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Is Dubai Safe for Women Traveler?

By Flamingo Transworld on Jan 27, 2014
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Apart from all the impressive sky scrapers and unimaginable architectures and interiors, during my whole Vacation Tour To Dubai the thing that did create strong impression on my mind and heart was safety I experienced as a female tourist. I had hailed a cab post-midnight to Diera City Mall for shopping and reached back to my hotel safely accompanies by interesting conversations with a friendly cabbie driver. All the cab drivers were friendly and would share details about their origins and personal reasons of relocating themselves for work at Dubai. Not even for a second I felt unsafe while I was either travelling though the well developed Metros, cabs or streets of Dubai.No wonder the malls were full of women enjoying their shopping during the late hours!

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Moreover it is not uncommon to see women coming back home from work really late. Nobody will give you a second look, nobody will try to follow you, make passes at you, hassle you with lewd comments.

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The girls can be themselves, wear modern clothes and travel all over Dubai with not stress looming in their minds “oh I am a girl, what if something will go wrong while I am alone out of my house!”

Does this mean crime against women does not exist in Dubai?

The answer will be no. With about 120 nationalities living together in a metropolis it is inevitable crime will exist and one gets to read about sexual crimes against women in the newspapers often. Dubai is also fighting human trafficking and domestic violence is also one of the issues here. But the rate of crime is much lower in Dubai compared to other cities.

Police has a major role to play

Dubai Lady Police

The police here provides an amazing safety net for women by efficiently patrolling the city 24×7. Be sure to spot a Dubai Police patrol wherever you go. If a woman dials 999 for help they will be there in two minutes. And most importantly the Dubai police force command respect and fear among the people for their commitment.

Another thing that keeps women in Dubai safe is the inevitability of punishment. There is no escaping. When a British woman was raped and kidnapped by three men last July 2012, they were eventually caught and in eight months the verdict was out and they are now in jail. Justice is delivered quickly and efficiently.

The other day a friend asked, “What is it you will miss about Dubai when you came back to Ahmedabad?” My instant reply was, “I will miss venturing out of my hotel room, even at unearthly hours, without a care in the world.”

Surely, in 10 years Dubai has achieved a lot. It has unique balance of religious values as well as modernism.

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  1. Kris says:April 6, 2015 at 3:04 pm

    This is very informative. I am glad to know about this. I am getting ready for my Dubai trip this year. I’ve read a lot of blogs about great destinations. Indeed your article add something for me to do. Thanks. By the way, I am a natural food enthusiast and would like to taste something new every time I travel. I also heard from my Lebanese friends that Filful Beirut is opening in Dubai. Iwant to squeeze this in my schedule. Do you have any good recommendation for a 3-day travel?

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