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AARE GORGE – Glaciation Beauty Of Swiss Alps

By Flamingo Transworld on Aug 31, 2015
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Switzerland is known for its natural beauty and people from across the globe travel to feel the experience and admire this beauty with our Switzerland Holiday Tour Packages. One such natural wonder in Switzerland is the Aare Gorge which is situated close to the Meiringen town in the Hasli Valley. The Aare gorge is formed over river Aare that cuts through the limestone rock. Around 10,000 years ago, at the end of the Ice Age, the glaciers started to melt and the violent water along with the melting glaciers started moving, creating deep valley into the limestone rock due to erosion. This process of glaciation formed Aare Gorge which is around 1.4 kilometers long and 200 meters deep.

The train journey takes you to the Aareschlucht  station where you get down for Aare gorge. When you walk further down, a small walkway leads you to the entrance of the gorge and which opens up your view to the emerald green waters gushing and thundering ahead through the narrow walls of the gorge. The view is simply amazing as you walk along the narrow bridge that is constructed along the gorgeous and easy walk that is mostly between 1 and 2 m wide, built up of wood, supported with steel frames, asphalt and gravel.

At the closest, the gorge is hardly apart and it is only in the afternoon that the sun rays gush into the gorge, making it look more astounding. While you walk on this carefully built narrow walkway, cautiously, you will applaud every step of the river. At times the paths will hug the rock walls while at other times you will walk above the green water.

At one point the river and the path would squeeze through an opening. Then the gorge would open out as the high walls soar toward the brilliant blue sky. At some places the volume of the water will raise while at some there would be hardly any water and only pebbles can be seen and the roar of the water gushing in the background can be heard. The experience is absolutely amazing. It is approximately an hour’s walk when you reach the other end of the wonderful gorge. The one hour walk is so adorable that you just do not realize how time passes by while you admire the nature’s beauty.

To access the Aare gorge one can board train from Interlaken or from Meiringen which is the nearest railway station and reach Aareschlucht. On reaching the cave like station, you can refresh yourselves with coffee, sandwiches and chocolates at the Aareschlucht Restaurant and move ahead for the stimulating yet wonderful experience. The entire journey would include bus and train journey, however, it is surely refreshing.

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