Geography in Shimla

Geography of Shimla
Topographically, Shimla is perched on the lofty Himalayas rise from the bed of pre-historic ocean of Tethys. From an uninspiring town, Shimla transcended the unrest of the Gurkha wars of the mid nineteenth century to be a military station and as sanitaria. Eventually it turned into the Summer Capital of British India.

If one holds the map of old Shimla east side up, one finds Shimla resembling a dancing lady wearing toga. Hence Shimla is also known as the Dancing Queen of Hills. Her face and the blossoms in her hair are the areas close Sanjauli. The arm pointing towards the south is Kasumpti and that in the north is Longwood, Kelston and Bharari. The woman dances on the range of the Himalayan Mountains that joins the last navigate spike of the focal Himalayas, close to the river Sutlej.

The height of the moving zone is 2397.59m over the ocean level. Her dance began when Captain Charles Pratt Kennedy, the recently named Political Officer to the Hill States, fabricated the main perpetual house here and named it Kennedy House. The total area of 19.55 square metres of old Shimla falls in a seismic belt.

The dancing queen of hills has seven hills and that is why, in the earlier days, it was also called the City of Seven Hills .These hills are
- Jakhoo Hill

- Elysium Hill

- Observatory Hill

- Museum Hill 

- Prospect Hill 

- Potters Hill 

- Summer Hill 

The famous Jakhoo Hill in Shimla is located towards the last side of the map. Here is arranged exceptionally acclaimed and old sanctuary of Lord Hanuman, prevalently known as Jakhoo Temple. Elysium Hill in Shimla is situated towards the north side of the map, it is that area where Auckland House School is located and this hill stretches up to Longwood, Kelston and Bharari.

Prospect Hill in Shimla is the hill where the famous Kamna Devi temple is situated. Museum/Bantony Hill in Shimla is situated towards the Chaura Maidan area stretching up to the Mall.

The museum Hill starts from the place where the famous Peterhof Hotel is located. The original building burnt down and a new building was constructed in its place. It is today the site of Himachal Pradesh State Government guest house.

Observatory Hill in Shimla is the area where the Indian Institute of Advanced Studies, or the old viceregal lodge is located. Summer Hill in Shimla is that area where the Himachal Pradesh University is located. Potters Hill is next to Summer Hill area.

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