Jakhoo Hill and Temple

Located above Jakhoo hill, the temple is a holy place for the Hindu communal of India. It is dedicated to the Hindu God, Hanuman. This hill is situated 2.5 km from the Ridge at the height of 2,455 m above sea level and is Shimla’s highest peak. From the hill, visitors can enjoy wonderful panoramic views of the Shivalik Ranges and the sister town of Sanjauli. The 108 feet tall idol of Lord Hanuman which is located at the top of the hill and is a big attraction for tourists.     The premises hold several paintings that represent the story of Hanuman during Ramayana. Installed in 2010, the 108 feet long idol of Hanuman is an attraction in itself and has enticed a huge number of tourists throughout the years. Illuminated with lights in the night, it is a grand sight to watch on your Shimla tour and is visible from anywhere in Shimla.   Legend and myth suggests that the monkey Lord Hanuman rested here while on his search for the Sanjivini Booti (a kind of herb). He met sage Yaaku on the hilltop and then moved ahead in his journey. It is also believed that the sage built this temple. Devotees from all over the country come here, especially at the time of Dussehra festival celebrations.   World’s tallest statue of Lord Hanuman was unveiled to the public by Abhishek Bachchan on November 5th, 2010    Note: Beware of the monkeys here as they are known to snatch away any free hanging objects from people.   The temple is accessible by foot, horse, taxi or ropeway. But rope way is best experience.   The Jakhu ropeway is a cable car in the town of Shimla. The ropeway is a popular experience taken by tourists in Shimla as it provides breathtaking and an aerial view of Shimla. It is only 10 minutes ride, one can effortlessly visit the Jakhu Temple while enjoying the beauty of forests. The ropeway connects the Jakhu temple to the ridge ground. The whole distance is about 8 km, usually takes an hour by walking but a cable car makes it convenient and saves time to visit the temple. Opening And Closing Time: 9:30 AM - 6:00 PMReach at the Historical Ridge, from there it's only a 500-meter walk to the Jakhu Ropeway start point. 


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