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Things Must Adopt From Japan

By Flamingo Transworld on Aug 26, 2015
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The land of the rising sun never stops to surprise us with its hidden secrets and culture. Today Japan is synonymous to precision and perfection in various fields. The confluence of old and new, traditional and modern is the character one can find in every corner of Japan. Explore Japan with our Japan Holiday Tour Packages

It is amazing to experience how detail oriented these folks are! One can start noticing from the small things like drinks in the machines, out of the world food, car designs and constant rush to get things done; so it is quite easy to blend in and reminds one of the similar metro city with people who enjoys to work hard, cherish their food and loves machines. Another area where the world scientist and management gurus have undertaken studies is the Japanese style of working. The idea is to know how they are able to increase the efficiency and decrease the ratio of errors. Everybody is focused in one direction and motivated to create a safe, clean and efficient society.

1)  Perfection:

Perfection is very much synonymous Japanese products and their way of working. They enjoy and take due pride in the creation of the products. Bullet trains that are in integral part of Japanese life, are the perfect examples of the Japanese spirit of perfection. The train authorities apologize if the train is delayed by a few seconds. The documentary named, “7 Minute Miracle” shows how the train is cleaned and prepared for next departure in exactly 7 minutes. This perfection is maintained in the food, other public transportation.

2) Never forget your roots:

Hospitality and traditions are at the heart of the Japanese Culture. These traits can be observed in all aspects of day to day life. As a guest over for dinner, it is considered disrespectful to not slurp your soup while eating. Chopsticks are essential part of dinner table etiquette, holding them correctly and not crossing them while eating are considered good manners. Always take directions from salaried men; they are very accurate and helpful. Try getting lost and people will come to your rescue as they want to practice their English.

3) No Tipping:

Tipping has different definitions throughout the world; the western countries have set percentage to be paid/added in the bill. The same is not the case in Japan; there is NO TIPPING at all.  The workers simply don’t expect the tips from the guests in Japan. Even if someone tries to put down small amount of tip; they are being turned down. From high end hotels to the street side hawkers; the guests are served with humbleness and with heart. It is viewed in Japan that when you are paying for the service then why tip extra? There have been stories circulating in the media about staffs chase the guests to give them tip back that was left as a TIP. However there is different style of tipping that existed in Japan. If you want to tip someone who you think deserves it, and then simply put the money in small envelope. It’s very old custom, so always remember that it is considered to be rude when you just take the money out and hand it to the staff.

4)  Cleanliness:

The concept of cleanliness is attached to the spirituality. They consider that everything surrounding us affects our life. It may be also the last place to see men and women wearing white gloves for the clean-up. The hygiene is of utmost importance which can be seen that from the way they wear masks to protect themselves from the viruses.  One of the most amazing sights is the sidewalks; they are so clean that one can literally sleep on them. The paved roads look as if it was newly built. Such is the cleanliness that we can sure learn a thing or two from them.

5) Modern Toilets:

This is something the world is amazed to see how technology is blended into simple things in life. From fully automatic to water conserving toilets you can find them all in Japan. Today the government wants to market them around the world. On your next visit experience this technological marvel!!!

6)  Work ethics:

People in Japan are very passionate about their work. They work very hard and demonstrate loyalty to their company. They never showed up even a minute to their job in Japan. If someone late more than three minutes to his job, then he can lost an hour of vacation pay and sat at desk with doing nothing for next seven hours. Japanese are mostly work around the group harmony principle. According to this principle, if any employee made a mistake, then he has to face public embarrassment for that mistake. Disrespecting the Boss even in his absence or indulging in office gossip is considered inappropriate.

7)  Safety:

When it came to safety, Japan is one of the safest countries in the world. There is incredibly low crime rate and chances of any bad happen are slices to none. The media and government in Japan also promote the safe, lively and worry free environment. Everyone feel hundred percent secure, even the children roam around the mall, school and home without any adult supervision. Women are alone stroll back into the dark streets in both unpopulated and populated location with any worry and safety issues. They left their bags unattended at public places while going to bathroom.

8) Engineering:

In Japan, the Akashi Kaikyo Bridge is the excellent and amazing sample of modern civil engineering. It is the largest cable bridge in the world suspended with no pillars. Japan is also famous for its most advanced technology and robotics the world ever made. A new age of robotics has arrived into the world of humans & Japanese technology has many variations in it. Japan is world’s largest manufacturer and consumer of robots. About fifty percent of world’s robot are made and utilized in Japan. There are different types of robots like Humanoid Entertainment robots, Androids, Social Robots, Guard Robots and many more. Japan employs over a quarter of a million in robot making industry. Japan estimates that number to jump over one million and expects revenue for robotics around $70 billion by 2025.

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