Summer 2024 Fixed Departure

Are you are looking for a summer holiday – but do not wish to join a group or spend a fortune on customized or FIT – Flexible Independent Trips – then Fixed Departure packages are your best bet. Enjoy unmatched customization and convenience with our exclusive Fixed Departure packages. Fixed departure packages offer the ideal balance of flexibility and structure.
The main features of these fixed departure packages are,

Fixed Departure/ Travel Dates 

Forget uncertainty related to your trip. Our fixed departure packages come with pre-defined starting and end dates, allowing you to plan your holiday with ease and confidence. 

Pre-booked Flight tickets and hotels 

Skip the hassles of the vital part of your travel bookings. We take care of the basic part of your holidays. With our pre-booked flights and accommodations we ensure you have a comfortable journey. 

Flexibility to explore 

Grab the opportunity of our fixed departure and avail of the flexibility to choose your experiences and activities and enjoy your holiday. 

Travel at your Pace

Experience freedom – unlike the standard tours – our Fixed Departure Packages allow you to travel on your own while yet taking advantage of the ease of pre-planned transportation.

Customized travel experiences

While the basics of your travel are taken care of, the rest is entirely customizable. Whether you seek outdoor fun, cultural experiences, or culinary delights, our team can customize your holiday to suit your choices.


Since the travel and hotels are pre-booked with exclusive deals and discounts, you can benefit from these features to save money.

Opt for a tour where the dates are fixed but the experiences are totally up to you with our Fixed Departure Packages. Don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy the best of worlds – a personalized trip experience with pre-planned stay and logistics. Book your trip with Fixed Departure packages by Flamingo Travels, and let the adventure begin. 
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Top Fixed Departure 2024 Destinations

Top Fixed Departure 2024 Packages

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