merges into it from the north-eastern direction. On its way to the meeting point, the river passes through the spectacular Zanskar Gorge, which is a dream destination for trekkers.

9.  The beauty of Ladakh on wheels

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Road trip to leh ladakh is the most thrilling adventure you ever experience in life. It involves highest motorable passes in the world and some spectacular sightseeing of mountains in Himalaya, valleys, monasteries and many more. Leh Manali Highway is the perfect road for adventurous road trip involves an amazing high mountain passes on one side and beautiful river course on other side.

Shenzhen – An outlet for shopaholics

Shenzhen is a major city that connects China’s mainland to Hong Kong, offers tourists a great shopping destination. Shenzhen has exclusive and excellent shopping choices like electronics products, Art, fashionable clothing, jewelry and seafood. China is known for its cheap shopping but shopping at Shenzhen will bring a smile to your face and also to your wallet. And for art lover it’s a dream place where you can find decent quality imitation paintings for no more than sixty dollar.

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Dongmen Street is the shopping center located in the louhou district. It is the oldest area established 300 years ago. Shopping street is accessible from exits of laojie metro station followed by exit A which is on north of Shennan Dong Road. It has variety of products for shopping but has similar focus on Chinese products and counterfeit goods. Beauty Parlor services are very popular in Dongmen and the department store Maoye is located on both ends of the road.

Louhu Mall is located in Louhu Commercial City. It is the Five Storey Mall includes goods like Watches, handbags, clothes, shoes, audio-visual product, souvenir, curtains, DVD etc. The mall also has restaurants and offers services like massage and dental work at very low price. The Mall has its own Inter-City Bus Terminal located under the Louhu Commercial Center.

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The MixC mall is a must visit destination in Shenzhen for street shopping. The Mall has movie cinema which is the largest in china. It also has Ice skating, cafes, food courts and more to offer. It is the largest shopping Mall and most luxurious one. The shopping Mall has six floors spread across the three blocks featuring exclusive brands. As for Dinning it has plenty of Chinese and Western Cuisine. It also features Reel Modern Life Departmental Store for ladies displaying products from across the globe. It has massive 20,000 square Meters of floor space over three levels.

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King Glory Plaza is quite large with seven levels above ground and 3 levels below ground and it’s also connected by a walk bridge to the Friendship Mall. The plaza features a variety of retailers including fashion department stores, international brands, gourmet shops, video game world, Movie Theater, beauty salons, fitness center and entertainment. Kings Glory Plaza features a variety of retailers and brand products for shopping featuring many names which includes Swarovski, Versace, Max Mara, Hugo Boss, Cerutti, Moschino, Paul & many more.

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Shenzhen is one of the most famous cities of china which opens its gate for those who are addicted to shopping. Shenzhen is a Shopper’s paradise and considered to be the happening place for Indians to buy variety of products at an affordable price.Shop your heart out with our China Holiday Tour Packages

Macau – The Island of Casino

Macau is located in the western side of Pearl River delta which is about sixty four kilometers to the east from Hongkong. Macau is the one of the richest city in the world. In 2013, its GDP per capita income shown by its purchasing power that is higher than any other country of the world according to the World Bank. It was considered to be world’s largest gambling centre in 2006 with dependency on gambling, tourism and manufacturing. Macau maintains its own policy and system which is Police Force, Customs Policy and Immigration Policy. Macau’s economy is largely based on tourism. World Tourism Organization declared Macau as 21st rank in tourism.

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Gambling in Macau had been legal since the 1850’s when the Portuguese government legalized the activity in the colony licensed by Stanley HO. Gambling tourism is Macau’s biggest source of revenue, making up about 50% of the economy. Macau has 33 casinos on the whole island. The 27 casinos are located on the Macau Peninsula and ten on Taipa Island. They all operate under a government franchise and under a common set of rules. A wide range of games are available, including roulette, blackjack, baccarat, Sic bo, Fan Tan, keno and slot machines. In November 2008, Texas Holdem’ Poker opened at Wynn Macau. ‘PokerStars Macau’ moved to a new location at the Grand Lisboa Casino in March 2009. Today, Wynn Macau, StarWorld, and the Venetian offer live-dealer cash game poker tables. Numerous hotel casinos, including Galaxy Cotai Mega Resort opened in 2011 and plans for a 3.9 billion complex that will be known as lisboa Palace is expected to complete in 2017.

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If we talk about biggest casinos then Venetian has the biggest casino been made in whole Macau. It has total 3400 slot Machines, 800 gambling tables. It is further divided into 4 themed gaming areas namely Golden Fish, Imperial House, Red Dragon and Phoenix. The Minimum Challenge on the tables starts from 300 Hong Kong Dollars and if playing on rollet the minimum challenge starts from 500 Hong Kong Dollars. The hotel offers a club called Paiza Club which caters to premium guests. The gaming area of the Paiza Club is divided into individual private gaming rooms each named for notable Asian cities and regions such as Yunnan, Guangzhou, Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur.

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Hong Kong Disneyland

HongKong Disneyland was opened on 12th September 2005. The Park has the Capacity of thirty four thousand visitors. In the first year of its opening, the park attracted 5.2 million Visitors but the target was 5.6 million. In the second year, visitor number fall to 20% compared to the opening year but in 2007, it increased to the growth of 8% with an increase of 4.5 million customers in the park. Disneyland has total seven theme parks which are Main Street USA, Fantasyland, Adventureland, Tomorrowland, Grizzly Gulch, Mystic Point and Toy Story Land. Each theme park has different kind of activities and fun for people to enjoy. The theme park members speak in Cantonese, English, and Mandarin. Traditional printed guide maps are available in simplified Chinese as well as in English and Japanese.

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Main Street U.S.A. serves as the entrance of the park. The buildings of the Main Street are almost identical to the orange county in California. It features restaurants under railroad station. There is a bakery called Market House bakery which is a Austrian Pastry chef who brought world’s most famous desert. The Adventureland is the biggest among all the Disneyland parks. The large island area is the home to Tarzan’s treehouse which is created in the circle of jungle cruise. The Festival of Lion king show in the Adventureland is an amazing show. Fantasyland feature rides for kids and two shows called Golden Mickey’s Show and “it’s a small mall world”.

Tomorrowland has a ride called Space Mountain which is the fastest ride among all. The other unique attractions in tomorrowland are Autopia and Stitch Encounter. Toy Story Land opened on 18th November 2011, first new theme park since the opening of the park soilders ride and Hotwheels ride in the park. There is also a slinky Dog Ride for the kids. Grizzly Gulch has a thrilling ride called Big Grizzly Mountain inspired by Grizzly Peak in Disney California. Mystic Point is a new and last theme park created in Disney which has an awesome story based ride called Mystic Manor. The ride is based on Lord Henry Mystic, a world traveler and adventurer and his mischievous monkey, Albert.

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Apart from the theme parks it also has a parade in the afternoon which gives the glimpse of the stars of Disneyland and in the evening another parade is been done named “Paint the night with the laser light” and different participant performing in the show. At the last, there is a firework show which is been done at Sleeping Buddha Castle which is closing ceremony of the park. All the activites are performed at Main Street USA Theme park. Disneyland has created two hotels for the stay one of them is HongKong Disneyland and another hotel is Hollywood Hotel. The Distance from Disneyland Park to the Hotel is approximately 10 minutes in Vehicle. There is also a shuttle bus been provided by the Disney Park to reach the hotel and can also return back.

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Things To Do In Singapore

  1. Gardens By The Bay

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The Bay gardens are most glorious gardens situated near the waterfront. The beautiful pavilions, Marina Bay skyline, wide open lawn welcomes at the tour of these gardens. The gardens are divided in three parts: Bay Central Gardens, Bay East Gardens and Bay south gardens.

2. Infinity Pool on Marina Bay Sands

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The Infinity swimming pool on Marina Bay sands is the most luxurious and longest hotel rooftop pool. The pool is located on the roof of fifty seven storeys hotel which is the biggest hotel in Singapore. If you swim along the edge of the swimming pool, feels like you are swimming on the top of the world.

3. Macritchie Nature Trail

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Macritchie is the largest reservoir of the Singapore and excellent destination for the nature lovers. You can enjoy a walk above the trees on the two fifty metre aerial free standing bridge.

4. Esplanade –Theatres on Bay

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Esplanade is one of the busiest art centre of the world. It contains the meeting venues, world class performing spaces and other professional facilities. The main highlights of Esplanade are concert hall, theatre, recital studio and theatre studio.

5.  1-Altitude Gallery and Bar

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1 Altitude is the highest rooftop bar in Singapore. It is the perfect place for sports and lifestyle entertainment fans with an outstanding view. 1 Altitude includes a sports bar, golf simulator, European restaurant and rooftop gastrobar.

6. Haw Par Villa

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Haw Par Villa is famous theme park contains over thousands statues and one hundred fifty scenes from Chinese mythology, legends and history. The major attractions of Haw Par Villa is ten courts of hell, journey to the west, legends of the white snake and romance of the three kingdom.

7. Cable Car of Singapore

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Cable car gives a thrilling and joyful ride with an amazing view of Singapore. The exciting places one can explore during the cable car ride are Sentosa, Asia’s first cable car museum, Mount Faber Car and Faber Peak Singapore.

8. Singapore Zoo

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Singapore Zoo commonly known as Mandai Zoo, attracts about 1.6 million visitors every year. The Zoo provides many rides like animals, boat and horse carriage rides all around the place. It is the first zoo in the world to breed polar bear. There are many shows in the zoo on the daily basis for the visitors.

9. Flower Dome

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Flower Dome is one of the most beautiful places that amazed you by its nature. There are number of plants from sub tropical and Mediterranean regions. If you enter in the flower dome, you feel like enter into the heaven with full of wonderful smell.

10. Universal Studios

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Universal Studio is the first theme park open in South East Asia. In the first nine month of its opening, Universal studio attracts more than two million visitors. The park has twenty four attractions and seven themed zones based on a blockbuster movie and a television show. It has thirty restaurants, a food court, twenty retail stores and a cart.

Things To Do In Bangkok

  1. Grand Palace : The finest architectural building 

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The Grand Palace is the most beautiful and famous landmark of Bangkok. Dusit Hall in the palace is one of the finest architectural building and a museum that displays numerous Buddha Images.

2. China Town : For Shopaholic and Foodies

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Chinatown of Bangkok is the oldest district and most popular tourist place. It is a wonderful place to explore the street side endless shops and food places. There are so many interesting areas along the Chinatown like Wat Tramit, Historic buildings, Sampaeng Lane, Phahurat Market and the Old Siam.

3. Wat Pho

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Wat Pho is the largest Buddhist Temple in Bangkok and famous for its reclined Buddha covered in gold leaf. It is a great place for traditional thai massage and considered as a most popular institute of massage. They also provide very good English speaking guide who will provide every details of the Wat Pho.

4. Chao Phraya River And Waterways

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Chao Phraya River is the most pleasant way to explore the city and its premier attractions. The cool breeze and most beautiful scenery along the river and an efficient ferry network will provide a great experience.

5. Madame Tussauds

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Madame Tussauds is a wax museum where you can touch, play and hug your favorite celebrities. It is one of the popular attractive places to the visitors with 70 wax figures and still counting where you love to spend your time.

6. Amazing View from the SkyBar

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Ever since the well known Hangover movie shoot here, the Sky bar at lubua tower became the most popular destination in Bangkok. Sky bar consists of a round bar on the edge of sixty three stories building from where one can see the whole city at one glance.

7. Zipline and Aerial Adventure Park

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Zipline in Bangkok is the largest and highest zipline canopy in the world. It is the perfect place in Thai rainforest for thrilling and adventurous activities. You can enjoy treetop adventure, open zoo, sky bridges and much more.

8. Safari World : Water Park for Dolphins

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Safari world is a greatest open zoo and most beautiful parks that provide variety of entertainment for the visitors. The safari ride feature hundred of animals across the world. There are many exciting shows on the daily basis like water skiing, dolphins, sea lions, crocodile garden, tiger and lion feeding show and many more.

9. Terminal 21

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Terminal 21 is the most famous mall in the Bangkok which brings the world popular cities culture and places under one roof. There are around six hundred shops, most amazing restaurant for food lovers and an eight screen Cineplex.

10. Siam Ocean World

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Siam ocean world is a place for variety of ocean adventure where you can enjoy every depth of sea and underwater experience. It feels a open ocean on the top of you where you can flirt with the sharks and simply watch the colorful marine creatures.

Things To Do In Kerala

1. Bekal : Beautiful combination of Backwater and Beach

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Bekal is a small town on the eastern shore of Kerala. There is a giant keyhole shape fort on the shore of the beautiful beach. The popular backwater of Kerala, water sports facilities and hill stations are located nearby. Bekal is famous for its international dream spot with mysterious beach, caves and hideout. 5 star hotel named Vivanta by Taj And the Lalit are the resorts which gives some of the best experience.

2. Gavi : A Perfect Picnic Place

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Gavi is a quiet and beautiful forest spread across the beautiful Periyar Tiger Reserve. The place offers the excellent experience of flora for the nature explorers. It is the home for around three hundred bird species and you can also find many endemic species. The scenic beauty of Gavi is indeed worth a closer look. The place is also serves you a base camp for the jungle trekkers and also a perfect picnic spot. People take a day trip to Gavi with many activities to do and the forest lunch is one of the best experiences.

3. Enjoy a Romantic Evening at Varkala Beach

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Varkala Beach is the most popular and beautiful beach lies on the outskirts of south Kerala. Near the beach, there are several places of tourist attraction like two thousand year old Vishnu temple. The beach offers many facilities for travelers with an excellent accommodation. Varkala Beach is becoming a most popular health resort with many Ayurvedic treatments offered.

4. Thrilling Ride of Ropeway at Malampuzha Dam

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Malampuzha Dam is the largest reservoir in Palakkad in Kerala. It has the amazing view of hills in the background. Visitors can enter the top of the dam through the beautiful gardens and walk along the dam to see the wonderful species of flora and fauna. The rope way running along the dam, gives twenty minute thrilling and exciting ride with standout view of gardens and dam. Other visitor places like snake park, Aquarium, and children’s park.

5. Athirapally and Vazhachal : Amazing and Beautiful Waterfalls

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The cool spray of water that covers the large area near the fall makes Athirapally, the most beautiful and scenic place to visit. The Vazhachal waterfall is near the dense forest and the part of the Chalakudy River. The major part of the most famous Bollywood movie Raavan starring Abhishek Bachchan was shot here. Athirapally is the place consisting of rivers, forest and an excellent waterfall. Explore this stunning state with our Kerala Holiday Tour packages

Things To Do In Pune

  1. Celebrate the Ganpati Festival

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Every Indian must have seen and enjoy Ganapati festival with deep faith and enthusiasm whether Live or on Television. It is one of the largest and most enjoyable festivals in India. It is a ten day festival, chanting of powerful mantras of Lord Ganesha which brings people together in complete devotion. The city of Pune popular for its Ganapati celebrations with large-scale celebrations and hectic activities like dance, music and drum beat during this period. Ganpati festival is a grand farewell procession of lord ganpati with huge participation from everyone all over the city.

2.  Osho Ashram : The most luxurious place to meditate

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Osho ashram of Pune is spread in a thirty two acre beautiful campus in Koregoan Park. There are regular programs going on spiritual uplift and meditation. There is also an amazing Japanese garden in the ashram which is spread over an area of five hectares. Rock gardens, swimming lagoon, decorated wooden pathways and artificial waterfalls are also present within the ashram complex. It is the most luxurious place to meditate where lots of international travelers come to explore themselves through meditation.

3. Shaniwar Wada : Among the top haunted place in India

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Shaniwar wada has been the main landmark of Pune City. It is located in the center of the city and easily accessible from every part of the city. On every full moon this palace becomes haunted and it is believed by the locals that they hear the voice of young prince named Narayanrao calling “Uncle save me” which was the last words of his mortal life. The prince was brutally killed by assassins by cutting him into pieces and then dumped into the water. Apart from the Fort’s paranormal activities there are story of the assassination, greed for power and betrayal.

4. Enjoy the monsoon and beauty of Khadakwasla Dam

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Khadakwasla Dam is situated on the Mutha River, ten km from Pune. Along the dam, you find well known NDA (National Defence Academy) and Power Research Station and few km up the road lies Singhad Fort. This Dam is one of the major resources of water for Pune. Many people visit this place to enjoy the monsoons and the beautiful surrounding of the dam. It is a perfect place to chill out in the evening, have some snacks and enjoy the view.

5. Lavasa : Beautiful artificial Town

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Lavasa is located near Pune in the Mose valley of the Western Ghats. It is an artificial town created with lots of activities, hotels, shopping places, leisure activities. The place has been providing many planned sports facilities include a Nick Faldo (designed golf course) and a Manchester City (branded football academy). It is beautiful place to spend your weekend with many good hotels with lovely view of lake and valley. One can also enjoy the water sports and many other indoor activities.


Things To Do In Delhi

  1. Explore the Hippie culture of Connaught Place

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Connaught place is largest circular market in India. It is the business, commercial and shopping centre in New Delhi commonly known as CP. There is a CP central park which has been the venue for many cultural events. You can also find the Metro from CP to every part of Delhi. You can see that many couples are enjoying their evening time in CP and you can also explore the hippie culture of Delhites (people belong to Delhi). No scene in Bollywood Movie is shoots without Connaught place if it based on Delhi.

2.  Discover the Ghost stories of Agrasen Ki Baoli

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Agrasen Ki Baoli is just a walking distance from the Jantar Mantar and famous for its horror stories. Visitors found something strange about this place. While going down the stairs towards the dried up well, the sounds totally vanish and the only thing can hear is the echo of our footsteps. On one hand, some people even thought that it is a residence of devils and on the other hand it is a beautiful place to visit with an amazing architecture.

3.  Experience the beautiful evening at Hauz Khas

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Hauz Khas is the famous place in the South Delhi, surrounded by Green and Gulmoher parks. It is very famous for its beautiful buildings around the reservoir drew a large number of followers of Islam. In the evening time, you can enjoy light and sound shows that allow you to experience the historicity of the complex. Even if you are not a History buff, you should not miss out the free entry to the park and experience the natural surrounding with Peacock, Rabbits, Deer and large variety of birds.

4.   Palika Bazaar : Cheapest underground market

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Palika bazaar is a fully air conditioned underground market, located at the center of Connaught place, New Delhi. There are hundreds of shops having large variety of items, mostly electronics and clothing. If you are a hard bargainer, it is a place for you to enjoy cheapest shopping ever. Remember that you have to cut down the price that vendor is asking for any item by atleast forty percent. The market is also attracts many local as well as foreign tourists.

5.  Paranthe Wali Gali : World biggest street for large variety of Paranthe

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Paranthe wali gali is the popular lane in Old Delhi, famous for its deep fried paranthe. It is world famous for its variety of tasty parantha breads. Other than delicious parantha, you can also enjoy the culture of popular Chandani Chowk where this Gali is located. If you are there and confuse after seeing the long list then I suggest you to try Aloo, Gobhi and Mixed Parantha. Whether you  believe it or not that our first Prime Mister Jawahar Lal Nehru loved to visiting this place with his family before he became PM.

Things To Do In Goa

  1. Enjoy Romantic walk with loved ones in Dona Paula

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Dona Paula is the amazing place, only 7 km from the Panaji. It is the most popular spot for the tourism who visit Goa. It is the lovely place where you can also enjoy a romantic walk with your loved ones. The major part of famous Bollywood movie Singham was also shoots here. Dona Paula’s most demanding attraction is white wash statue set on the rocks near the popular ferry jetty.  Water Scooting, fishing, wind surfing and boating facilities also available here.

2. Explore the Street Market and carry a bit of Goa back with you

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Street markets are very famous and cheap for shopping, spread all around the Goa. There is a Saturday Night market at Arpora, must visit place for the shopping lovers on weekend. The street market at Anjuna beach is also famous and best place to find all your gifts and beach clothes. These markets are like heaven for shopping, but you have to be good in bargain if you buy anything. You can spend 2-3 hours of your day time in these markets and feel really good.

3. Visit Goa Churches with an amazing Architecture

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Goa is most famous for its Churches. If you stand at any part of the Goa and ask for direction would result in direction with the reference of Churches. There are many churches all around the Goa, but the most famous are Bom Jesus Basilica and Church of lady of the Immaculate Conception. Once Goa was under the Portuguese and the only memory left by them is Goa Churches with an amazing architecture. Visit to these Churches help you to feel silence and relax on the way of your Goa trip.

4. Anjuna Beach: Best beach party destination in India

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Goa is blessed with the most enhancing beaches covered around 103 km coastline. Most of the people do not know about the Anjuna Beach parties. Anjuna Beach in north Goa is most famous for its best beach party destination in India. Shiva valley and Curlies are the two hot spot in Anjuna for these parties. The party never stops here and is known for its full moon parties. It’s the party hard spirit that makes the Anjuna a rave menu for its big parties and party animals.

5. Enjoy the sunset and fire acts at Morjim Beach

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Morjim Beach is famous for its evening activities on the beach. Such an outstanding show and spine chilling fire acts by the performers specially by the foreigners, that can easily get you goose bumps all over and left you total speechless. You can also enjoy the amazing view of sunset before these activities. The beach is much less crowded than the other beaches which is the best part.